Jun 26, 2013

Entry 41: A heck of a twist

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

There it was: my brain. In a jar.

But that's not the deal. Apparently Mobius wasn't setting a trap or anything. I nearly shat myself when MY BRAIN started talking to ME with a sophisticated accent. When I asked if it was really my brain he answered something sarcasting. I was being made fun of. By my brain. Yeah. I asked why was he such a dick and he told me he didn't like me because of my endeavours throughout the Mojave, how they endagered him. And also being shot in the head. He seemed to be upset because I didn't listen to him (my brain, be sure to be following that) very much. He said he was safer there in the confort of the tank than in my head, where he could get poisoned, irradiated, injured, etc. He wanted to stay there, forever. My brain, mind you. I told him to have a look at the Think Tank, because of their idiotic insanity, asked him if he wanted to end up like them. He said he could figure out the problem and work on it. Then I reminded him of the corrosive effect of the biogel he was on. He said he hadn't accounted for that. Then I finally told him, calmly, that we were leaving. Together. He was disgusted about getting back in me because of my dangerous lifestyle. I could promsie him I'd take better care. Or lie about it. But am not going to quit my lifestyle anytime soon, work has to be done. And breaking promises is not in my nature. So I told him he didn't have a choice. He said that brute approch wouldn't work because the surgery needed to be done at the Think Tank. And so I convinced him that the doctors had told me that they'd put us back together and if they didn't we'd show those mad doctors what we were made of. He was actually pretty excited. So I grabbed him out of the Tank and that was it for trying to convince myself, in a way, to get back in... Myself. Sheesh.

At the way out I looked at Mobius for a long time. I still wanted to kill him. So bad. He almost killed me, that's for sure. But in the end, what he did was for the rest of the world... Then I felt sorry for him. All he did for the world, to his own and only friends, made him end up alone and hated. That was the sacrifice he chose to make, for the greater good. I smiled and left his Forbidden Zone.

I got to the Sink and, before I confronted the Think Tank, I wanted my organs back, even if that would make me weaker again. But I wanted them in me, they were mine. I didn't want to be a complete cyborg. So I asked the Auto-Doc to perform the surgery. Odly enough I still felt kind of strong. Not as strong, but stronger than originally. Apparently the Doc couldn't remove some of the technologies that were placed on my body, so I still had some of the benefits from the machinery. Hum.

Then I went in the Think Tank. The lighting was red instead of blue and the doctors were all in line waiting for me, like when I arrived. It was kind of intimidating. Klein wanted to know if Mobius was dead, as was intended. I didn't answer him, instead I told him I had found my brain and now there were things to settle. Then he threatened me, asking for my brain. I told him to check with his colleagues, because I hoped they would side with me after our nice little chats. And they... They all protected me. I smiled as they all tried to make up scientific reasons for not having to kill me, while facing Klein's tyranny. Still after listening to all them Klein said his vote counted as five. I told him his math was wrong and that his odds weren't looking good. He said he just wanted to escape, see the world, experiment with it. I saw the one I thought was the good guy reveal his true bad self, right in front of me. Mobius was right all along. I proposed Klein to work for me, experimenting on the world, but only the pieces of the world I brought to him. Work for me at the Big MT. He said he'd actually like that. And so, with no bloodshed, the Think Tank now worked for me.

This is not it for Big MT. I'll make this my haven. One of my homes. I'll use this place and all its potencial for the greater good. Many discoveries can be made by these bright doctors and I intend to use them to better our world.

To prevent kids from wondering alone because their parents had to give up their lives and supplies in order for them to survive.

I can make the difference.

And it's with those thoughts that I roam back to the Mojave, knowing for sure that I have a home in Big MT.

Love you,

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