Jul 17, 2013

Entry 56: Warhead Fun!

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

So I travelled the stormed lands of The Divide. It was nightime and I didn't really know where to go. I soon had my first run in with those skinned living corpses. They are pretty easy to fight alone, but one of them caught me off guard once I entered a building - seeking for refuge for the night -, hitting me with a thermic lance. That shit hurts! Luckily there was an Auto-Doc in the place which patched me right up.

They may be zombies but they have some serious fucking fire power. No wonder, since they live in a military base! But shit, I knew I was in real trouble when I saw a guy on a roof shooting at me with a RAPID FIRE ROCKET LAUNCHER! Jesus fuck. Eventually I was able to find an angle to shoot him in the head before he blew up the entire building I was hiding in.

I had already found three "awake" nuclear warheads in the place. And there were even more for sure. I was afraid of what that Courier would have me do once I had the detonator he wanted.

I found the laser detonator and a note attached to it. Apparently I needed to use it to blow up some of those warheads I told you about, in order to open new paths. Of course, I got scared... I didn't know how much of an explosion the warheads would cause and the Courier did want me dead, so...

After I picked it up me and ED-E were ganged up by a group of those corpses. They are ruthless in groups, really. They didn't even give me room to move. After I killed all of them it was time to sleep again, at their camp on the roof.

On the morning I tried my best to pray, even though I don't do much of that and tried the detonator, keeping as safe a distance as I could. Fortunatly, the blast was not so big, not even a fifth of what I expected, so I was ok. And from then on, my hobby is to blow up warheads - and survive in the middle of this hellhole.

After blowing up one of those said warheads I uncovered a Corpse base camp and they weren't too happy about it. One of them seemed special somehow, like he was a commander, since he had a helmet and a different armor.

Another bomb detonated, another passage discovered. We went through the collapsed overpass tunnel and then ED-E played one of his logs, which was Whitney complaining about Colonel Autumn's proceedures on ED-E. I took that chance to make camp at one of the turned around trucks while talking to ED-E about what he showed me. And also to write you this.

I don't like this place...

Love you,

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