Jun 29, 2013

Entry 43: Found Interesting Looney Local Employers Roaming

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I rested up a little in my bed but then couldn't sleep. I figured I'd go for a walk. Dressed Benny's suit and left the Lucky 38 into Freeside, to check it out. The Kings' School of Impersonation, the Atomic Wrangler and the Silver Rush. Those were the best known buildings on Freeside. The SIlver Rush was an energy weapons store, so I didn't go near it. I went in the Atomic Wrangler first, bearing the thought of drinking myself to sleep or memory loss.

The casino was owned by two brothers, the Garrets, one male and one female. I spoke to her, Francine, first. I was still thinking about that drink when I thought I wasn't that high on caps and that they could have jobs available. So I asked her if she needed anything done. She said three people had crossed her and owned caps to the casino. If I brought everything back, I'd get 50%. Good enough. I also talked to James, the brother, who said he needed someone to recruit, basically, weird whores. A cowboy ghoul, a smooth talker and a sex bot. Sure, caps are caps. It's not like I'd force anyone to do it.

Easy jobs, both of them. I specially liked meeting a cowboy ghoulette - which I had no idea existed - and punching one of the two smooth talkers I ran into, the one who owned money, right in the face. The sex bot was weird though, offered to rape me.

When I reported to Francine for my caps she told me her old guard, McCafferty, stole caps from her and went to the Strip. I was supposed to kill him. And I did. I don't really like thieves, much less men who think they can get away with everything. So I two step goodbye-ed him. I looked into the Securitrons' screen as he moved towards the mess I made on the floor (not pretty), as if I were looking to Mr. House. I made a sign with my head, as if I'd tell him later what it was about. Then got back out of the Strip and got my caps.

That was that. I decided to go meet the Kings, right next door. I always liked looking at them, their style. And word was they were kind of the protectors of Freeside and that's awesome.

Looks deceived though, as the first guy I ran into was an arrogant bastard who thought he could bully me. I tried to ignore him, telling him I just wanted to pay the respects to the King for being... the King. He said he liked me for doing so and let me through.

The King was a nice man. He had a cyberdog with him, too, like Roxie. His name was Rex. Heh, imagined them mating eheh. I asked him to work for him - to know how he ran things - and he was very nice, offered me a job right then and there, even told he'd have more for me. He wanted me to investigate one of the bodyguards that escorted people through Freeside, one that was making way too much caps and, thus, stealing business. So I had to hire him and know his secret.

I hired the guy and followed him through Freeside. Past the King's spot we saw some thugs down the road and he told me to follow him throw the alley, in order to avoid them. Then he sprinted all the way to the other part of the alley and fired three shots. I got up to the place just in time to see four bodies falling. I told him that and he said he shot through one of them, but I called bullshit. Told him to give me all his money. He did give it to me, but also threatened me. I didn't liek that. Not. One. Bit. So I two step goodbye-ed him too. And the four "thugs", who got up from the ground and attacked me after they saw what I did.

I reported to the King and he said I could be more subtle, but the job was done and that's what mattered. He then wanted me to check on some attack victims, citizens under the Kings' protection. I traveled to the Old Mormon Fort, where the Followers of the Apocalyps hang out. After talking to the victims I found out that they were attacked by NCR people, or at least looked like it. I reported back to the King and he asked me to investigate it better. I did and found out that the NCR had sent an envoy to help the locals of Freeside, the Kings' people, but that envoy was brutally beaten by the Kings and that was why the NCR wasn't helping the locals and why NCR people beat up local people. I hurried back to the King to know what the fuck was going on.

Once I got there, Pacer - that asshole who tried to make me pay to see the King - told me he heard about what I found out and said that the King shouldn't be bothered with such "nonsense". Hum. I made him pay me for my silence, felt really good. And I did tell the King about what Pacer did. Apparently, the King didn't even see the man the NCR sent. Then we were interrupted by a Kings' member saying that Pacer was attacking the NCR. The King wanted me to go and try to solve the thing peacefully.

I ran there, thinking how could I solve something between two people I don't like. First Pacer and then the NCR. After what they did to you... To us... To me.

But once I saw the scenery I changed my mind. All the Kings were dead except Pacer, who was cowering behind cover. I faced the NCR, hands in the air, thinking about Mr. House, because I had to be in good terms with them in order to be able to go to Hoover Dam and also thinking about how I would get my chance for payback at the Dam. There these bastards will suffer. All of them. So I talked to the woman in charge and told her the whole story. She said that she would keep an eye on the Kings but they would try to negotiate again.

I got back to the King and told him the news. He was very pleased with the outcome. Eevn offered me a favour, so I told him caps couldn't hurt. Then we just talked casually. Eventually we talked about Rex, his cyberdog. He told me Rex was sick, some brain disease diagnosed by the Followers. I remembered that Dr. Henry, in Jacobstown, was an expert on brain surgery, so I suggested the King to take him there. He was very happy, but said he unfortunatly couldn't. He asked me a favour: have Rex as my guard dog, as I take him up to Jacobstown. Heh, awesome!

If I'm going to travel, I'm not going in a suit for sure. I'm back at the suite just to trade my clothes and grab Lily - I think she'll like to see all her friends again - and then I'm off to Jacobstown!

Love you,

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