Jun 14, 2013

Entry 36: God damn this place

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I left The Sink to go to the Big Empy. Or Big MT. The place I had heard so much about in Sierra Madre. I started exploring the place and found some cyborg dogs, who attacked me. God damn it, I didn't even do anything! I killed the two dogs and, right after that, I hear a mindless agressive scream. I turned around just in time to dodge an axe strike by a freaking lobotomite asshole. Why would a mindless guy try to kill me? Oh well, he headed up without a head, both litteraly and figuratively.

From time to time that goof Doctor Mobius would talk through the announcement voice systems, saying he would soon conquer the whole crater.

As I set for exploring further things got weirder. I was attacked by... A skeleton. In a space suit. With a plasma pistol. Well... This place is too much.

I found a door with a symbol on it. I knew the symbol. I knew it well. I won't talk to you about it just now, but I feel I just might.

I entered the place and found out it was a factory that produced something named "saturnite". The workers - Mr. Handy's -  were frenzied, for some reason, so they attacked me. Nothing on this damn crater likes me. Evetually the factory lead me to some kind of cave, which led to nowhere except a blue weird energy barrier that I couldn't break.

So I went out and proceeded my curiosity journey. I found another building with that symbol marked. Some weird green fluid was coming out of its garage door but I had to check it out anyway. Aaaand found nothing.

When I left the building it was already nightime. But I didn't want to return to the sink, I wanted to explore more. Those symbols... They had to mean anything. The next building I foun had the symbol. I was starting to think that they were in every building. In this one there was a terminal about holograms, a hologram itself and a Vera Keyes photo. The terminal spoke about creating her hologram. In the middle of the building there was a light beam with a weird blue disk. I am no zero at science but this place was too much. Plus, not really knowing what it was, when I walked past the beam I passed out. Don't know for how long, but I did. Then I grabbed the weird disk thing and left.

Then I looked at the sky for the first time. It was... Beautiful. Mojave's sky wasn't at all like it. So many stars, those beautiful, beautiful white dots. I stared at it for a while before I remembered to start walking again.

I found the first big research building since I was exploring. Or at least it looked like one! It was bright and blue. Then I looked at the name of the building and it was the X-13 research facility, where I had to find those weird doctors the stealth suit prototype. So, as with any other building so far, I entered. This one did not have the symbol, if you're wondering.

There was a terminal right at the begining that said that it was created a module to the Sonic Emmiter gun I had that could override those blue barriers I had seen earlier. I had to find it.

First I found the suit's gloves, though. Right on the next room were the boots. It was being easier than I thought it would. And the chest plate, right after. That made the suit complete, so I tried it on. Once I dressed it it started talking to me, in a woman's voice. Said the stimpak and Med-X reserves were ready and even asked me if I liked her. What the fuck.

I had to test the suit before I delivered it, so I went to the end of the facility and there was an elevator that led to the Test Chamber. I activated it and went below the ground. The Test Chamber was huge. The observation decks alone were like mazes.

When I got to the test area itself there was a terminal that told me I had to get to an office and steal a document, without being spotted. Hum, interesting, I guess.

I did the test and it went very well. For some reason, the robot guards seemed unable to spot me when I made a mistake and ended up a few meters in front of them. I got the document needed from the safe. Right then I heard Dr. Mobius on the intercom system babbling about how a Stealth Suit wasn't enough to stop him and then he sent RoboScorpions for me. Fuck, I didn't like that one bit. I rampaged through the test area and killed those fuckers. Two small ones and a big one. Bastards, a bit tough to kill. Found 'em all the way until the exit.

I gotta lay down a bit for now, this is all too much. Not having a brain, stealth suits that love me, robotix scorpions and crazed doctors... Jesus Christ.

Love you,

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