Jun 21, 2013

Entry 38: Revelations

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I went south from Elijah's camp and ended up on a facility, Z-14. Of course, I didn't know what it was. I went in and the entrance lobby was full of gore, mutilated organs and blood all over. Bah. A sane person would have peed himself and go back out, but I'm not sane. Especially after beating a bloatfly thrice my size with a hammer.

Surprisingly, once I went down a flight of stairs I found Cazadores. And I do mean surprisingly, because I wasn't expecting to find any of those bastards outside the Mojave... There were a total of 5 of them bastards, one of them bigger than the others. After those fuckers were dealt with and I grabbed one of the Mod upgrades for the Sink I went back outside. I was finding those things everywhere!

And then I finally got to the X-8 research facility, where I'd supposely find the Sonic emmiter upgrade to overload force fields. As I entered I saw an Auto-Doc working on some mutilated limbs. The thing must've been working for so long that you couldn't even recognize what the hell it was cuting. The same room also had three tanks with brains on them. I couldn't help thinking and hoping that one of them was mine, but I couldn't be sure. On the next floor I found out that they probably weren't ie. There were more brains in tanks near the testing areas, suggesting that they were probably test subjects.

I entered the test area to obtain and test the Emitter mod. The area simulated a Pre-War high school, those places you told me about on our endless wandering through the American Wasteland. Well, for the sake of the children that went to those high schools, I hope they were different. This wasn't like the stealth test, there were cyberdogs and turrets programmed to kill on sight. The goal was to retrieve studant files from terminals along the school.

I fought through the dogs and got the job done, eventually. The dogs were a bitch to kill and they were very, very strong. They would jump at me and bite with such strength that I'd be tossed to the ground. I felt the stealth suit break at every bite. I didn't want it to break, sadly (and I do mean SADLY, how sad can I be?!) I was starting to enjoy the suit's "company", since it or she was the only thing that talked with me for almost two days. Or more. After I was done I continued my way through the facility. I still didn't have the upgrade that I needed. It was after exiting the highschool area that I found a room with cyberdogs sitting around a table, playing poker. Huh.

Somewhere along the way Dr. Borous voice on the speakers started talking about his pet dog Gabe, who "was about to have his favourite treat: visitors". Shit. As far as I knew, those doctors held my organs and the only chance I have of getting out of here feeling human, so even if it was a normal cyberdog, I would have tried to avoid it.

IF it was a normal cyberdog. The pup was HUGE. I guess there's a reason this is called BIG mt... Eheh, get it? Oh shut up. Still, the dog was frightening, honest. Don't know if it was the suit or it saw very badly, but I was able to sneak around and search for something Burous wanted on the holes the dog, Gabe, dug. Once I found the tape, Mobius' RoboScorpions got to the test site and started attacking Gabe. I broke them all and then ran as fast as I could as I saw that beast of a dog running towards me with murderous intempts. I went through the door and closed it tight behind me.

What is it with the big-ass creatures in this place?

After that I went back to the highschool testing area, since the upgrade for the sonic emmiter was already available. I downloaded it and made the course again. This time with less dog bites.

Before I left I explored the part of the X-8 that I had not explored. It was the Splicing Facility. It was where scientists combined species or stuff. I messed around with the terminal and you would not believe what I did... I made me my own cyberdog! Man, that was great!

I decided to change outfits, give my Stealth Suit Babe a rest, now that I had some companie. I called my new puppy Roxie. I decided she'd be a girl because she was replacing my Stealth Suit Babe. While I was undressing, in all innocence, she asked me if she had done something wrong. No girl. No you didn't.

At least that's what I thought, right? No. Roxie didn't even leave X-8, she wouldn't follow me past the door. God damn it, I even named her...

While going further south I ended up in a shelter-like cave. It had all sorts of supplies, bed rolls and two notes. Holotapes. Two people talking, one of them I recognized, it was Christine. And the other should be the Courier... His voice... Chilling. The first tape started with Christine defending Brotherhood and its ideals. The Courier, though, seemed to defend the Old World ideals, no Brotherhood, no Bear - NCR -, no Bull - Legion. When Christine told him that the Old World was dead he said that that was the reason he had the Old World flag on his back: because he was carrying the dead America until it woke up again. The second one was the Courier telling Christine that Elijah had gone to Sierra Madre and saying he wouldn't stop Christine from following him, because he knew what it was like to follow someone. Another courier... Said he had a message for him, just like him once had a message for the Courier. He asked Christine to tell the other courier that that Courier was looking for him. To go meet the Courier.

The other courier... It is me.

Love you,

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