Jun 25, 2013

Entry 39: Fear?

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

So there I was, waking up at the once hideout of a man who is hunting me down. Sounds creepy when I say it like this. Hell, it is creepy. This guy is ruthless, even his voice scares me. And you know damn well I don't scare easily.

Once I exited the hideout I went south and found a village. Higgs Village was the name. It was that neighborhood I had seen as a scale model. It was pretty neat actually. Like a tranquility lane, so quiet and beautiful...

I went in house by house. The first one was #00. Whoever lived there sure hated Mr. House, since I found a portrait of him with knives on it. I took the knives off and thought about my... Mentor? for a moment. About what we were going to do together. So much good to all mankind. I smiled. Then I got curious, I wanted to know who hated Mr. House so much and why. I only found out deactivated Securitrons on the upper floor and even a screen with that blue eye that appeared both at the Mojave Drive-In and at the screens on the doctors that performed surgery on me: Klein, Burous, O, Dala and there was another, though at the time I didn't remember. Then I thought that "Dr. O" might actually be "Dr. 0" and this could be his house (#00). Hum.

Then it was #101. It had a bar immediatly at the entrance, heh. It also had the eye, on the second floor. I guessed it was Dala's, because there was a faded painting of a woman in the kitchen. But I didn't know for sure. #102 had a skeleton at the entrance and on the backyard, on a table. I was afraid to go in, but oh well. I found out that #102 had no hints for whoever it belonged (that I know of, I don't really know the doctors right?), neither it had the eye, so I was confused by that one. #103 had lots of bird cages all over the place and a locked basement door. No eye, either. Evetually I found a key on one of the cages and decided to try it on the door. It worked, so I went in to find out who the house owner was. The basement was half full with cages simmilar to the ones in the kennel in X-8. Also had surgical tools and dog hides, so I assumed it was Borous, the doctor who created the cyberdogs and owned Gabe, that bigass one.

I went to the backyard and found a giant doghouse. I thought it was fun so I checked it out. But then I saw the letters "G-A-B-E" on the floor and on the house itself was "STRIPE" I thought it was weird, as far as I knew no one else had giant dogs. When I looked inside the house a FUCKING MINI-DEATHCLAW JUMPED OUT TO ATTACK ME. I smashed the little fucker's head with Oh, Baby and then checked if I had to change my undies. I didn't so I moved on to the next house.

#108. That was weird, because it went from 103 to 108. And it was the creepiest of the houses. It had paintings all over the wall, plates lined up all over one part of the balcony, cups lined up all over the other part, three jukeboxes laying around, walkie-talkies around the house... It didn't have the eye either. Finally there was house #104. Why #103-108-104? I dunno. There was no eye in the house too, but one of the weirdest rooms I had ever seen? Yes, there was. A dressing room full of mirrors and teddy bears sitted on benches, in front of the mirrors. Damn. And those were the houses of the fuckers that stole my brain. And my heart. And my spine.

Finally I got out of there and found the X-2 Antenna Array. There I had to retrieve the antenna for those doctors. I actually did that with no problem. But then Dr. Mobius sent his scorpions... Those fuckers were getting tougher and tougher. And in bigger number, too.

Finally I could go back to the Sink. Fighting through lots of lobotomites, but yeah, I made it. Once I arrived I actually thought of it as home, believe it or not.

I fired up all the upgrades I had grabbed. First was the Auto-Doc. Believe it or not I actually decided to use it to get a haircut. And shave, which I hadn't done in a while. I look really weird now. Don't worry, it will grow back. Eventually.

There was also a sink (actual sink) that hated dirt, a seed cloning biological station that talked like he wanted me to go to bed with it, a "book cleaner" (seriously, its function is to grab books and make them blank) that seemed to want to eradicate all knowledge from the world, a lightswitch that had a crush on Mobius, a toaster who wants to RULE THE WORLD and kill me, a groovy jukebox that recalibrates my sonic emmiter, another lightswitch that was jealous of the OTHER lightswitch and, finally, Muggy, a mini-Securitron who asked me for mugs. He was neurotic, wanted cups to clean. Told me Dr. 0 created him as an attempt to compete with Mr. House and his Securitrons. Oh God, I've surrounded myself by idiots...

I asked the Sink main interface, my butler, to repair the Stealth Suit for me. It was costy, but heck that suit sure grew on me.

I went to the Think Tank to report to Dr. Klein, tell him that finally everything was done. But I started asking questions first. He told me who Dr. Mobius was, he told me that some last visitors were agressive in Big MT and even stole some technology (he told me to ask Dr. 0 for more), about the Forbidden Zone, Mobius' fortress and told me to ask the other doctors if I had more doubts. But before I went ask questions I gave him the schematics he asked me for. And... For fuck's sake, he didn't know what to make of them! Oh God... I hinted him for what the antenna was supposed to do and from there he figured the schematics could be used to unlock the Forbidden Zone. He did it right then and there. I also told him that the schematics had other purposes, more biological purposes. He said that I was right, that they could be used to put my brain back inside me. Oh God yes! So next for me was to visit Mobius and kick his ass. Or something.

First I met the other doctors. Dala was a weird motherfucker. If she wasn't a brain robot with no arms I think she would have ripped off my clothes and do me on the spot. I think she had an orgasm. And I am NOT even kidding. Borous thanked me a lot for sparing Gabe, even though he tried to chew me. He also is the person who created Cazadores. I should kill that asshole... Dr. 8 (hence the #108, perhaps?) had his voice module damaged on a battle against the "last visitors" - the Courier. I couldn't understand nothing he said. Nothing at all. Just static. But then I figured out he was broadcasting RobCo codes. And from there, I could understand him. Finally Dr. 0. I really didn't like him, he seemed like a spoiled brat jealous of Mr. House. But supposely he had crucial information on my hunter, the Courier. He said he had many information on the hostile visitor, Elijah. About the other one I had to speak to Klein.

I can't believe I'm doing this but I'm actually writting the letter before speaking to Klein. I need to think, you know? I'm sure I'm ready to know who is hunting me. And if someone's hunting me, they must know me, well. And if they know me well, they know I don't play around. And if they know that and still follow me...

Love you,

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