Feb 26, 2013

Entry 7: Fuck you

Hell mommy. Hello daddy.

Fuck you. You must really miss me, because you seem to be throwing everything at me so that I go meet you in the afterlife! First those god damned deathclaws and then, on our alternative way to the Hidden Valley, Cazadores were on the way. Fuck you.

We had to face the cazadores, of course. Better than 10 raging deathclaws, in my book. We killed them. Veronica is a bit dumb, she goes head-on against those bugs. She almost died on me.

I found a path with some bodies which led me to a camp impested with those freacking bugs. I got two direct hits. After we killed them I passed out on a bed.

I returned to the road I was taking. That road took me to Goodsprings, where I made a quick stop to check on Doctor Mitchel. Y'know, the Doctor who patched me up after I got killed. He said my radiation level was kind of high and cured it for me. Nice guy. I like this town.

Out of the town and into the desert I found a Powder Ganger camp. I took them down easy peasy and slept there 'till dawn.

We finally arrived at the Hidden Valley. Secluded little place, lots of bunker entrances. Veronica pointed me on the right direction and we entered the bunker. She had to say some sort of password over the intercom to enter. We were received by a bunch of hard-ass guys. They said I'd be on short leash since I was a stranger or outsider. A person can't have his privacy huh?

We went to the Elder's room and Veronica talked to him about getting out of the closet. After the Elder refusing to listen to anything Veronica had to say, she just told me to go. I got pissed, but didn't say anything. All the trouble and then we just walked, after being 10 seconds there?! But then she talked to me. Told me that she wanted to get the Elder's attention by bringing him technology. Where to find the technology? She didn't know. But there was a shack nearby who had a computer who was Father Elijah's once and had records for some devices.

Before we left, I myself went to have a word with the Elder. He did not gave me any time to discuss Veronica's problem, since he asked me for help right away. He needed an outsider to do some jobs his people couldn't, since he didn't let them out, mostly. He wanted me to go search for three teams that did get sent out. I accepted, since if I got a good influence I could put a good word for Veronica. I could only think of Benny getting all confortable in his diamond chair and, when he least expected it, me coming out of the blue, after all that time, ripping his head off! Besides Veronica, I wanted to get the power armor training to get that sweet sweet power armor!

On our way out the Elder's level we were approached by some guys who didn't like the idea of having me around. I didn't like them.

One of McNamara's - the Elder - team was pratically on the way to Father Elijah's shack, so we passed by there first. They were in a hole in the ground filled with disgusting creatures, with six arms instead of legs, human face and a giant tongue that divided in three. Damn those were ugly. The team was dead, nothing I didn't expect, since they were surrounded by mutated freaks. I retrieved their holotape and headed to Father Elijah's shack.

The way from the crater to the shack was filled with Giant Radscorpions. I tell you, I pee a little when I see those. But Veronica... Damn, she has more balls than me. After having a first row seat to her punch fest I decided to join in. It wasn't so bad, punching a Giant Radscorpion in the face! Don't think I am forgetting ED-E, he got his share of radscorpions that we couldn't even get close to!

We got to the shack and there were three pieces of technology on Father Elijah's notes: a pulse gun, a rangefinder and farming technology that the NCR was looking into. The pulse gun sounded dull and the vegetation technology wasn't really a weapon and might had not interested the Elder... So I told her that we should go after the rangefinder, which was supposed to be a weapon of mass destruction. Sounded nice to me.

Right after that ED-E started talking to me! Well, not ED-E, someone through ED-E. I didn't really get what they said, only that they thought that ED-E was in Navarro.

We are now resting a bit at the shack and then we're headed to RobCo, where another of McNamara's team is located.

Love you, Bill (fuck you).

Feb 20, 2013

Entry 6: Whole lot of nothin'

Hello mommy... Hello daddy...

Well I quickly learnt that I can't go straight from New Vegas to the Hidden Valley, where the Brotherhood of Steel bunker is... I saw for the first time a deathclaw - many of them, actually - and holy shit. Holy. Shit. I almost got ripped in half and I don't even know how Victoria and ED-E didn't die. And I do mean ripped in half. We hid inside a house nearby, rested there and hoped to God that they weren't outside waiting for us. We spent almost a day inside. We were lucky, they were gone... But that road was blocked, for sure.

They could smell me from great distances, I saw them looking for me through my binoculars. I had to go around them and lost plenty of time.

I discovered Vault 19 while I was going around the deathclaws. At the entrance, before climbing down to the Vault itself, there were some Powder Gangers. Inside I found former Powder Gangers, led by Samuel Cooke. I had read a note on some Powder Gangers going north, I guess these were them. They weren't hostile at me like others. Samuel told me that Philip Lem was trying to convince others to exit the Vault and surrender to the NCR. He had a job, so I took it, since I needed every cap I could get. He wanted to clear some fire geckos on the Living Quarters. I tell you, those Fire Geckos were tough.

When I told Samuel that the geckos were dead he asked one more favor. He wanted me to go to the Great Khans' place at Red Rock Canyon and ask them if Cooke and his boys could join the Khans. Hey, being a Khan is a hell of a lot better than a Powder Ganger, it's a whole new level of less-scum! So I talked to Veronica and she said that it was ok, we had time to go meet the Brotherhood of Steel.

I had to deal with a gang of bandits on the way. Veronica had it rough, but I managed to patch her up and we went on our way to Red Rock.

