Jun 25, 2013

Entry 40: Mobius' plan revealed

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I took some time to gather courage to go talk to Klein. I talked with 0 again (which is Zero, like the door, even though everyone calls him "O". He confirmed it.) and to Burous, about Gabe. I felt kind of bad because talking about it made him realise the terrible thing he had done to his dog, his only friend, experimenting on him like that.

Finally I asked him, Klein, about my hunter. But fuck, I don't know what was I so afraid of. He only told me that he asked him about History and that they were interrupted two times, one when Elijah escaped and the other Klein didn't remember. He also may have escaped with useful knowledge for him. For God's sake, that only raised more questions...

So, frustrated, I exited the Think Tank and headed to Mobius place to kick his figurative ass and get my brain back. But damn, I don't know what happened, Big MT started crawling with lobotomites. All of them with guns. I had to sneak and grab the guns of the ones I killed or else I'd die. They were pretty ruthless for brainless fucks. And they were EVERYWHERE.

I made a little de-tour to grab what I then knew to be Christine's sniper rifle. You know I usually only grab guns that are of sentimental value (unless I'm in risk of being killed by brainless assholes), so, as I liked Christine, I took it.

Finally I arrived and, after hacking through many many RoboScorpions, I made it to the entrance. It was unlocked, like Klein said it would be.

Inside, after a lightshow and some of Mobius' rambling, a platform opened on the ground. And right after that a GIANT ROBOSCORPION APPEARED. Dear God almighty, why do you keep doing this to me?

The thing was big and slow and didn't know where I was. Thank my woman Stealth Suit for that. I snuck around the place and was able to weaken it by activating some protectrons to fight it (for a short, short while, poor robots) and activating a back-up generator that overcharged the power being used in the facility, weakning the scorpion. Then I finally attacked. I snuck up behind it and hacked and hacked and hacked with my EMP inducer axe, but the bastard was a tough one. He attacked me with his pincers, almost cuting me in half... I'll have to thank Klein and his gang for the metal spine after all, if not for it I'd be two half-Bills, laying around the Forbidden Zone. While grabbed me I hacked into its head with all the strength I had, until eventually he dropped me. I re-gained balance and then went at it home-run style. The thing was thrown back a couple of meters and then blew up on my face. A real explosion, not some pew pew shit. I got crittical.

I tried to heal up the best I could and then went to the Dome, to confront Mobius. The place looked a lot like the Think Tank, but with green lighting, making it more creepy and seemed abandoned. Then I saw Mobius' floating machine with his brain inside and walk to it. Or him.

He was weird, sloppy. Had one screen broken and all the others very, very dirty. He talked to me like he did nothing over the past few days. Like he didn't have my brain, or sent hundreds of RoboScorpions to kill me or even set me up a trap to meet his Giant RoboScorpion. He even complimented my brain. I told him I had killed his robots and that he was next. He acted like he didn't know that the damn thing was on. I took a deep breath and asked why did he steal my brain. He said it was to prevent me for leaving, for I had very important information on the Big MT. And before I knew it, we starting talking. A lot. I asked about the Think Tank and he confessed everything to me. They were once friends and, long story short, Mobius lobotomized them all, even himself, to prevent their knowledge to escape the Big MT, as the world was not prepared for it. That's why all the doctors are such genius-idiots... And all their names, reprogrammed too, to look like loops, since they were all in a loop of thinking: Dala short for mandala, meaning cricle in one of the Old World languages, 8 is an infinite symbol sideways, Zero is a circle, a loop in itself, Borous is short for "oroborus", a snake eating its own tail, Klein was a Pre-War bottle used for science that seemed infinite (not in depth, I can't explain it any better, fuck you) and Mobius was a strip that served as an illusion, that created a bi-dimmensional loop.

Mobius told me he terrorized them because he wanted to keep the illusion of the Big MT being the only thing that existed. If nothing happened, the Think Tank would eventually find that out. And then he blamed me for "happening" and making them realize just that. I asked about the other visitors but he said that I was the one who made them realize because of my tampering with the satellite, back at the Mojave. That and a "wrinkle" in my brain... Benny's bullet. Apparently, Benny saved my life during the brain removing proceedure. Ironic. He also told that if the Think Tank had my brain they could analyze it and then use the proceedure on themselves with random bodies, making them free to walk out of the Big MT, free to expose the world to their knowledge. He told me it was his plan all along for them to figure out that the schematics would allow me to get inside the Forbidden Zone, so that I could have my brain and leave and then they would be at square one again. But they outsmarted him, without knowing it. They had downloaded the schematics, giving them full access to all the intel. And so Mobius failed.

There, I asked for my brain back. I didn't want to kill him anymore. I really don't like it when this happens, but he was only doing it for what he thought was best for the world. Even if it was that way. But then he told me that he'd leave it to my brain. What.

I smell a trap. Or something really really weird. I'll give you this one letter, in case something goes south.

Love you,

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