Jul 1, 2013

Entry 45: Decision decisions

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I figured out that the pipes for the water pump passed through a mountain, that I guessed had a cave system. I found the entrance to the cave, guarded by some geckos and right then I found lots of barrels of toxic waste. That was definetly the source of the radiation.

I followed the cave system and ended up in an opened Vaul door. Man, I don't like Vaults. And you know. Vault 34 it was. Apparently Lily was from there, once. She said the place brought her memories and even pointed to a place where she said she and my "grandfather" first kissed. Poor woman...

More importantly though, the place was swarming with feral ghouls. You know, the ones who jump on you from the dark and try to rip your throat out with their teeth. Yeah, those bastards.

Navigating through the darn Vault was awful. It was dark, the geiger counter didn't shut up and, besides of me feeling physically sick from the radiation, I felt even more sick because of the psychological effects the geiger counter had on me. And those feral ghouls, they were EVERYWHERE.

I needed keys to get into the Overseers Office, from where I thought I could have access to everywhere. It was the only door locked, also. Or so I thought. I went to the armory, searching for the key, but it was also locked. Eventually I found a page of the Overseer's journal that said he had locked the armory to protect the dwellers from themselves and that he had the key.

I found a terminal that I used to drain one of the flooded rooms. I went into that room and went through a door that I assumed to be the security offices. More ghouls, of course, but also another terminal, that granted me access to the Oversser's office door control. So I unlocked it and made my way there.

The place inside was full of armored and ruthless ghouls, which I guessed to be the Overseer's personal guards, who maintained their once human strength. The Overseer himself was a tough son of a bitch, but I nailed him while Rex and Lily fought off the other ones.

So, from there I thought I had two routes: under the Overseer's office or unlock the armory and go check it out. And then I thought better, I could unlock it, go check out the Overseer's tunnel and then, on my way back out, go to the armory. I'm a genius (dumb ass).

On the tunnel I ended up in the Vault's Reactor and there I found a terminal. From what I read I learned that the Reactor was damaged and that, if I shut it down, the radiation would stop contaminating the water. I also learned that a family was trapped in the Vault, but helping them would mean keep the Reactor online.

Decisions decisions...

It's not like Mr. House won't find a way to get clean water. It's not even like this pump gets a significant percentage of water to New Vegas. So I tried to save the family trapped inside. I unlocked the reactor doors and looked for the terminal that would allow me to reroute power to their terminal, enabling them to unlock the doors. So yeah, I wanna believe they're alive and well now.

I went back to the armory and there wasn't much. I mean, there was this freaking awesome gun, but I ain't much of a gun man, as you know. So I took it only to see if it was worth anything on the Mojave market.

And so that was it. The water continued irradiated, but one more family now lives to enjoy that glowing element of dehydration. I think I'm going to stay at the Lucky 38 for the rest of the time that Kimball won't arrive. Which can't be much.

I'll talk to you after it.

Love you,

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