Jun 30, 2013

Entry 44: Brains brains brains

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

We made our way through the night to Jacobstown. The man, the mutant and the dog. What looked actually pretty close to New Vegas seemed to take all night to get there. And the screeching violins on the background didn't help. Oh, what am I saying? Forget it.

It was really cool to see Marcus again. He got really happy to see I had brought Lily along and that she was doing good. We chatted for a little while and then I got to the lodge, where Doc Henry was.

Doctor Henry diagnosed Rex right then and there. He said it was neural degradation, because the med gel containing the brain could only sustain it for so long. So I had to find a replacement. What's with me and brains lately?! Henry suggested me Old Lady Gibson, the old lady near Novac from who I got the spaceship modules from, for those crazy ass ghouls. So I said goodbye and told him I'd be back.

I was tired of walking, my feet hurt like hell. Damn dog, had a way to get to me. I already liked him so much, so he kept me going. I couldn't let him die.

I arrived at the old lady's scrapyard, nearby Novac. I was pretty straightforward, told her I needed a dog's brain. At first she told me it was a bit ghoulish of a request, but then she agreed to it. Talk about hypocrisy, she picked an old dog, said she'd put him down for a price. After I told her we shouldn't put a price on Rey's (the old dog) immortality she agreed, called him, offering a treat and broke his neck. Shit. We removed the brain and I took it and kept it as cool and safe as I could. Then made my way back north.

When I finally arrived, late in the night - at the Lodge in Jacobstown, Doc Henry was still up. I told him, after I caught my breath and sat down, I had the brain and we were ready. The doc told me to rest up while he did the surgery.

I woke up in the morning with Rex licking my face. Doc Henry smiled while he cleaned his hands, telling me it went all good. I petted Rex and was really happy for him.

So it was time to leave Rex. Bah, I don't want to get him back to the King just yet... We walked around for a bit, around New Vegas. Eventually we got to one of the pump stations, the East one. We entered the place to see if there was anything interesting.

Found Vera Keyes and Dean Domino Sierra Madre posters, which made me smile. Even though Dean did cross me and ended up being killed, by me. But still, made me smile. There was also a terminal. I tried to access it but the network connection was down and I coudln't access all the data. But I was able to fix that, though. It had only one entry, that said that radiation was contaminating the waters. Well, fuck! I have to get to the bottom of it, how can Mr. House rebuild society if the water pumps will get irradiated?

I am now at the Clinic, with Doc Usanagi. Figured I could use RadAway, since I'm going to explore irradiated places... I'll let you know what I find out.

Love you,

Jun 29, 2013

Entry 43: Found Interesting Looney Local Employers Roaming

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I rested up a little in my bed but then couldn't sleep. I figured I'd go for a walk. Dressed Benny's suit and left the Lucky 38 into Freeside, to check it out. The Kings' School of Impersonation, the Atomic Wrangler and the Silver Rush. Those were the best known buildings on Freeside. The SIlver Rush was an energy weapons store, so I didn't go near it. I went in the Atomic Wrangler first, bearing the thought of drinking myself to sleep or memory loss.

The casino was owned by two brothers, the Garrets, one male and one female. I spoke to her, Francine, first. I was still thinking about that drink when I thought I wasn't that high on caps and that they could have jobs available. So I asked her if she needed anything done. She said three people had crossed her and owned caps to the casino. If I brought everything back, I'd get 50%. Good enough. I also talked to James, the brother, who said he needed someone to recruit, basically, weird whores. A cowboy ghoul, a smooth talker and a sex bot. Sure, caps are caps. It's not like I'd force anyone to do it.

Easy jobs, both of them. I specially liked meeting a cowboy ghoulette - which I had no idea existed - and punching one of the two smooth talkers I ran into, the one who owned money, right in the face. The sex bot was weird though, offered to rape me.

When I reported to Francine for my caps she told me her old guard, McCafferty, stole caps from her and went to the Strip. I was supposed to kill him. And I did. I don't really like thieves, much less men who think they can get away with everything. So I two step goodbye-ed him. I looked into the Securitrons' screen as he moved towards the mess I made on the floor (not pretty), as if I were looking to Mr. House. I made a sign with my head, as if I'd tell him later what it was about. Then got back out of the Strip and got my caps.

That was that. I decided to go meet the Kings, right next door. I always liked looking at them, their style. And word was they were kind of the protectors of Freeside and that's awesome.

Looks deceived though, as the first guy I ran into was an arrogant bastard who thought he could bully me. I tried to ignore him, telling him I just wanted to pay the respects to the King for being... the King. He said he liked me for doing so and let me through.

The King was a nice man. He had a cyberdog with him, too, like Roxie. His name was Rex. Heh, imagined them mating eheh. I asked him to work for him - to know how he ran things - and he was very nice, offered me a job right then and there, even told he'd have more for me. He wanted me to investigate one of the bodyguards that escorted people through Freeside, one that was making way too much caps and, thus, stealing business. So I had to hire him and know his secret.

I hired the guy and followed him through Freeside. Past the King's spot we saw some thugs down the road and he told me to follow him throw the alley, in order to avoid them. Then he sprinted all the way to the other part of the alley and fired three shots. I got up to the place just in time to see four bodies falling. I told him that and he said he shot through one of them, but I called bullshit. Told him to give me all his money. He did give it to me, but also threatened me. I didn't liek that. Not. One. Bit. So I two step goodbye-ed him too. And the four "thugs", who got up from the ground and attacked me after they saw what I did.

I reported to the King and he said I could be more subtle, but the job was done and that's what mattered. He then wanted me to check on some attack victims, citizens under the Kings' protection. I traveled to the Old Mormon Fort, where the Followers of the Apocalyps hang out. After talking to the victims I found out that they were attacked by NCR people, or at least looked like it. I reported back to the King and he asked me to investigate it better. I did and found out that the NCR had sent an envoy to help the locals of Freeside, the Kings' people, but that envoy was brutally beaten by the Kings and that was why the NCR wasn't helping the locals and why NCR people beat up local people. I hurried back to the King to know what the fuck was going on.

Once I got there, Pacer - that asshole who tried to make me pay to see the King - told me he heard about what I found out and said that the King shouldn't be bothered with such "nonsense". Hum. I made him pay me for my silence, felt really good. And I did tell the King about what Pacer did. Apparently, the King didn't even see the man the NCR sent. Then we were interrupted by a Kings' member saying that Pacer was attacking the NCR. The King wanted me to go and try to solve the thing peacefully.

I ran there, thinking how could I solve something between two people I don't like. First Pacer and then the NCR. After what they did to you... To us... To me.

But once I saw the scenery I changed my mind. All the Kings were dead except Pacer, who was cowering behind cover. I faced the NCR, hands in the air, thinking about Mr. House, because I had to be in good terms with them in order to be able to go to Hoover Dam and also thinking about how I would get my chance for payback at the Dam. There these bastards will suffer. All of them. So I talked to the woman in charge and told her the whole story. She said that she would keep an eye on the Kings but they would try to negotiate again.

I got back to the King and told him the news. He was very pleased with the outcome. Eevn offered me a favour, so I told him caps couldn't hurt. Then we just talked casually. Eventually we talked about Rex, his cyberdog. He told me Rex was sick, some brain disease diagnosed by the Followers. I remembered that Dr. Henry, in Jacobstown, was an expert on brain surgery, so I suggested the King to take him there. He was very happy, but said he unfortunatly couldn't. He asked me a favour: have Rex as my guard dog, as I take him up to Jacobstown. Heh, awesome!

If I'm going to travel, I'm not going in a suit for sure. I'm back at the suite just to trade my clothes and grab Lily - I think she'll like to see all her friends again - and then I'm off to Jacobstown!

Love you,

Jun 28, 2013

Entry 42: Genius

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Once again I was back at the Mojave and all the worries struck me in the head like a hammer. The Brotherhood of Steel, Veronica, Mr. House's plan... Damn it.

Since Primm was on my way north I passed through there, since I didn't know where ED-E was and I thought he could have gone to my former work-place, the Mojave Express, where we first met. And there he was, waiting for me. Awesome.

Further north I saw a couple of bloatflies. Ran like hell.

Lots of Powder Gangers on my way to the Strip. One of them even tried top ambush me before entering Primm. Maybe recognized me and what I did to them. Weird, I thought they got scared off! Even found a raped dead woman laying on the ground after I sniped two of them. Instead of going away they are getting tougher. What the hell.

