Jun 28, 2013

Entry 42: Genius

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Once again I was back at the Mojave and all the worries struck me in the head like a hammer. The Brotherhood of Steel, Veronica, Mr. House's plan... Damn it.

Since Primm was on my way north I passed through there, since I didn't know where ED-E was and I thought he could have gone to my former work-place, the Mojave Express, where we first met. And there he was, waiting for me. Awesome.

Further north I saw a couple of bloatflies. Ran like hell.

Lots of Powder Gangers on my way to the Strip. One of them even tried top ambush me before entering Primm. Maybe recognized me and what I did to them. Weird, I thought they got scared off! Even found a raped dead woman laying on the ground after I sniped two of them. Instead of going away they are getting tougher. What the hell.

Passing by Sloan and the Quarry Junction I felt really good about myself for a moment, for clearing all those Deathclaws. Damn, I'm awesome! I liked how when I was enjoying the moment I was interrupted by Stealthy (IT'S MY SUIT, SHUT UP) to hear her say that I was her best friend forever. Oh Stealthy...

I took a few hours (I was missing for days, what problem would it make?) to speak to Doctor Usanagi at the New Vegas Clinic about her impressive medical implants. I gave away 12 thousand caps - gladly - for her to enhance my cells in order for me to have a healing factor. A bit slow, but still, it's a healing factor.

Finally I got into the Strip. I kind of missed it. Not because I liked it, but because I had made it my home (in my boss' home). I decided to go to my suite first, before going to see Mr. House. I was hugged hard by Lily and hugged by Veronica. She asked me what was wrong, both with my face - because of my new look - and with my mood - because I, hum, killed all her family. I couldn't bring myself to tell her. Never will. I just hugged her again and told her I missed her. I told them both I didn't go to anywhere in specific, just wondered off to think. About things. We talked for a while about them too and finally I told them I had to go to Mr. House. I changed to Randall's armor and then went to Mr. House's Penthouse.

I missed Mr. House, actually. I had come to adore the man, with all the respect I gave him. So I was quite happy when going up the elevator. Once there, Mr. House asked me if I had destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel. There my smile vanished and I told him I had wiped them out. He told me it was a great accomplishment and moved on to the next topic: Aaron Kimball, the President of the NCR. Apparently he was going to give a morale booster speech at Hoover Dam soon. Obviously the Legion would try an assassination. I for one would have let them. But then Mr. House explained it to me and I felt dumb - which does not happen often. It all goes down to us taking over Hoover Dam and making the NCR retreat. If we did so with Kimball dead, people would blame New Vegas for Kimball's death and the NCR's loss, resulting in a HUGE tourism breakdown and, of course, less money pouring in. Although, if Kimball is alive, people will blame him for wanting to prove everyone how great the Mojave and the Dam would be for the NCR, which will only result in defeat and death for them, when we force their retreat. A big failure on the hands of the beloved President. And people would both continue to go to New Vegas AND even abandon the NCR for New Vegas' safety. Genius.

I don't like the idea of helping or even being near the NCR without tearing their throats out with my teeth, but still, I'll do this. For the greater good. For Mr. House's plan.

Mr. House told me to speak to Ranger Grant, at the Dam, when the time comes.

There's still some days left, so I'll wonder around a little bit. There are still many places to see, many things to do.

Love you,

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