Jun 2, 2013

Entry 30: Couldn't be the hero

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I didn't really know how to leave the labirinth that was the suites level. Eventually I found a locked door that shortcut-ed my way to the elevator, which I took back down to the lobby.

On the lobby Elijah talked to me, telling me that I've done a good job. Then he says "uh-oh". Uh-oh is never good. Mostly coming from a psychopath. He tells me the Ghost People found their way inside the casino. Oh God (not the Mutant) damn it... As soon as the old bastard stopped talking one of them Ghosts jumped me and I cut his leg off.

And so I went to The Thampico, the theatre, where Dean supposely was at. I found it awesome that right through the doors I saw a big Pre-War poster of him. I felt sorry for Dean. Always lived for his audience and now living as a ghost, a lonely ghost in the shadow of his fame, while everyone he knew, everyone who saw him and loved him had already been long, long dead.

And then Elijah talked to me. Made me hate him even more. Told me that if Dean was still alive to... "Correct" that, or "break him". What the fuck is wrong with that old geezer?! Oh just he wait...

Right after the theatre's lobby I had to choose a path, left or right. Both sides made my collar beep, so I took left. It led me to the stage area. The stage seemed to be ready for Dean, since it was his name there. Once I got near the stage Dean appeared from a balcony, one floor above me. He started talking nonsense, about me trying to steal the show and that now that he was inside the Casino he didn't need me anymore. I told him to stop acting stupid and to come with me. But then he tells me that he'd just watch from the backstage while the security took it from there. And from there, a whole bunch of security holograms appear in the room. I know the damage those things can do. Hell, even now the places I got shot still burn like hell. So I run for the first door I found, which was locked. Gladly I had found the key not that long ago.

I found myself in the backstage area. There was a bit of the Cloud, a speaker and a radio, just in the start of the area. I avoided the Cloud, destroyed the speaker and turned off the radio, which was inside Dean's dressing room. Inside his room too was a picture of the famous chick I saw in the suites, on the same room that I found Christine: Vera. She was a rising star back in the day and, from previous talks with Dean, I guessed he liked her. But not to the point of having a picture of her in his dressing room. I also found Vera's dressing room not far. Once I got in I hear Dean telling me not to go in there, that some things are better off left in the past. He was not near me, though. Inside her dressing room I found a picture of Dean (Pre-War, of course. I could tell it was him from his face on the posters) and a song with a male voice, presumably from Dean to Vera. That gave me an idea.

I went back to the stage area and climbed a flight of stairs. Fortunatly I had already killed the speakers via terminal, or else that would've gotten me trapped and killed. I used the key I found on Vera's dressing room to get in the projector room. Once there I played Dean's song on the holotape projector. And, for a brief moment, Dean's glory came back to life. An hologram audience gained life and Dean's hologram appeared by the microphone, singing. The audience cheered for him. Then it all vanished, the hologram projector became inoperable. For a brief moment, I saw Dean's glory. For a brief moment, I saw what Dean had clinged to, all this time. For a brief moment I saw what he did not want me to take away from him. After the hologram stopped Elijah told me again to kill Dean. He did cross me. And I do not like to be crossed.

I made my way across the stage and when I was going to the door that led to Dean's balcony, he appeared. He told me he could easily kill me and run for the exit, as he had the key and, when he did ran, he'd be far enough that our collar's frequencies wouldn't affect each other. I told him not to risk it but... It didn't work. He started shooting at me, so I did what I had to. Sorry, Dean. I didn't want it to end like this.

Seems like the old son of a bitch got it right. I did end up killing Dean. Just hoped at the time I wouldn't have to do the same for God and/or Dog.

Not very surprisingly, he was at the Restaurant. Once I got in, Elijah told me to get rid of the FEV reject, that he was no use to us. "Us", like we were a team. I sapt on the ground as that thought passed through my mind. The door was blocked, so I had to go to the casino and get in through the emergency entrance to the restaurant.

Once I got through the doors I smelled gas. Elijah told me that God or Dog had opened the gas valves, risking the building to explode, killing us all. Fuck. They were all going crazy! I had to repair the valves without him seeing me. If he did he might had done something crazy like killing himself, causing me to die and then the whole building would go bye bye. The first one was right by my side. But then he saw me. Dog. I shouted at him and ran to him, making him stop from lighting a match. He told me he recognized me, that I was kind for him. But then God interrupted him. His schizophrenia was worst. God wanted me dead, was talking Dog into tearing me apart. I told him not to do it, not to kill me, nor to destroy the casino. But Dog was sick of his voice and wanted it to go away, forever. Sick of God. Then God made him attack me and, once they were done with me, he'd make him light the match, killing them and Elijah. He came at me and I impaled him with my knife spear. Then he talked with me again. Told me that I was kind, but now I hated him. And God talked too, telling me I was just like Elijah. But then I told Dog I didn't want to hurt him, not at all. I just needed him to calm down and focus. He told me it was hard, hard to hear over God, over the voice. It was so painful for him... And God told him I was lying. Then Dog begged me... Begged for help... I told him I wanted to help, as always. Told him to picture the voice - God - inside his head as a small ball, one that oculd fit in his hand. He told me he had never thought of the voice so small, so weak. God talked to, asking me what was I doing, afraid. And then I told Dog to eat it, eat the small ball. And so God was gone... Forever. Dog told me he felt empty, hungrier than ever. I told him it was for his own good and that I needed him to stay there.

And so we were all set. And I was able to prove Elijah that I did not need to kill them all. That I was not a monster like him. Dean... Well, unfortunatly, Dean chose his own fate. I'm at the lobby now. I'm closer to set off whatever it is that Elijah wants. The Heist of the Century, as he calls it. I'll let you know how it goes. Fortunatly there'll be a "I killed that fuckface" along the next letter.

Love you,

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