Jun 20, 2013


Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

After I left the X-13 research facility I went north and found a metro station entrance that I decided to ecplore. It was weird not seeing a building with lights and a modern (for the time, I mean) design. There was nothing much inside, the only interesting thing I found was one of those modules to upgrade The SInk's personalities.

After that - and being attacked by upgraded sentry bots - I got to an encampment called Little Yangtze. Right off the bat I was attacked by lobotomites. Or at least I thought so! They were ghouls. What they were doing there? I had no idea. The ghouls had already gone feral though, so I had to kill them. On the camp's watchtower I found another mod and also a terminal with logs in it. Apparently the ghouls were Pre-War communist infiltrators and spies that had ghoulified after the Bombs fell. The terminal also had entries from Elijah... His entries talked about research on the ghoul's slave collars but, more importantly, about the Courier. Not me, the other one. Said they met there and agreed to stay out of each other's way. He also said that that Courier was the person who told him about Sierra Madre. Finally he mentioned spotting a scope from the window, on a building nearby. I had to check it out. Might have something belonging to that Courier who seems to have been hunting me - even though I'm the one recreating his steps.

I went to that building Elijah talked about and found only a sniper and some steady. No proof of anything. I remembered Christine, she did tell me she was following Elijah in the Big MT, maybe she had a shot, he saw her and then he fled.

I traveled on to find a construction site and a metereological station. That was the first building I entered since the X-13 that had the symbol, the Old World flag, painted. The weirdest thing was, it was the first one to have the symbol inside, too. Near a map. A map from a location I knew. Christ. I don't really want to talk about it, too. On the same room I found... You got it, a Big MT snowglobe! Mr. House would like this one. Right outside the room was a scale model for a small neighborhood. It was neat, I thought.

I took an elevator to the roof and there were three of those weird... things... the ones that are skeletons but have space suits and try to fry the shit out of me. They were trying to fry the shit out of me! I still  have to try and figure out what the hell is up with those guys.

My new body prevented me from getting tired. Prevented my brain from getting tired. It was nightime again and I didn't feel sleepy at all. Still I found a safe, small rooftop with a bedroll on it and decided to rest. The body. Not the brain. Cause I don't have one.

There was also a single torned out page from a journal near the bedroll. It was from Elijah. It was after he fled what-I-think-to-be-Christine and he wrote about places to go for shelter. Mentioned the weather station I had just gone to and, while doing so, said that that Courier was interested in it. The map...

I wondered around a little tiny bit more and ended up in a place filled with those RoboScorpions. It was a facility, all lit up red and locked. I figured it was Dr. Mobius facility, "the Forbidden Zone". Where my brain was. But hey, gotta wait for those doctors to have what they want from me, am I right? There were another interesting buildings around though. One of them was a flooded one with not much but a Sink upgrade. Then there was this mysterious cave.

Oh, the cave...

The biggest fucking bloatfly ever. And you would have thought bloatflies were harmless right? Wring. Dead. Fucking. Wrong. This one was giant, had a green glow around it AND SHOT PLASMA BEAMS OUT OF ITS FUCKING ASS. I tell you, the way those beams destroyed the cave walls behind me, I sure am glad I wasn't hit. I just rampaged towards the fucking beast and jumped as high I could from one of the biggest rocks on the cave, while dodging the beams. When I got to the highest point, blinded by the green light, I slammed Oh, Baby! down and the thing went down with me. But not dead. Oh no. I had to beat her time and time and time and time again for it to stop moving its enormous wings and disgusting legs. And in the end? THE FUCKING THING EXPLODED. Which hurted a lot, really. All that remained of it was a big pile of green goo.

I'll have this big, BIG memory with me everytime I decide to go inside a cave now.

Still roaming, I ended up in a de-construction plant for Mr. House's robots, Securitrons. There were some "feral" bots there, which I destroyed and then picked up a personality mod for The Sink called "Muggy". Cute name.

Outside the plant I foun a camp, behind some mountains and protected by two turrets. It had a journal and also a bigass energy gun. The camp was Elijah's. The journal said he later saw Christine being dragged to the Think Tank by medical robots. He assumed she'd become a lobotomite. That's why she was full of scars... She also had surgery and survived, like me!

I'm gonna lay down a bit now. I'm sure the machine that's replacing my heart is having a hard time calming me down after that encounter with the fucking bloatfly.

Love you,

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