Passing by Sloan and the Quarry Junction I felt really good about myself for a moment, for clearing all those Deathclaws. Damn, I'm awesome! I liked how when I was enjoying the moment I was interrupted by Stealthy (IT'S MY SUIT, SHUT UP) to hear her say that I was her best friend forever. Oh Stealthy...

I took a few hours (I was missing for days, what problem would it make?) to speak to Doctor Usanagi at the New Vegas Clinic about her impressive medical implants. I gave away 12 thousand caps - gladly - for her to enhance my cells in order for me to have a healing factor. A bit slow, but still, it's a healing factor.

Finally I got into the Strip. I kind of missed it. Not because I liked it, but because I had made it my home (in my boss' home). I decided to go to my suite first, before going to see Mr. House. I was hugged hard by Lily and hugged by Veronica. She asked me what was wrong, both with my face - because of my new look - and with my mood - because I, hum, killed all her family. I couldn't bring myself to tell her. Never will. I just hugged her again and told her I missed her. I told them both I didn't go to anywhere in specific, just wondered off to think. About things. We talked for a while about them too and finally I told them I had to go to Mr. House. I changed to Randall's armor and then went to Mr. House's Penthouse.

I missed Mr. House, actually. I had come to adore the man, with all the respect I gave him. So I was quite happy when going up the elevator. Once there, Mr. House asked me if I had destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel. There my smile vanished and I told him I had wiped them out. He told me it was a great accomplishment and moved on to the next topic: Aaron Kimball, the President of the NCR. Apparently he was going to give a morale booster speech at Hoover Dam soon. Obviously the Legion would try an assassination. I for one would have let them. But then Mr. House explained it to me and I felt dumb - which does not happen often. It all goes down to us taking over Hoover Dam and making the NCR retreat. If we did so with Kimball dead, people would blame New Vegas for Kimball's death and the NCR's loss, resulting in a HUGE tourism breakdown and, of course, less money pouring in. Although, if Kimball is alive, people will blame him for wanting to prove everyone how great the Mojave and the Dam would be for the NCR, which will only result in defeat and death for them, when we force their retreat. A big failure on the hands of the beloved President. And people would both continue to go to New Vegas AND even abandon the NCR for New Vegas' safety. Genius.

I don't like the idea of helping or even being near the NCR without tearing their throats out with my teeth, but still, I'll do this. For the greater good. For Mr. House's plan.

Mr. House told me to speak to Ranger Grant, at the Dam, when the time comes.

There's still some days left, so I'll wonder around a little bit. There are still many places to see, many things to do.

Love you,

Jun 26, 2013

Entry 41: A heck of a twist

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

There it was: my brain. In a jar.

But that's not the deal. Apparently Mobius wasn't setting a trap or anything. I nearly shat myself when MY BRAIN started talking to ME with a sophisticated accent. When I asked if it was really my brain he answered something sarcasting. I was being made fun of. By my brain. Yeah. I asked why was he such a dick and he told me he didn't like me because of my endeavours throughout the Mojave, how they endagered him. And also being shot in the head. He seemed to be upset because I didn't listen to him (my brain, be sure to be following that) very much. He said he was safer there in the confort of the tank than in my head, where he could get poisoned, irradiated, injured, etc. He wanted to stay there, forever. My brain, mind you. I told him to have a look at the Think Tank, because of their idiotic insanity, asked him if he wanted to end up like them. He said he could figure out the problem and work on it. Then I reminded him of the corrosive effect of the biogel he was on. He said he hadn't accounted for that. Then I finally told him, calmly, that we were leaving. Together. He was disgusted about getting back in me because of my dangerous lifestyle. I could promsie him I'd take better care. Or lie about it. But am not going to quit my lifestyle anytime soon, work has to be done. And breaking promises is not in my nature. So I told him he didn't have a choice. He said that brute approch wouldn't work because the surgery needed to be done at the Think Tank. And so I convinced him that the doctors had told me that they'd put us back together and if they didn't we'd show those mad doctors what we were made of. He was actually pretty excited. So I grabbed him out of the Tank and that was it for trying to convince myself, in a way, to get back in... Myself. Sheesh.

At the way out I looked at Mobius for a long time. I still wanted to kill him. So bad. He almost killed me, that's for sure. But in the end, what he did was for the rest of the world... Then I felt sorry for him. All he did for the world, to his own and only friends, made him end up alone and hated. That was the sacrifice he chose to make, for the greater good. I smiled and left his Forbidden Zone.

I got to the Sink and, before I confronted the Think Tank, I wanted my organs back, even if that would make me weaker again. But I wanted them in me, they were mine. I didn't want to be a complete cyborg. So I asked the Auto-Doc to perform the surgery. Odly enough I still felt kind of strong. Not as strong, but stronger than originally. Apparently the Doc couldn't remove some of the technologies that were placed on my body, so I still had some of the benefits from the machinery. Hum.

Then I went in the Think Tank. The lighting was red instead of blue and the doctors were all in line waiting for me, like when I arrived. It was kind of intimidating. Klein wanted to know if Mobius was dead, as was intended. I didn't answer him, instead I told him I had found my brain and now there were things to settle. Then he threatened me, asking for my brain. I told him to check with his colleagues, because I hoped they would side with me after our nice little chats. And they... They all protected me. I smiled as they all tried to make up scientific reasons for not having to kill me, while facing Klein's tyranny. Still after listening to all them Klein said his vote counted as five. I told him his math was wrong and that his odds weren't looking good. He said he just wanted to escape, see the world, experiment with it. I saw the one I thought was the good guy reveal his true bad self, right in front of me. Mobius was right all along. I proposed Klein to work for me, experimenting on the world, but only the pieces of the world I brought to him. Work for me at the Big MT. He said he'd actually like that. And so, with no bloodshed, the Think Tank now worked for me.

This is not it for Big MT. I'll make this my haven. One of my homes. I'll use this place and all its potencial for the greater good. Many discoveries can be made by these bright doctors and I intend to use them to better our world.

To prevent kids from wondering alone because their parents had to give up their lives and supplies in order for them to survive.

I can make the difference.

And it's with those thoughts that I roam back to the Mojave, knowing for sure that I have a home in Big MT.

Love you,

Jun 25, 2013

Entry 40: Mobius' plan revealed

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I took some time to gather courage to go talk to Klein. I talked with 0 again (which is Zero, like the door, even though everyone calls him "O". He confirmed it.) and to Burous, about Gabe. I felt kind of bad because talking about it made him realise the terrible thing he had done to his dog, his only friend, experimenting on him like that.

Finally I asked him, Klein, about my hunter. But fuck, I don't know what was I so afraid of. He only told me that he asked him about History and that they were interrupted two times, one when Elijah escaped and the other Klein didn't remember. He also may have escaped with useful knowledge for him. For God's sake, that only raised more questions...

So, frustrated, I exited the Think Tank and headed to Mobius place to kick his figurative ass and get my brain back. But damn, I don't know what happened, Big MT started crawling with lobotomites. All of them with guns. I had to sneak and grab the guns of the ones I killed or else I'd die. They were pretty ruthless for brainless fucks. And they were EVERYWHERE.

I made a little de-tour to grab what I then knew to be Christine's sniper rifle. You know I usually only grab guns that are of sentimental value (unless I'm in risk of being killed by brainless assholes), so, as I liked Christine, I took it.

Finally I arrived and, after hacking through many many RoboScorpions, I made it to the entrance. It was unlocked, like Klein said it would be.

Inside, after a lightshow and some of Mobius' rambling, a platform opened on the ground. And right after that a GIANT ROBOSCORPION APPEARED. Dear God almighty, why do you keep doing this to me?

The thing was big and slow and didn't know where I was. Thank my woman Stealth Suit for that. I snuck around the place and was able to weaken it by activating some protectrons to fight it (for a short, short while, poor robots) and activating a back-up generator that overcharged the power being used in the facility, weakning the scorpion. Then I finally attacked. I snuck up behind it and hacked and hacked and hacked with my EMP inducer axe, but the bastard was a tough one. He attacked me with his pincers, almost cuting me in half... I'll have to thank Klein and his gang for the metal spine after all, if not for it I'd be two half-Bills, laying around the Forbidden Zone. While grabbed me I hacked into its head with all the strength I had, until eventually he dropped me. I re-gained balance and then went at it home-run style. The thing was thrown back a couple of meters and then blew up on my face. A real explosion, not some pew pew shit. I got crittical.

