Jul 5, 2013

Entry 47: Some don't deserve what others have none

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

So I had time. If I had any shred of smarts in my head, I'd rest up on the time I have. But no. I wanted to explore, much like I did before Kimball arrived. This time around I visited the Outer Vegas area called North Vegas. I have been there before actually.

The place was even worst than Freeside, everyone was skinny and dirty, it smelled horribly. I asked the first half decent looking guy I saw what was up. Crandon was his name and he was like the sheriff. Eventually I asked if there was need for help around the parts. At first he didn't want to, but he decided I would be a good thing to happen to that God forsaken place. The first thing he asked me to do was to talk some low lives out of the playground area, where they were seen by everyone and everyone would see them cause trouble.

Maybe it didn't go as it should. He asked me why should they leave and I told them they better had done it before I got mad. Then he called me "punk" and told me to fuck off and that's where I drew the line. I killed all three of them, causing one heck of a mess. Still, when I told Crandon about it he didn't seem to mind, as long as they were gone. Next job was to take care of some assholes who were starting to create a gang, down on the sewers.

Smelled even worst than the actual town, the sewers, which is hard. I don't like dark places where I have to go around and crawl through tunnels. So I wasn't in a very good mood when I got there. And God damn, the poor son of a bitch had to go and call me "punk". More dead... Oh well, less food that has to go around right?

Crandon actually didn't mind too. Guess being so surrounded by death made him impartial to what kind of death it is. The next job was to talk to some mother about her daughter, who was hanging out with a bad croud. Hoo-fucking-ray, I got to be a babysitter!

The woman lived near Crimson Caravans, so I took advantage of that and passed by New Vegas Clinic, Doctor Usanagi, which was also nearby. I wanted another implant. The first one felt great, so I decided another one couldn't hurt. She analyzed me and said my body could handle another. I chose one she had that would make my skin rougher, almost bullet-proof-like. Which is fucking awesome. When she told me it would take a few hours I gasped; but hey, the little girl could wait.

It was late in the night when I got into that woman's - Mrs Hostetler or something - house. I broke in because no one answered and found her sleeping in her bed, so I sat at the dinner table and waited for her to wake up. Creepy right?

Yeah she thought so too. She screamed and tld me to get out before she blew my head off. Then I told her I was sent by Crandon and wanted to help with her problem. She wanted me to investigate her daughter's new friends. And so I did, since I commited to it in the first place. But damn, I do not like babysitting.

I looked for Alice - the girl - in North Vegas and question people there. One of them, a cowboy looking guy, told me she was hanging out with someone named Andy at "The Gray", the local hotel.

I looked a little and didn't find them. There was a guy guarding a door though, so I asked him where could I find Alice and Andy. He asked what for, so I just said I wanted to talk to them. Then he started saying that that was their turf and if I snooped around anymore he'd kill me then and there. Hah. I told him I didn't like his tone and his answer was his last. Specially the words "Go cry to your mama" triggered me. I punched him three times, turning him into an almost blood-pool. Then I searched the room he was guarding, which had a note that said their "gang" was planning an heist on Mr. Hostelter's - or whatever - cut from his work at the Crimson Caravans and were using Alice to get close.

When I was finished reading the note I was caught by who I assumed to be Andy. He was a ghould, which I didn't expect, don't know why. He told me Alice was with him in the gang. Told me she was happy, she was tired of working with her mom. God damn, I despise spoiled kids. I stormed off from Andy and ran to find Alice, to tell her a thing or two.

When I entered her house a girl in her early twenties was pointing a gun at me. Alice. Told me she had enough of "their shit" and would kill her parents if she had to. I... I wanted to hit her, hit her so hard. She had parents who cared for her, that knew they had to work to survive. And she was thinking of killing them just to join a fucking gang? Before I knew it I was holding her by her neck, breathing heavily, staring into her eyes, as mine were filled with anger. Then I took a deep breath, let her go and shoved the note I found on her face. Then I left the house. Let her be so grown up as she thinks she is.

That was it for me and North Vegas. The place looks like shit, but Mr. House will manage, I know it.

Next stop, Westside!

Love you,

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