Jun 3, 2013

Entry 31: Serving justice

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

So the key to opening the Vault were Vera's songs, which I made accessible by going in the areas where the members of my team were. After I downloaded them into my Pip-Boy I had to go to the entrance of the Vault to open it, with the music. Elijah guided me, told me to go back to the Suites level.

Only while on the elevator I realized that I needed Christine. And by "I" I meant "Elijah", for his plan. The Casino recognized her voice when she was healed and she sounded like Vera. Vera's voice was the key to it all. Vera's voice opened the Vault. So if I had killed Christine like Elijah wanted me to... The Vault would be forever lost. I talked to Christine and told her that. Told her we needed to open the Vault and told her the word sequence. "Begin Again, Let Go". Before she said it she got worried about me. About what could happen inside the Vault between me and Elijah , that he wouldn't want to share. I told her I'd deal with him.

And so we said good bye. Even if I did get out alive, I didn't know what would happen next. If I'd see her anymore. We smilled at each other and I left for the Vault that she had already activated.

I took the elevator down to the Vault. The Heist of the Centuries had begun.

Once I got down I saw more of the same. The Cloud, speakers interfeering with my collar, broken walkways... Kept looking behind my shoulder, didn't know when Elijah would appear.

Those speakers straight up freak me out. Never knowing for certain where they are, making my collar beep in a countdown to my death I can't ever know if I'll run fast enough, if I'll know where they are, even if I'll be able to destroy them. Fortunatly I made it. But I've been lucky. And luck runs out eventually. By then I could find the terminal to shut the alarms off, turning off the speakers, also. After that room came the security holograms. You know how much I love those, right? And imagine my face when my collar started beeping. Apparently I just disabled the speakers of the room I was previously in.

After much cuning and patience I managed to disable the fucking holograms without getting blow off by the fucking speakers and without dropping down to the fucking Cloud. Hum, good work Bill.

I came by a terminal that allowed me to disable the Vault's security protocols. Thing is, if I did so and then accessed the Vault's personal terminal, the Vault would enter a lock out state, sending the elevator up and never coming back down. But I had to do it, or else I wouldn't get through.

And then there I was... The Sierra Madre's secret treasure chamber...

Inside there were so many gold bars... So heavy, each... That was what Elijah was after? Gold? Money? All that... For money?

I accessed one of the terminals inside the room to look for an exit. I saw only an entry from the Casino's founder, Frederik Sinclair, telling Vera he knew she and Dean were planning to rob the casino and that she shouldn't move if she got there, help would be on the way. He also told her that she should not access the personal account file, as it only contained a message for Dean and the elevator would forever be locked. So I stayed the hell away from that file.

After I stopped analyzing the terminal a screen opened on the wall and Elijah's face showed. Still hiding behind images, after all that time... He rejoyced on the idea of having the Casino and told me not to go further in the Vault, as there could be more traps. I told him that I had questions before we proceeded. Told him about Veronica. He was surprised she survived the NCR's attack on HELIOS One. And then started rambling about his plan. How he wanted to use the Sierra Madre's resources to kill. Kill everything. The man was mad. He wanted to clean the Mojave with the Cloud and the Holograms. To be the only man alive... He also told me about how he travelled to a "Big Empty", an old world science treasure box, where he came across a woman and a man, a courier. Possibly Christine and that misterious Courier.

Then he started talking like he'd leave me there, trapped. Shit. I gotta say, I panicked. Being trapped makes me very, very unconfortable. I told him I just wanted out, out of that damned Villa, forever. And he told me that I could wait, like he did. No, that wasn't good enough. I told him he wanted what was inside, I wanted out, we could make a deal. He said he had time, he could wait and be cautious. I told him he had everything... Except the Vault. And that convinced him. He came meet me face to face.

I saw an opportunity and I took it. The time it took the old fuck to come down the elevator I went around all the way back. By the time he was by the Vault door, where he'd meet me, I was already by the elevator. He wanted the damned treasure? Well he can live with it now... For the rest of his days.

Better than an "I killed that fuckface", if you ask me.

I never saw Christine again on my way back. Seemed like an eternity, going out to the casino, then from the casino to the Villa. I can only imagine now going to the Mojave. So GOOD BYE, you crazy, hell of a place! And Mojave, here I come. How long have I been away anyway?

Love you,

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