I tried to heal up the best I could and then went to the Dome, to confront Mobius. The place looked a lot like the Think Tank, but with green lighting, making it more creepy and seemed abandoned. Then I saw Mobius' floating machine with his brain inside and walk to it. Or him.

He was weird, sloppy. Had one screen broken and all the others very, very dirty. He talked to me like he did nothing over the past few days. Like he didn't have my brain, or sent hundreds of RoboScorpions to kill me or even set me up a trap to meet his Giant RoboScorpion. He even complimented my brain. I told him I had killed his robots and that he was next. He acted like he didn't know that the damn thing was on. I took a deep breath and asked why did he steal my brain. He said it was to prevent me for leaving, for I had very important information on the Big MT. And before I knew it, we starting talking. A lot. I asked about the Think Tank and he confessed everything to me. They were once friends and, long story short, Mobius lobotomized them all, even himself, to prevent their knowledge to escape the Big MT, as the world was not prepared for it. That's why all the doctors are such genius-idiots... And all their names, reprogrammed too, to look like loops, since they were all in a loop of thinking: Dala short for mandala, meaning cricle in one of the Old World languages, 8 is an infinite symbol sideways, Zero is a circle, a loop in itself, Borous is short for "oroborus", a snake eating its own tail, Klein was a Pre-War bottle used for science that seemed infinite (not in depth, I can't explain it any better, fuck you) and Mobius was a strip that served as an illusion, that created a bi-dimmensional loop.

Mobius told me he terrorized them because he wanted to keep the illusion of the Big MT being the only thing that existed. If nothing happened, the Think Tank would eventually find that out. And then he blamed me for "happening" and making them realize just that. I asked about the other visitors but he said that I was the one who made them realize because of my tampering with the satellite, back at the Mojave. That and a "wrinkle" in my brain... Benny's bullet. Apparently, Benny saved my life during the brain removing proceedure. Ironic. He also told that if the Think Tank had my brain they could analyze it and then use the proceedure on themselves with random bodies, making them free to walk out of the Big MT, free to expose the world to their knowledge. He told me it was his plan all along for them to figure out that the schematics would allow me to get inside the Forbidden Zone, so that I could have my brain and leave and then they would be at square one again. But they outsmarted him, without knowing it. They had downloaded the schematics, giving them full access to all the intel. And so Mobius failed.

There, I asked for my brain back. I didn't want to kill him anymore. I really don't like it when this happens, but he was only doing it for what he thought was best for the world. Even if it was that way. But then he told me that he'd leave it to my brain. What.

I smell a trap. Or something really really weird. I'll give you this one letter, in case something goes south.

Love you,

Entry 39: Fear?

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

So there I was, waking up at the once hideout of a man who is hunting me down. Sounds creepy when I say it like this. Hell, it is creepy. This guy is ruthless, even his voice scares me. And you know damn well I don't scare easily.

Once I exited the hideout I went south and found a village. Higgs Village was the name. It was that neighborhood I had seen as a scale model. It was pretty neat actually. Like a tranquility lane, so quiet and beautiful...

I went in house by house. The first one was #00. Whoever lived there sure hated Mr. House, since I found a portrait of him with knives on it. I took the knives off and thought about my... Mentor? for a moment. About what we were going to do together. So much good to all mankind. I smiled. Then I got curious, I wanted to know who hated Mr. House so much and why. I only found out deactivated Securitrons on the upper floor and even a screen with that blue eye that appeared both at the Mojave Drive-In and at the screens on the doctors that performed surgery on me: Klein, Burous, O, Dala and there was another, though at the time I didn't remember. Then I thought that "Dr. O" might actually be "Dr. 0" and this could be his house (#00). Hum.

Then it was #101. It had a bar immediatly at the entrance, heh. It also had the eye, on the second floor. I guessed it was Dala's, because there was a faded painting of a woman in the kitchen. But I didn't know for sure. #102 had a skeleton at the entrance and on the backyard, on a table. I was afraid to go in, but oh well. I found out that #102 had no hints for whoever it belonged (that I know of, I don't really know the doctors right?), neither it had the eye, so I was confused by that one. #103 had lots of bird cages all over the place and a locked basement door. No eye, either. Evetually I found a key on one of the cages and decided to try it on the door. It worked, so I went in to find out who the house owner was. The basement was half full with cages simmilar to the ones in the kennel in X-8. Also had surgical tools and dog hides, so I assumed it was Borous, the doctor who created the cyberdogs and owned Gabe, that bigass one.

I went to the backyard and found a giant doghouse. I thought it was fun so I checked it out. But then I saw the letters "G-A-B-E" on the floor and on the house itself was "STRIPE" I thought it was weird, as far as I knew no one else had giant dogs. When I looked inside the house a FUCKING MINI-DEATHCLAW JUMPED OUT TO ATTACK ME. I smashed the little fucker's head with Oh, Baby and then checked if I had to change my undies. I didn't so I moved on to the next house.

#108. That was weird, because it went from 103 to 108. And it was the creepiest of the houses. It had paintings all over the wall, plates lined up all over one part of the balcony, cups lined up all over the other part, three jukeboxes laying around, walkie-talkies around the house... It didn't have the eye either. Finally there was house #104. Why #103-108-104? I dunno. There was no eye in the house too, but one of the weirdest rooms I had ever seen? Yes, there was. A dressing room full of mirrors and teddy bears sitted on benches, in front of the mirrors. Damn. And those were the houses of the fuckers that stole my brain. And my heart. And my spine.

Finally I got out of there and found the X-2 Antenna Array. There I had to retrieve the antenna for those doctors. I actually did that with no problem. But then Dr. Mobius sent his scorpions... Those fuckers were getting tougher and tougher. And in bigger number, too.

Finally I could go back to the Sink. Fighting through lots of lobotomites, but yeah, I made it. Once I arrived I actually thought of it as home, believe it or not.

I fired up all the upgrades I had grabbed. First was the Auto-Doc. Believe it or not I actually decided to use it to get a haircut. And shave, which I hadn't done in a while. I look really weird now. Don't worry, it will grow back. Eventually.

There was also a sink (actual sink) that hated dirt, a seed cloning biological station that talked like he wanted me to go to bed with it, a "book cleaner" (seriously, its function is to grab books and make them blank) that seemed to want to eradicate all knowledge from the world, a lightswitch that had a crush on Mobius, a toaster who wants to RULE THE WORLD and kill me, a groovy jukebox that recalibrates my sonic emmiter, another lightswitch that was jealous of the OTHER lightswitch and, finally, Muggy, a mini-Securitron who asked me for mugs. He was neurotic, wanted cups to clean. Told me Dr. 0 created him as an attempt to compete with Mr. House and his Securitrons. Oh God, I've surrounded myself by idiots...

I asked the Sink main interface, my butler, to repair the Stealth Suit for me. It was costy, but heck that suit sure grew on me.

I went to the Think Tank to report to Dr. Klein, tell him that finally everything was done. But I started asking questions first. He told me who Dr. Mobius was, he told me that some last visitors were agressive in Big MT and even stole some technology (he told me to ask Dr. 0 for more), about the Forbidden Zone, Mobius' fortress and told me to ask the other doctors if I had more doubts. But before I went ask questions I gave him the schematics he asked me for. And... For fuck's sake, he didn't know what to make of them! Oh God... I hinted him for what the antenna was supposed to do and from there he figured the schematics could be used to unlock the Forbidden Zone. He did it right then and there. I also told him that the schematics had other purposes, more biological purposes. He said that I was right, that they could be used to put my brain back inside me. Oh God yes! So next for me was to visit Mobius and kick his ass. Or something.

First I met the other doctors. Dala was a weird motherfucker. If she wasn't a brain robot with no arms I think she would have ripped off my clothes and do me on the spot. I think she had an orgasm. And I am NOT even kidding. Borous thanked me a lot for sparing Gabe, even though he tried to chew me. He also is the person who created Cazadores. I should kill that asshole... Dr. 8 (hence the #108, perhaps?) had his voice module damaged on a battle against the "last visitors" - the Courier. I couldn't understand nothing he said. Nothing at all. Just static. But then I figured out he was broadcasting RobCo codes. And from there, I could understand him. Finally Dr. 0. I really didn't like him, he seemed like a spoiled brat jealous of Mr. House. But supposely he had crucial information on my hunter, the Courier. He said he had many information on the hostile visitor, Elijah. About the other one I had to speak to Klein.

