Jun 10, 2013

Entry 34: The Heartbreaking Necessity

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

It was clear what I had to do. I had to do Mr. House's bidding, not only because he wanted me too, but because I knew he was right and the Brotherhood would become a threat eventually. By then I wished I had never met them, never joined them, just for the armor.

I went to my room, packed my things and then told Veronica that I had to do something for Mr. House by myself., so she could stay in the suite. She understood and up the elevator she went. I stayed with ED-E though. I needed some confort, even if it was from a tiny deadly robot with a cute name.

On my way south I passed by the Gun Runners, the weaponry shop. I know you don't like it when I spend money, but holy moly! I bought a fist with a pressure plate (like Pushy!) that when it hits fires a shotgun shell shot! Isn't that one of the most awesome things you've ever heard or read? And that's not all! At times the shot fired can even BLOW UP the sir, madam or thing I shot! Oh post-apocalipctic weaponry, you make me happy... I named it 'Two-Steps Goodbye'.

You know where I tested said fist of mass destruction? Remember that road in which I went nuts and started killing all the deathclaw that were there? There were two more, so I decided "why the heck not?". And it works perfectly fine..! I followed that road instead of going to the Hidden Valley through Black Mountain, like I used to. Eventually I got to a town named Sloan and it's leader said he couldn't believe anyone actually made it through from the north, because of the deathclaws in the quarry. He told me he and his people were out of work because of the deathclaws and the NCR wouldn't help them. I can't actually blame them. But I decided to give them a try. I needed the adrenaline, I was almost on the verge of depression from knowing that I had to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel. So Chomp Lewis - the guy's name - told me I had to get rid of the Mother Deathclaw and the Alpha Male one. I was starting to regret my decision already.

OHHH BABY! I started by pumping ARCHIMEDES' blast right on two of those bastards and then proceeded to punch to death three of them who crossed my way! Then I stopped, analyzed the quarry. Then I saw the big guy. The Alpha Male. Holy fuck. He was bigger, darker, faster than the others. Nearly crapped myself as I pulled out Oh, Baby!... Fortunatly I was able to break his legs before he attacked, throwing him on the ground and then pound it to death. ED-E made me the "favor" of disentegrating the bastard after I was done with him. Now no one's going to believe me momma! Just kidding. All the ones I saw from the distance I shot with Randall's rifle, which was very helpful. They were clearly weaker once I approached them (the ones who wouldn't go down). Finally there she was. Followed by a line of babies, the big ass Mother Deathclaw. When I shot I knew I had made a mistake. She was so... so... SO FAST. AND BIG. I was able to perform my rotative Mauler maneuver to throw her off the cliff we were at, but when I looked down the fucking thing got up! She ran up to me and ED-E again and I threw her off the cliff, again. And she got up. Seriously, these monsters suck. There's nothing more terrifying than these fucks. That time she got to us, though, I jumped as high as I could and pounded her head, feeling her skull crack at the tip of my Oh, Baby!. And pounded her once more for good measure. The babies were easy. Incredibly fast, but easy to kill. And so it was done, no more deathclaws in the quarry!

I returned to Chomp and told him what I did. He told me that, were anyone else, he wouldn't believe it. But he believed me. Gave me 500 NCR bucks and told me he'd tell on the radio what I had done. If I had done it for the prize I would be very angry. But I did it for me, so.

It was late but I couldn't sleep. Not after slaughteringan entire pack of deathclaws! So I continued my way to the Hidden Valley. Once I got there I couldn't see very well because of the Brotherhood's defense mechanisms, that simulated a sandstorm on nightime. Eventually I bumped into a Brotherhood patrol. They recognized me and one of them called me outsider and then apologised, because I was no longer considered such. Shit. That seriosuly only made it harder.

I got in, everyone smiling as I passed by. Before I did anything else I found the turret control terminal to shut them off. I would obviously activate the self destruction sequence and then run away, so I could use less guns aiming at me. Then I went to the most end of the bunker and there it was. The self-destruct terminal. I could easily hack it and make a run for it, catching them by surprise, only realizing they had to shoot me because there were loud noises and someone was runing. "Easily". I stared at it for a while. I would be ending many, many lives there. Then again, the Brotherhood's purpose was to wait for all life to end. I had to do it. It had to be me, no one else would get the chance. For Vegas. For mankind. I took a deep breath and broke into the terminal. Once inside, I had to close my eyes before pressing the enter button to initialize the self-destruct sequence. But I did it. And ran like hell.

I escaped with a little burnt skin and cloth. Randall's armor protected me from most shots. Then I heard the bang. No one could get out, only me and ED-E. Smoke started exiting through the vents. Everyone down there was dead, everything was destroyed. I got on my knees and threw up. Once I was finished spitting the bad taste off of my mouth I noticed I was crying. I couldn't get back to Mr. House just now. I couldn't face Veronica. Not sure if I'll ever be able to face Veronica.

I went south. Not sure where. Didn't matter, too. I just had to get far from Vegas for now.

I walked for what seemed hours. Eventually got to Nipton, still smoking from The Legion's appearance in the place. They may have the right ideals, but if they do that for every town with bad vices, what's the point? Eventually every town would be ashes and reek of corpses. And like Marcus, the Super Mutant, said, most Legionaries follow Caesar, not Caesar's ideals. So they are a group of extremists that do something for the right thing, but not with the right mind-set. Maybe someone could change that. But it won't be me. Perhaps a man with the same intents as them: purifying the wasteland. He'd do everything to join and command the Legion, because they have the right mindset. But maybe he'd get lost in the way. Go crazy even. Maybe he'd kill Caesar to get control. That's how the wasteland works. Heh, I just imagined an hypothetical guy fighting the NCR's General all crazed and naked, screaming FOR THE LEGION and PURITY... Good, first time I smiled for hours.

Past Nipton I found an abandoned drive-in cinema with a crashed satellite in the middle of it. I'm going to tinker with it after sending you this letter. Hopefully won't get gassed or something.

Love you,

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