Jul 13, 2013

Entry 52: Roaming around

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I needed to think to what I did to Veronica. And about Red Lucy and what (who) she reminded me off. So, as the last time I needed to think, I went South. Veronica wouldn't go to the Suite though, no matter how much I asked. I even reminded her of how my "thinking" trips can sometimes become dangerous, but she didn't care. Oh well, women.

Eventually we got past Nipton and the Drive-In, where the satellite that took me to Big MT was. But I just kept going.

Eventually I got to where I wanted. An observation deck that pointed to a place filled with feral ghouls. Feral creatures who no one will miss and I can kill at will? Just the thing to blow off steam.

Every pound I gave with Oh Baby reminded me of Mr. House and what I already had to do for a better future, for a better mankind, what I did to Veronica, killing all her family and friends and, more recently, almost getting her killed.

Every punch with Two-Steps-Goodbye reminded me of Benny and what he did to me and what would I do if I were in his shoes. I was a loose end. But still, he got too greedy and wanted all for himself, I am choosing what I know to be best for New Vegas, not what it's best for me.

Every shot with Christine's Rifle and the Light Shining in the Darkness reminded me of my adventures outside the Mojave and how they all built up to one person: Courier 5, my hunter. The man who refused Johnson Nash's work offer because he saw my name on the list. The man who was hired be Caesar to try and assassinate Joshua. The man who told Elijah about Sierra Madre and saved Christine from him, before I ever knew they existed. The man who was after me, with all the strength he had. The man who was controling my path.

The place turned out to be an old nuclear test site with a big crater behind a fence and that was probably why there were so many ghouls there. Felt good. We also found, near it, a crashed vertibird with a bigass energy weapon near it. Sweet.

Night started to fall and there was a town nearby, so we decided to go there. As we approached those weird feral ghouls in NCR armor started appearing. So I checked my map and we had already been close to that place.

Veronica remembered it to be Camp Searchlight, a once NCR base which was flooded by radiation by The Legion, killing or turning everyone stationed there into a ghoul. Damn. After killing some more NCR ferals we ran to the church where we found a basement door. There we decided the place was too much, none of us liked radiation and even though killing ferals is good for the health, that was not worth it. So we went south-er.

We found the Searchlight Airport, which was totally overrun by Radscorpions of all sizes. Then Veronica told me something she wishes she hadn't. She even covered her mouth after saying it. "This is like the Deathclaw Promontory, but with Radscorpions!". Of course, I made her tell me what was that "Deathclaw Promontory". Eventually she told me it was an only-talked-about place where it was said to be the living place of many, many deathclaws. Supposelly it was across the river, past Cottonwood Cove.

Looks like I'll have something to write you about soon.

Love you,

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