I can't believe I'm doing this but I'm actually writting the letter before speaking to Klein. I need to think, you know? I'm sure I'm ready to know who is hunting me. And if someone's hunting me, they must know me, well. And if they know me well, they know I don't play around. And if they know that and still follow me...

Love you,

Jun 21, 2013

Entry 38: Revelations

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I went south from Elijah's camp and ended up on a facility, Z-14. Of course, I didn't know what it was. I went in and the entrance lobby was full of gore, mutilated organs and blood all over. Bah. A sane person would have peed himself and go back out, but I'm not sane. Especially after beating a bloatfly thrice my size with a hammer.

Surprisingly, once I went down a flight of stairs I found Cazadores. And I do mean surprisingly, because I wasn't expecting to find any of those bastards outside the Mojave... There were a total of 5 of them bastards, one of them bigger than the others. After those fuckers were dealt with and I grabbed one of the Mod upgrades for the Sink I went back outside. I was finding those things everywhere!

And then I finally got to the X-8 research facility, where I'd supposely find the Sonic emmiter upgrade to overload force fields. As I entered I saw an Auto-Doc working on some mutilated limbs. The thing must've been working for so long that you couldn't even recognize what the hell it was cuting. The same room also had three tanks with brains on them. I couldn't help thinking and hoping that one of them was mine, but I couldn't be sure. On the next floor I found out that they probably weren't ie. There were more brains in tanks near the testing areas, suggesting that they were probably test subjects.

I entered the test area to obtain and test the Emitter mod. The area simulated a Pre-War high school, those places you told me about on our endless wandering through the American Wasteland. Well, for the sake of the children that went to those high schools, I hope they were different. This wasn't like the stealth test, there were cyberdogs and turrets programmed to kill on sight. The goal was to retrieve studant files from terminals along the school.

I fought through the dogs and got the job done, eventually. The dogs were a bitch to kill and they were very, very strong. They would jump at me and bite with such strength that I'd be tossed to the ground. I felt the stealth suit break at every bite. I didn't want it to break, sadly (and I do mean SADLY, how sad can I be?!) I was starting to enjoy the suit's "company", since it or she was the only thing that talked with me for almost two days. Or more. After I was done I continued my way through the facility. I still didn't have the upgrade that I needed. It was after exiting the highschool area that I found a room with cyberdogs sitting around a table, playing poker. Huh.

Somewhere along the way Dr. Borous voice on the speakers started talking about his pet dog Gabe, who "was about to have his favourite treat: visitors". Shit. As far as I knew, those doctors held my organs and the only chance I have of getting out of here feeling human, so even if it was a normal cyberdog, I would have tried to avoid it.

IF it was a normal cyberdog. The pup was HUGE. I guess there's a reason this is called BIG mt... Eheh, get it? Oh shut up. Still, the dog was frightening, honest. Don't know if it was the suit or it saw very badly, but I was able to sneak around and search for something Burous wanted on the holes the dog, Gabe, dug. Once I found the tape, Mobius' RoboScorpions got to the test site and started attacking Gabe. I broke them all and then ran as fast as I could as I saw that beast of a dog running towards me with murderous intempts. I went through the door and closed it tight behind me.

What is it with the big-ass creatures in this place?

After that I went back to the highschool testing area, since the upgrade for the sonic emmiter was already available. I downloaded it and made the course again. This time with less dog bites.

Before I left I explored the part of the X-8 that I had not explored. It was the Splicing Facility. It was where scientists combined species or stuff. I messed around with the terminal and you would not believe what I did... I made me my own cyberdog! Man, that was great!

I decided to change outfits, give my Stealth Suit Babe a rest, now that I had some companie. I called my new puppy Roxie. I decided she'd be a girl because she was replacing my Stealth Suit Babe. While I was undressing, in all innocence, she asked me if she had done something wrong. No girl. No you didn't.

At least that's what I thought, right? No. Roxie didn't even leave X-8, she wouldn't follow me past the door. God damn it, I even named her...

While going further south I ended up in a shelter-like cave. It had all sorts of supplies, bed rolls and two notes. Holotapes. Two people talking, one of them I recognized, it was Christine. And the other should be the Courier... His voice... Chilling. The first tape started with Christine defending Brotherhood and its ideals. The Courier, though, seemed to defend the Old World ideals, no Brotherhood, no Bear - NCR -, no Bull - Legion. When Christine told him that the Old World was dead he said that that was the reason he had the Old World flag on his back: because he was carrying the dead America until it woke up again. The second one was the Courier telling Christine that Elijah had gone to Sierra Madre and saying he wouldn't stop Christine from following him, because he knew what it was like to follow someone. Another courier... Said he had a message for him, just like him once had a message for the Courier. He asked Christine to tell the other courier that that Courier was looking for him. To go meet the Courier.

The other courier... It is me.

Love you,

Jun 20, 2013


Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

After I left the X-13 research facility I went north and found a metro station entrance that I decided to ecplore. It was weird not seeing a building with lights and a modern (for the time, I mean) design. There was nothing much inside, the only interesting thing I found was one of those modules to upgrade The SInk's personalities.

After that - and being attacked by upgraded sentry bots - I got to an encampment called Little Yangtze. Right off the bat I was attacked by lobotomites. Or at least I thought so! They were ghouls. What they were doing there? I had no idea. The ghouls had already gone feral though, so I had to kill them. On the camp's watchtower I found another mod and also a terminal with logs in it. Apparently the ghouls were Pre-War communist infiltrators and spies that had ghoulified after the Bombs fell. The terminal also had entries from Elijah... His entries talked about research on the ghoul's slave collars but, more importantly, about the Courier. Not me, the other one. Said they met there and agreed to stay out of each other's way. He also said that that Courier was the person who told him about Sierra Madre. Finally he mentioned spotting a scope from the window, on a building nearby. I had to check it out. Might have something belonging to that Courier who seems to have been hunting me - even though I'm the one recreating his steps.

I went to that building Elijah talked about and found only a sniper and some steady. No proof of anything. I remembered Christine, she did tell me she was following Elijah in the Big MT, maybe she had a shot, he saw her and then he fled.

I traveled on to find a construction site and a metereological station. That was the first building I entered since the X-13 that had the symbol, the Old World flag, painted. The weirdest thing was, it was the first one to have the symbol inside, too. Near a map. A map from a location I knew. Christ. I don't really want to talk about it, too. On the same room I found... You got it, a Big MT snowglobe! Mr. House would like this one. Right outside the room was a scale model for a small neighborhood. It was neat, I thought.

I took an elevator to the roof and there were three of those weird... things... the ones that are skeletons but have space suits and try to fry the shit out of me. They were trying to fry the shit out of me! I still  have to try and figure out what the hell is up with those guys.

My new body prevented me from getting tired. Prevented my brain from getting tired. It was nightime again and I didn't feel sleepy at all. Still I found a safe, small rooftop with a bedroll on it and decided to rest. The body. Not the brain. Cause I don't have one.

There was also a single torned out page from a journal near the bedroll. It was from Elijah. It was after he fled what-I-think-to-be-Christine and he wrote about places to go for shelter. Mentioned the weather station I had just gone to and, while doing so, said that that Courier was interested in it. The map...

I wondered around a little tiny bit more and ended up in a place filled with those RoboScorpions. It was a facility, all lit up red and locked. I figured it was Dr. Mobius facility, "the Forbidden Zone". Where my brain was. But hey, gotta wait for those doctors to have what they want from me, am I right? There were another interesting buildings around though. One of them was a flooded one with not much but a Sink upgrade. Then there was this mysterious cave.

Oh, the cave...

The biggest fucking bloatfly ever. And you would have thought bloatflies were harmless right? Wring. Dead. Fucking. Wrong. This one was giant, had a green glow around it AND SHOT PLASMA BEAMS OUT OF ITS FUCKING ASS. I tell you, the way those beams destroyed the cave walls behind me, I sure am glad I wasn't hit. I just rampaged towards the fucking beast and jumped as high I could from one of the biggest rocks on the cave, while dodging the beams. When I got to the highest point, blinded by the green light, I slammed Oh, Baby! down and the thing went down with me. But not dead. Oh no. I had to beat her time and time and time and time again for it to stop moving its enormous wings and disgusting legs. And in the end? THE FUCKING THING EXPLODED. Which hurted a lot, really. All that remained of it was a big pile of green goo.

