Jun 30, 2013

Entry 44: Brains brains brains

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

We made our way through the night to Jacobstown. The man, the mutant and the dog. What looked actually pretty close to New Vegas seemed to take all night to get there. And the screeching violins on the background didn't help. Oh, what am I saying? Forget it.

It was really cool to see Marcus again. He got really happy to see I had brought Lily along and that she was doing good. We chatted for a little while and then I got to the lodge, where Doc Henry was.

Doctor Henry diagnosed Rex right then and there. He said it was neural degradation, because the med gel containing the brain could only sustain it for so long. So I had to find a replacement. What's with me and brains lately?! Henry suggested me Old Lady Gibson, the old lady near Novac from who I got the spaceship modules from, for those crazy ass ghouls. So I said goodbye and told him I'd be back.

I was tired of walking, my feet hurt like hell. Damn dog, had a way to get to me. I already liked him so much, so he kept me going. I couldn't let him die.

I arrived at the old lady's scrapyard, nearby Novac. I was pretty straightforward, told her I needed a dog's brain. At first she told me it was a bit ghoulish of a request, but then she agreed to it. Talk about hypocrisy, she picked an old dog, said she'd put him down for a price. After I told her we shouldn't put a price on Rey's (the old dog) immortality she agreed, called him, offering a treat and broke his neck. Shit. We removed the brain and I took it and kept it as cool and safe as I could. Then made my way back north.

When I finally arrived, late in the night - at the Lodge in Jacobstown, Doc Henry was still up. I told him, after I caught my breath and sat down, I had the brain and we were ready. The doc told me to rest up while he did the surgery.

I woke up in the morning with Rex licking my face. Doc Henry smiled while he cleaned his hands, telling me it went all good. I petted Rex and was really happy for him.

So it was time to leave Rex. Bah, I don't want to get him back to the King just yet... We walked around for a bit, around New Vegas. Eventually we got to one of the pump stations, the East one. We entered the place to see if there was anything interesting.

Found Vera Keyes and Dean Domino Sierra Madre posters, which made me smile. Even though Dean did cross me and ended up being killed, by me. But still, made me smile. There was also a terminal. I tried to access it but the network connection was down and I coudln't access all the data. But I was able to fix that, though. It had only one entry, that said that radiation was contaminating the waters. Well, fuck! I have to get to the bottom of it, how can Mr. House rebuild society if the water pumps will get irradiated?

I am now at the Clinic, with Doc Usanagi. Figured I could use RadAway, since I'm going to explore irradiated places... I'll let you know what I find out.

Love you,

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