I'll have this big, BIG memory with me everytime I decide to go inside a cave now.

Still roaming, I ended up in a de-construction plant for Mr. House's robots, Securitrons. There were some "feral" bots there, which I destroyed and then picked up a personality mod for The Sink called "Muggy". Cute name.

Outside the plant I foun a camp, behind some mountains and protected by two turrets. It had a journal and also a bigass energy gun. The camp was Elijah's. The journal said he later saw Christine being dragged to the Think Tank by medical robots. He assumed she'd become a lobotomite. That's why she was full of scars... She also had surgery and survived, like me!

I'm gonna lay down a bit now. I'm sure the machine that's replacing my heart is having a hard time calming me down after that encounter with the fucking bloatfly.

Love you,

Jun 14, 2013

Entry 36: God damn this place

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I left The Sink to go to the Big Empy. Or Big MT. The place I had heard so much about in Sierra Madre. I started exploring the place and found some cyborg dogs, who attacked me. God damn it, I didn't even do anything! I killed the two dogs and, right after that, I hear a mindless agressive scream. I turned around just in time to dodge an axe strike by a freaking lobotomite asshole. Why would a mindless guy try to kill me? Oh well, he headed up without a head, both litteraly and figuratively.

From time to time that goof Doctor Mobius would talk through the announcement voice systems, saying he would soon conquer the whole crater.

As I set for exploring further things got weirder. I was attacked by... A skeleton. In a space suit. With a plasma pistol. Well... This place is too much.

I found a door with a symbol on it. I knew the symbol. I knew it well. I won't talk to you about it just now, but I feel I just might.

I entered the place and found out it was a factory that produced something named "saturnite". The workers - Mr. Handy's -  were frenzied, for some reason, so they attacked me. Nothing on this damn crater likes me. Evetually the factory lead me to some kind of cave, which led to nowhere except a blue weird energy barrier that I couldn't break.

So I went out and proceeded my curiosity journey. I found another building with that symbol marked. Some weird green fluid was coming out of its garage door but I had to check it out anyway. Aaaand found nothing.

When I left the building it was already nightime. But I didn't want to return to the sink, I wanted to explore more. Those symbols... They had to mean anything. The next building I foun had the symbol. I was starting to think that they were in every building. In this one there was a terminal about holograms, a hologram itself and a Vera Keyes photo. The terminal spoke about creating her hologram. In the middle of the building there was a light beam with a weird blue disk. I am no zero at science but this place was too much. Plus, not really knowing what it was, when I walked past the beam I passed out. Don't know for how long, but I did. Then I grabbed the weird disk thing and left.

Then I looked at the sky for the first time. It was... Beautiful. Mojave's sky wasn't at all like it. So many stars, those beautiful, beautiful white dots. I stared at it for a while before I remembered to start walking again.

I found the first big research building since I was exploring. Or at least it looked like one! It was bright and blue. Then I looked at the name of the building and it was the X-13 research facility, where I had to find those weird doctors the stealth suit prototype. So, as with any other building so far, I entered. This one did not have the symbol, if you're wondering.

There was a terminal right at the begining that said that it was created a module to the Sonic Emmiter gun I had that could override those blue barriers I had seen earlier. I had to find it.

First I found the suit's gloves, though. Right on the next room were the boots. It was being easier than I thought it would. And the chest plate, right after. That made the suit complete, so I tried it on. Once I dressed it it started talking to me, in a woman's voice. Said the stimpak and Med-X reserves were ready and even asked me if I liked her. What the fuck.

I had to test the suit before I delivered it, so I went to the end of the facility and there was an elevator that led to the Test Chamber. I activated it and went below the ground. The Test Chamber was huge. The observation decks alone were like mazes.

When I got to the test area itself there was a terminal that told me I had to get to an office and steal a document, without being spotted. Hum, interesting, I guess.

I did the test and it went very well. For some reason, the robot guards seemed unable to spot me when I made a mistake and ended up a few meters in front of them. I got the document needed from the safe. Right then I heard Dr. Mobius on the intercom system babbling about how a Stealth Suit wasn't enough to stop him and then he sent RoboScorpions for me. Fuck, I didn't like that one bit. I rampaged through the test area and killed those fuckers. Two small ones and a big one. Bastards, a bit tough to kill. Found 'em all the way until the exit.

I gotta lay down a bit for now, this is all too much. Not having a brain, stealth suits that love me, robotix scorpions and crazed doctors... Jesus Christ.

Love you,

Jun 11, 2013

Entry 35: A whole lot of what the fuck

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I tinkered with the satellite for a long time. Really long, I spent almost half a day on it. Close to midnight the satellite started projecting something to the cinema's screen. An eye with a blue background.

And then I REALLY looked at the satellite. And I was... teleported. Hum.

When I wke up I felt strange. Heavier. I looked at my self and I had scars around my head, around my chest and around my back... I also had one of those vests that were used by medical patients, Pre-War.

I entered a door that was immediatly in front of me and it led to some kind of research lab. It had "The Sink" written on the wall (not vandalized, really written, by the people who built the place), so that must have been the name of the place. And then I saw two doors with indication arrows. One of them said "Big MT"... That's the place Christine told me about! Where she followed Elijah to! Where she found that Courier! The scientific haven! The elevator to it was locked, though, so I went to the elevator that was marked as "Think Tank".

There things got starnge. Or stranger, since it seemed I had surgery without knowing. There was a row of floating robots, each with three mechanical arms with monitor screens attached to their edges, one showing an eye, another showing another eye and the other a mouth. They seemed to be controlled by human brains. The middle one came forward and started talking very loud, calling me intruder. But then he interrupted himself, asking who had been tinkering with his sound knob. And another voice talked, the original one called that voice "Dr. O". They started arguing and I had no idea what the fuck was going on, except that I had surgery and they were talking thorugh some kind of voice boxes. I asked the... thing... if they were the ones who performed surgery on me. The dude was amazed that I could talk and asked if anyone could translate it. Then another voice answered, saying "it's a Lobotomite" (refering to me). I asked what was that. He didn't tell me, he appeared disgusted with my limbs and toes (which he described as "penises"...). So I tried things another way. I held up one finger and pointed at myself. Then held up five fingers and pointed at them. Aaaaand he said I was holding an array of five fully-erected hand penises... But the other doctors who had been talking too - I believe one named Borous made the "discovery" - said I actually understood them. Of course, I had no idea why was that such a big deal. But then the female doctor - Dala, I think - said that Borous was right and it was very rare for a specimen WITHOUT BRAIN to do that. WITHOUT BRAIN?! WITHOUT. BRAIN. That's what the scars in the head were about... Klein, the loud, stupid one, was shocked by the "revelation". Then he tryed to talk with me to "prove the others wrong. Asked me if I could speak and understand him. I said yes and asked if the crashed satellite in the Mojave was theirs. They seemed astounded and started arguing with each other, saying I could be the answer for...

Yes, They didn't tell me. They were interrupted by a robot just like them, but transmitting on a giant screen behind me. He called himself Doctor Mobius and said he was transmitting from the Forbidden Zone. He said that he planned on having all the science in Big MT for himself with the help of his "Robo-Scorpions". I didn't like the sound of that. And he had evil laughs, like the Pre-War cartoon characters you told me about when I was a kid. Ridiculous...

Once again the doctors in the Think Tank started talking among themselves. They seemed afraid and angry at Mobius, because he had all the technology they needed in the Forbidden Zone and it was protected by the Robo-Scorpions. Then one of them, one I couldn't understand and seemed to be called 8, suggested to ask me for help. Then they started talking about my brain, how they removed it, didn't know where they had put it and, even if they did, they didn't know how to get it back in. Shit. Even though I had already understood, I asked if they had, in fact, taken my brain. It was so surreal I had to ask. They said yes, they did remove it and it was somewhere, transmitting the informition inside it to my head via tesla coils. Holy shit. Then I asked how much surgery did they do on me. Dala said that once the brain was removed other organs started "crying" to the nerves so, instead of fixing that, they removed it. Shit. My heart, replaced by an artificial blood pump and filter. My spine. I was a cyborg for fuck's sake. Then Klein finally asked for my help. I asked why should I, since they removed my organs... They said Mobius most likely had my brain. It was "flushed" to the Forbidden Zone, somehow. So I asked what made them think Mobius had my brain. And Klein shouted he had no idea if he did. For fuck's sake. I still agreed to help. For all I knew, it was the only way I could get out of there and find my brain.

I asked what were those technologies and schematics they wanted so much. An antenna array, a stealth suit and a sonic sound gun. They seemed to worry that I explored the crater in which the research labs, the Big MT was located. Encouraged me all the ways they could to do what I had to do as fast as I could. So I teased them. Said I'd take my time and explore. They got mad and said there were many secrets a lobotomite is not meant to see. They even said there was a fence, which if I got close it would shut down the electrodes that were replacing my brain. In the heat of our argument, Dr. O remembered they already had the sonic emitter, the gun. These guys... Seriously, I always thought scientists were so organized... SO they gave me a gun and, from what I understood I had to find a frequency with it. Or for it. They were really confusing. When I asked for a real gun they gave me a big ass onewith a weird ass name. Not my kind.

Finally they gave me a chip to activate The Sink's systems, where I'd be sheltered. A room for my own. They also told me - after I asked - that there are more chips that have different functions.

I got back to The Sink and installed the chip. The Artificial Intelligence (which wasn't actually AI but instead personality modules) worked as a vendor and butler. I used the vendor properties to get some things I needed and to sell some things I didn't, since I was determined to go back ot the Mojave and caps are important.

I dressed back Randall's armor and looked around my new room. Found my spine and heart. God, that was disgusting to look at. Knowing I have no brain, no heart, no spine... I need to find my brain, need to have all my organs back inside, even if I do feel better this way.

I'm going to rest for a while now. Or think. Without a brain. For God's sake... Goodbye, I'll get back to you later...

Love you,

Jun 10, 2013

Entry 34: The Heartbreaking Necessity

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

It was clear what I had to do. I had to do Mr. House's bidding, not only because he wanted me too, but because I knew he was right and the Brotherhood would become a threat eventually. By then I wished I had never met them, never joined them, just for the armor.

I went to my room, packed my things and then told Veronica that I had to do something for Mr. House by myself., so she could stay in the suite. She understood and up the elevator she went. I stayed with ED-E though. I needed some confort, even if it was from a tiny deadly robot with a cute name.

On my way south I passed by the Gun Runners, the weaponry shop. I know you don't like it when I spend money, but holy moly! I bought a fist with a pressure plate (like Pushy!) that when it hits fires a shotgun shell shot! Isn't that one of the most awesome things you've ever heard or read? And that's not all! At times the shot fired can even BLOW UP the sir, madam or thing I shot! Oh post-apocalipctic weaponry, you make me happy... I named it 'Two-Steps Goodbye'.

You know where I tested said fist of mass destruction? Remember that road in which I went nuts and started killing all the deathclaw that were there? There were two more, so I decided "why the heck not?". And it works perfectly fine..! I followed that road instead of going to the Hidden Valley through Black Mountain, like I used to. Eventually I got to a town named Sloan and it's leader said he couldn't believe anyone actually made it through from the north, because of the deathclaws in the quarry. He told me he and his people were out of work because of the deathclaws and the NCR wouldn't help them. I can't actually blame them. But I decided to give them a try. I needed the adrenaline, I was almost on the verge of depression from knowing that I had to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel. So Chomp Lewis - the guy's name - told me I had to get rid of the Mother Deathclaw and the Alpha Male one. I was starting to regret my decision already.

OHHH BABY! I started by pumping ARCHIMEDES' blast right on two of those bastards and then proceeded to punch to death three of them who crossed my way! Then I stopped, analyzed the quarry. Then I saw the big guy. The Alpha Male. Holy fuck. He was bigger, darker, faster than the others. Nearly crapped myself as I pulled out Oh, Baby!... Fortunatly I was able to break his legs before he attacked, throwing him on the ground and then pound it to death. ED-E made me the "favor" of disentegrating the bastard after I was done with him. Now no one's going to believe me momma! Just kidding. All the ones I saw from the distance I shot with Randall's rifle, which was very helpful. They were clearly weaker once I approached them (the ones who wouldn't go down). Finally there she was. Followed by a line of babies, the big ass Mother Deathclaw. When I shot I knew I had made a mistake. She was so... so... SO FAST. AND BIG. I was able to perform my rotative Mauler maneuver to throw her off the cliff we were at, but when I looked down the fucking thing got up! She ran up to me and ED-E again and I threw her off the cliff, again. And she got up. Seriously, these monsters suck. There's nothing more terrifying than these fucks. That time she got to us, though, I jumped as high as I could and pounded her head, feeling her skull crack at the tip of my Oh, Baby!. And pounded her once more for good measure. The babies were easy. Incredibly fast, but easy to kill. And so it was done, no more deathclaws in the quarry!

I returned to Chomp and told him what I did. He told me that, were anyone else, he wouldn't believe it. But he believed me. Gave me 500 NCR bucks and told me he'd tell on the radio what I had done. If I had done it for the prize I would be very angry. But I did it for me, so.

It was late but I couldn't sleep. Not after slaughteringan entire pack of deathclaws! So I continued my way to the Hidden Valley. Once I got there I couldn't see very well because of the Brotherhood's defense mechanisms, that simulated a sandstorm on nightime. Eventually I bumped into a Brotherhood patrol. They recognized me and one of them called me outsider and then apologised, because I was no longer considered such. Shit. That seriosuly only made it harder.

I got in, everyone smiling as I passed by. Before I did anything else I found the turret control terminal to shut them off. I would obviously activate the self destruction sequence and then run away, so I could use less guns aiming at me. Then I went to the most end of the bunker and there it was. The self-destruct terminal. I could easily hack it and make a run for it, catching them by surprise, only realizing they had to shoot me because there were loud noises and someone was runing. "Easily". I stared at it for a while. I would be ending many, many lives there. Then again, the Brotherhood's purpose was to wait for all life to end. I had to do it. It had to be me, no one else would get the chance. For Vegas. For mankind. I took a deep breath and broke into the terminal. Once inside, I had to close my eyes before pressing the enter button to initialize the self-destruct sequence. But I did it. And ran like hell.

I escaped with a little burnt skin and cloth. Randall's armor protected me from most shots. Then I heard the bang. No one could get out, only me and ED-E. Smoke started exiting through the vents. Everyone down there was dead, everything was destroyed. I got on my knees and threw up. Once I was finished spitting the bad taste off of my mouth I noticed I was crying. I couldn't get back to Mr. House just now. I couldn't face Veronica. Not sure if I'll ever be able to face Veronica.

I went south. Not sure where. Didn't matter, too. I just had to get far from Vegas for now.

I walked for what seemed hours. Eventually got to Nipton, still smoking from The Legion's appearance in the place. They may have the right ideals, but if they do that for every town with bad vices, what's the point? Eventually every town would be ashes and reek of corpses. And like Marcus, the Super Mutant, said, most Legionaries follow Caesar, not Caesar's ideals. So they are a group of extremists that do something for the right thing, but not with the right mind-set. Maybe someone could change that. But it won't be me. Perhaps a man with the same intents as them: purifying the wasteland. He'd do everything to join and command the Legion, because they have the right mindset. But maybe he'd get lost in the way. Go crazy even. Maybe he'd kill Caesar to get control. That's how the wasteland works. Heh, I just imagined an hypothetical guy fighting the NCR's General all crazed and naked, screaming FOR THE LEGION and PURITY... Good, first time I smiled for hours.

Past Nipton I found an abandoned drive-in cinema with a crashed satellite in the middle of it. I'm going to tinker with it after sending you this letter. Hopefully won't get gassed or something.

Love you,

Jun 7, 2013

Entry 33: Roller Coaster

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I passed by the Suites to pick up ED-E and Veronica and be hugged by Lily and then made my way to Nellis. I felt good, knowing that I'd be coming back after what I did for them. On our way there Veronica joked on how she missed being shot at by angry tribals with howitzers.

When I arrived I got almost like a hero's welcome - or at least that's what a hero's welcome must feel like. Everyone was happy to see me, even Raquel, that grumpy, grumpy woman. Loyal gave me a handshake and a smile, which is much to ask from the man, so I was happy for it. Mother Pearl and Little Pete both hugged me. It was good knowing that these people were happy and I was the cause of that.

Finally I asked Mother Pearl to speak to her on a more serious note. She took me to her house and asked me to sit with her. And so I told her that there was going to be a battle for the Hoover Dam soon and that I needed their help. Asked if she could be of assistance. She was so nice. Told me she'd love to help me after all that I have done for them. Even laughed about how the young ones would like to test their skills in battle, after all the virtual reality training! And so I said good bye, once again, to the Boomers. They wanted me to stay more, but I have much to do.

I went back to the Lucky 38 and reported to Mr. House. He was very pleased that I had the Boomers' loyalty secured. He told right away that my next assigment concerned the Omertas, one of the Three Families, at the Gomorrah Casino. Mr. House knew they were up to something because they had been silent for long. No complaints and everything. Apparently, they were the noisy ones of the Families. He told me that information would be hard to get from anyone of the Omertas themselves, but the receptionist should have looser lips.

I went in the Gomorrah and told the receptionist I was there on behalf of... "greater power" and that she had to tell me what she knew. She told me she didn't know nothing about the Family business, but she knew that Cachino, one of the Omerta's lieutenants, was on some business that the Family wouldn't like, so I had to start there.

I didn't find Cachino, Cachino found me. The receptionist must've tipped him. He came out a little hostile and I didn't like it. I told him I knew about his business and he evaded the question, acting like he didn't know what was I talking about and trying to leave. So I waited for him to turn his back and then went up to him, put my hand inside his jacket and got some kind of journal. It was a big risk, but I had noticed something like that in his jacket, so I hoped it had notes on his operations. He tried to attack me but I grabbed his arm and subdued him. Guards started to look so I told him to call them back or I'd show them the journal. And I was right, the journal did have notes on his operations, because he called off the guards and agreed to help. I made him pay for the ledger and tell me about and help me break off the Omertas' plans. He told me about two new guys the bosses had hired for their operation: Troike, a drugged horny fuck up, who helps the Family smuggle huge shipments of weapons into the Strip; and Clanden who Cachino knew nothing about except for him being freaky nice. Cachino also told me he'd tell the guards to grant me access to the restricted areas of the casino so that I could investigate better.

My next step was to talk to either one of those new guys Cachino told me about. I chose to start with Troike. He seemed careless, not worried about anything and all, hardly harmful. So why did Cachino told me that the Omertas had to cover up a murder he commited? He told me Troike killed a prostiute while on the psycho effect. He told me he blacked out - which he never does - and then woke up with a knife in his hand and covered in the prostitute's blood. I asked him what did he took to get high and he told me he took buffout, jet and whiskey. I may not be a doctor, but I knew that wasn't enough for him to black out like that. I asked him how did the Omertas find out about the murder and Troike told me he screamed for help and they came straight in. I smelled blackmail. They were saying they covered for his "murder" as long as Troike gave them the guns. I just had to prove it.

I asked around for the boss, Big Sal, to ask him about Troike. Eventually I found him and told him that Troike had the idea to go around the Wasteland looking for more contacts to smuggle guns. That should free Troike from the Omertas. That being done, Troike was very happy when he knew he was free to go and agreed to help me put an end to Big Sal's plan. Told me about the guns, how he got a contact in the NCR who put guns in containers that were supposed to bring supplies and, from there, he'd get them to the Omertas. He told me where the guns were and how I could destroy them. He said he was working on "thermite" which, apparently, "burns as hot as the devil's asshole" and should melt the guns. I asked him to give it to me and I'd melt those bitches. We said good bye and he ran as fast as he could to the exit.

I went in the basement and I saw what the Omertas had stored. Shit... Tons of weapon crates in the place. I spreaded that magical red fairy powder on all the crates I could find and hit the switch that Troike prepared, to create a spark and ignite the thermite. And no more guns for baddies Omertas.

Next up was Clanden. Even though I had their plan figured out, I needed to know if there was more to it. When I got to his room he was asleep, so I explored the floor a little bit. It led me to a room that was not nice. Not nice at all. It had blood splatters on the walls and puddles on the floor. Oh!, and a dead prostitute on the table. I examined her and figured she was tortured and only then dead. And all that happened not long ago from then, at least less than 24 hours. I asked the guards who used that room and they said it was Clanden.

I waited for him to wake up. You know, for that dramatic effect? When he woke up he'd have a guy in a trenchcoat and sunglasses sitting and looking at him, making him shit himself? Well, it didn't work. The guy was... freaky nice. So, out of frustation because my plan to surprise him didn't work and because he was a murderous psychopath, I punched him so hard I killed him. No, it's not the first time I did this.

So I went back to Cachino to tell them about Clanden, the guns and ask what to do next. He told me that the bosses had to die, to prevent further plans to come to life. He said he himself would be in charge after they were gone. He said that the bosses had asked him to bring whoever was responsible for the guns and Clanden to them and Cachino told me this was the best chance we'd have of having them both in the same room. So I asked him to take me there, as his prisioner.

Both the bosses, Big Sal and Nero were in the room. And they were both heavily armed. Fortunatly I was able to slip Maria, Benny's pistol, past the front guard, so once they started talking I shot them both in the head. That ought to shut them up, HA!

And so my business there was done, I went back to the Lucky 38 to talk to Mr. House. As usual, in not much words he showed me how he was pleased with my work. But the words he said next broke my heart... He wanted me to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel. I... I... God.

You know I don't like them. I despise them, actually. But still I had to ask if there was a chance for a diplomatic solution. Mr. House, as always, was right in saying that the Brotherhood of Steel would greatly oppose his regime, since Mr. House would use the Pre-War technology they so favor and want for themselves. I could see that Mr. House also despised the Brotherhood, so I asked him why. He told me they were riddiculous, they wander around pretending they are knights in shining (power) armor, promoting their fascism, while in fact their regime makes them so few that they are their own weakness.

As I said, Mr. House is right. And to add to what he said, the Brotherhood is a bunch of assholes, who are litteraly waiting for the world to die off so they can come out of their fucking bunkers and conquer the even-more-wasted-Wasteland. So yes, they are fucking ridiculous. But God dammit, did they not accept as one of their own? And Veronica... I will never tell her. And hope to God she won't find out. I have to do this alone.

Love you,

Jun 6, 2013

Entry 32: Welcome Home

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Finally arrived heh? Pff, don't even know how long was I on the road.

On the bunker that I entered in the Mojave, the one in which I was gassed on, I found Elijah's safehouse. It had a message that said "For Veronica" inside a desk drawer. It also had a sensor module that allowed only Veronica to activate the message.

So I made my way back to Mr. House. Hoped along the way I hadn't been gone for long.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the Lucky 38 Suite and saw Lily there, hanging with Veronica (and ED-E). Apparently she also got knocked out when Dog came to grab me but Dog didn't take her for some reason. So, seeing she was all alone, she remembered when I told her I worked for the owner of the "big tower on the horizon" and made her away alone into The Strip. There she talked to the Securitrons and House must've realised she was telling the truth about travelling with me, because they let her in and took her safe and sound to the Suite.

Veronica gave me a big hug once I got in, even before Lily told me how she got there. I smiled, of course and we joked around a little bit. But then I got serious. I told her I had found Elijah. She got really, really happy. Which made worst telling her what I did. So I simply told her he was dead, instead of the truth on how I trapped him in a Pre-War Vault with no food or water, because he was a greedy bastard who tortured me and then tried to kill me. Then she wanted to know if there was anything he said about her. Well, to me he didn't say anything. But there was the holotape message from him to Veronica. I left her watch it, alone. In the end, all she told was that it all summed up to a good bye. Then I told her about a woman I found in Sierra Madre, too. How she was kind to me while I was going through shit. When I said her name was Christine and that she was an ex-Brotherhood, Veronica teared up and hugged me. I understood then. Christine was indeed Veronica's lost love. I told Veronica I was sorry but I didn't see Christine on my way out of the Sierra Madre, after confronting Elijah. She told me it was alright, only knowing she was alive made her happy. I smiled and asked Lily to rest at the Suites and that I'd travel with Veronica for a bit, for old times' sake. And Lily hugged us both.

By the way, my snowglobe stand, it's looking pretty rich I tell you! Lily even added one herself that she had found in Jacobstown, so now it's pretty much full. I had to put another shelve to place the Zion and Sierra Madre's ones.

Without wasting more time than I already had, I went up to the Penthouse and talked with Mr. House. Once again, he did not talk of how I took a long time doing what he asked me to. He told me that now that his army was ready, we had to take care of "lesser groups" while we waited for The Legion's attack on the Dam.

Before getting into details we talked a lot about Mr. House's plan. And how it all came to be. He said he wanted to enforce his rightful place as New Vegas' leader, since he was the one who rebuilt its past glory. He told me that the NCR was the biggest threat. Told me how he knew they weren't mere tribals once he spotted their scouts arriving in the Mojave. How he knew it was only a matter of time before an army of them appeared. There, as Mr. House knew he could not hold against the NCR, he recruited the Three Families, creating a force strong enough to prevent the NCR from attacking. To strike a deal. Mr. House would let them set base at McCarran, occupy a little of Vegas and have full control of Hoover Dam, as long as they recognized Mr. House as Vegas' leader and provided New Vegas with water and electricity from the Dam. And that treaty has been what Mr. House needed to grow his economy. Christ, Mr. House is a genius in every way... So, on the battle of the Dam, NCR vs Legion, the one who had to win...? Us. If either of them won, New Vegas would be history. So we didn't just have to tip the balance. We had to kick it off the table and replace it with a shinier one. After the Battle, Mr. House told me that New Vegas economy was the key to put mankind back on its tracks. He told me that with all the money that was pouring in at this moment he would be able to restore high technology developments in twenty years. In 50, he would be able to have people in orbit. 100 years and mankind would spread along the universe, in search of a new home, a place to start anew. From what I gathered, Mr. House wanted to rule New Vegas as some kind of dictator. Not that there's anything wrong with that, as long as your mind is in the right place - and Mr. House's certainly is. When I asked him what he thought of that he told me he preferred the term "autocrat". He would not answer to anyone and his ideas would not be argued, sure. But Mr. House knows what needs to be done. Someone with the right mindset needs to take control.

"If you want to see the fate of democracies, look down your window."

That sentence will forever be burnt deep into my brain. From there and what he told me next, I had no doubt Mr. House was, indeed, the leader Vegas needed. The Mojave needed. We ALL needed. "What did he tell you next?", you ask, excited. Mr. House told me that his judgement, pure and simple, would prevent him from abusing power. Mr. House has no interest in ordering aroun, on being worshipped, on self-gain or any other corruptive ideas. "Firm control in the hands of a technological and economic visionary." That's how Mr. House described the way he'd control Vegas. His soon-to-be autocracy. "Soon to be" because I'll help him. Without ever looking back. Mr. House is a genius. And you know he isn't lying when he tells you he is incorruptable. He was filthy rich Pre-War times, lived a good life, already had power. So why go through living through a machine, through the sacrifice of his body and senses, just to have power? Power that he will never be able to trully feel because he is in a machine? So yes, he is, indeed, incorruptable, caring only about how mankind was stupid enough to destroy itself and how to rebuild it. And he'll have my full support for as long as I draw breath.

Finally we talked about New Vegas itself. How it was but a shadow of the old "Las Vegas". And how Mr. House saved it... Gosh, the story sent shivers down my spine. Mr. House told me that by 2065 he mathematically predicted the Great War in an estimated 15 years time. And as he was working to save the whole city of Las Vegas and, in the process, the future of mankind, he came up 20 hours short. Shit. So frustating... All that work, 17 years (apparently he missed by two years, giving extra time) of hard, hard work... And he comes up short by only 20 hours... He told me that in the day of the Great War 77 (YES, SEVENTY SEVEN! SE-VEN-TY SE-VEN) nuclear warheads were targeted at Las Vegas! His defense systems were able to transmit disarm codes to neutralize 59 of those warheads. Laser cannons destroyed another 9. The rest hit, leaving Mojave as how we know it. If only the Platinum Chip had arrived a day sooner, Mr. House could have defended the whole city and our future would have been much, much brighter. After that whole lightshow, Mr. House had to fight a whole bunch of system crashes, caused by glitches on the defense systems. For five years he fought those crashes. Five years. After the crashes were delt with, Mr. House couldn't take it and went in a coma. Eventually he woke up and the rest I know.

The next step in his plan is to enlist the Boomers' fire-power. I told him I was in (very) good terms with the Boomers. So the next step for me is to go to Mother Pearl and ask them to join me and Mr. House in the upcoming Battle of Hoover Dam.

Love you,

Jun 3, 2013

Entry 31: Serving justice

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

So the key to opening the Vault were Vera's songs, which I made accessible by going in the areas where the members of my team were. After I downloaded them into my Pip-Boy I had to go to the entrance of the Vault to open it, with the music. Elijah guided me, told me to go back to the Suites level.

Only while on the elevator I realized that I needed Christine. And by "I" I meant "Elijah", for his plan. The Casino recognized her voice when she was healed and she sounded like Vera. Vera's voice was the key to it all. Vera's voice opened the Vault. So if I had killed Christine like Elijah wanted me to... The Vault would be forever lost. I talked to Christine and told her that. Told her we needed to open the Vault and told her the word sequence. "Begin Again, Let Go". Before she said it she got worried about me. About what could happen inside the Vault between me and Elijah , that he wouldn't want to share. I told her I'd deal with him.

And so we said good bye. Even if I did get out alive, I didn't know what would happen next. If I'd see her anymore. We smilled at each other and I left for the Vault that she had already activated.

I took the elevator down to the Vault. The Heist of the Centuries had begun.

Once I got down I saw more of the same. The Cloud, speakers interfeering with my collar, broken walkways... Kept looking behind my shoulder, didn't know when Elijah would appear.

Those speakers straight up freak me out. Never knowing for certain where they are, making my collar beep in a countdown to my death I can't ever know if I'll run fast enough, if I'll know where they are, even if I'll be able to destroy them. Fortunatly I made it. But I've been lucky. And luck runs out eventually. By then I could find the terminal to shut the alarms off, turning off the speakers, also. After that room came the security holograms. You know how much I love those, right? And imagine my face when my collar started beeping. Apparently I just disabled the speakers of the room I was previously in.

After much cuning and patience I managed to disable the fucking holograms without getting blow off by the fucking speakers and without dropping down to the fucking Cloud. Hum, good work Bill.

I came by a terminal that allowed me to disable the Vault's security protocols. Thing is, if I did so and then accessed the Vault's personal terminal, the Vault would enter a lock out state, sending the elevator up and never coming back down. But I had to do it, or else I wouldn't get through.

And then there I was... The Sierra Madre's secret treasure chamber...

Inside there were so many gold bars... So heavy, each... That was what Elijah was after? Gold? Money? All that... For money?

I accessed one of the terminals inside the room to look for an exit. I saw only an entry from the Casino's founder, Frederik Sinclair, telling Vera he knew she and Dean were planning to rob the casino and that she shouldn't move if she got there, help would be on the way. He also told her that she should not access the personal account file, as it only contained a message for Dean and the elevator would forever be locked. So I stayed the hell away from that file.

After I stopped analyzing the terminal a screen opened on the wall and Elijah's face showed. Still hiding behind images, after all that time... He rejoyced on the idea of having the Casino and told me not to go further in the Vault, as there could be more traps. I told him that I had questions before we proceeded. Told him about Veronica. He was surprised she survived the NCR's attack on HELIOS One. And then started rambling about his plan. How he wanted to use the Sierra Madre's resources to kill. Kill everything. The man was mad. He wanted to clean the Mojave with the Cloud and the Holograms. To be the only man alive... He also told me about how he travelled to a "Big Empty", an old world science treasure box, where he came across a woman and a man, a courier. Possibly Christine and that misterious Courier.

Then he started talking like he'd leave me there, trapped. Shit. I gotta say, I panicked. Being trapped makes me very, very unconfortable. I told him I just wanted out, out of that damned Villa, forever. And he told me that I could wait, like he did. No, that wasn't good enough. I told him he wanted what was inside, I wanted out, we could make a deal. He said he had time, he could wait and be cautious. I told him he had everything... Except the Vault. And that convinced him. He came meet me face to face.

I saw an opportunity and I took it. The time it took the old fuck to come down the elevator I went around all the way back. By the time he was by the Vault door, where he'd meet me, I was already by the elevator. He wanted the damned treasure? Well he can live with it now... For the rest of his days.

Better than an "I killed that fuckface", if you ask me.

I never saw Christine again on my way back. Seemed like an eternity, going out to the casino, then from the casino to the Villa. I can only imagine now going to the Mojave. So GOOD BYE, you crazy, hell of a place! And Mojave, here I come. How long have I been away anyway?

Love you,