The Khans were a bunch of hard-headed punks. When I got there it was nightime and Papa Khan, their leader, was sleeping, so I couldn't bother him. I had to spend the night sleeping head on table on his longhouse, hoping I wouldn't get shot during the night for lack of decency or something...

After I woke up I had to wait a little while longer for him to get up and come to the living room, so I could talk to him. After an hour he finally appeared. He was ruthless, but he accepted the offer quickly after I told them they were experts in explosives.

I went back to Cooke and told him that they only had to pass the initial rite to enter the Khans. And so that is done, time to head on to the Hidden Valley once again, with hopes of no more freakin' deathclaws.

Love you, Bill

Feb 17, 2013

Entry 5: I met someone

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Where was I? Right. I talked to Manny Vargas and he said that the man who I was looking for was named Benny and was headed for Boulder City with the Khans. So that was my next destination. It was a long walk on a lone road. Well, not so "lone" at some point where some bandits tried to jump me, but I took care of them. That bumper sword of mine is pretty good at that!

On the roadside I found a lonely man with a beautiful guitar. If I had more time I would take some time to talk to the man, or take his guitar. But I had to run.

I arrived at Boulder City. I had never been there before. It is a mess! I found out from a NCR soldier that was standing in front of a rock that the NCR did pretty much a kamikaze attack against the Legion on that town, destroying most of the buildings in the process.

Further into town I was approached by a NCR soldier that thought I was just visiting. He said they had a situation with some Great Khans holed up in a building and they had taken NCR hostages. I told him I'd talk to the Khans.

I got to say, it was pretty damn funny Jessup's reaction to seeing me alive. I had to fight every cell of my body to resist slicing them. He told me that Benny had betrayed them and took the Platinum Chip to New Vegas. He said that Benny was one of the Chairmen, owner of The Tops Casino. After he told me everything I needed to know I told him to release the hostages and then I'd speak to NCR about letting them go. He gave me Benny's lighter. I played with it a bit while I walked outside, to talk to the NCR. When I talked to the NCR man in charge I told them to kill the Great Khans. I got what I needed from them.

On my way out of Boulder City I found Victor. The damned robot was getting on my nerve.

I got to 188 trading post and decided to take a rest for a while. Eat something, sit for a bit, rest my legs. Just before I sat a girl started talking to me. She was a big mouth, said that I looked I came a long way from some bad roads and then asked me where I came from and I had to tell her I came to the grave. She came up with a funny answer pretty quick and then introduced herself. Her name was Veronica. She really liked talking. Said that she lived in a bunker and provided for her family and then said her family didn't want her in the bunker so often as she used to be there and then out of nowhere se asked me about Brotherhood of Steel. I had heard of them, I said they were harmless unless we used technology around them. Then she quickly asked me where I was headed. I saw where this was going... I told her I was going to see a friend and she said that we should travel together. I knew it. But she didn't look like much, probably would just slow me down. She said I was wrong and that I'd be glad to have her on my side. And if I didn't like her we could just part ways and "no hard feelings".  So I said yes. Stop laughing, I won't fall for her or some crap. Once I accepted she told me she actually was part of the Brotherhood of Steel. Meh, I don't mind.

So we went on to New Vegas as big happy group. Yeepi way!

I had my first run in with the Fiends. I tell you, if Veronica wasn't there I might have been killed. They are mean sons of the bitches.

You know I'm not keen with the NCR but I went in Camp McCarran because it was night and I wanted to sleep and be safe from Fiends. When I entered McCarren's terminal building Veronica said that the NCR was very organized and the the Brotherhood of Steel didn't have any currrent presence on the wasteland. She said that the Brotherhood wasn't evolving and was stuck in the past, something I had to agree to. She also said that they shuned the outside world, were always isolated and never researched further more to what they already had. We talked for a good bit and about a lot. Benny, NCR, Legion and Mr. House, whom I had never heard of, but she said he ran New Vegas and that no one had ever seen him. She didn't seem to like him much. She mentioned Father Elijah, the former Brother of Steel elder, that was like a grandfather to her. She said that he changed over time, wanting to discover new things and became obsessed with it. To the point of him becoming alone with his vision, because he didn't care about anyone else. She said noone knew where he was now. Veronica received a letter from him some time ago, after he disappeared, that said that he would return with the biggest treasure of the Old World. She was kind of sad. I was begining to like this Veronica. Not in that way. Screw you.

I slept there and when I woke up I hear that some Major was recruiting for  bounty work. I could use the caps, so I went talk to him. He wanted the head of three fiends, litteraly. Violet, a woman who raised dogs, Driver Nephi, a guy that used a golf club to kill NCR people and Cook-Cook, a rapist pyromaniac.

We killed all of them and used the Chopper to cut their heads off. I told you I'd use that to clear the Wastes of stupid bandits! We all made a pretty good team, me Veronica and ED-E. Asides from taking out the ones that would get me the bounty I decided to go into their hideout, in South New Vegas Ruins.

As we cleared the Fiends, Veronica realised that they had given the NCR more trouble than the Brotherhood ever did and they were just a bunch of junk-heads. She told me she needed to go home and do some changes, before it was too late. I said I'd take her there when we finished off the Fiends. Benny wasn't going anywhere. So we went into Vault 3, the Fiends' hideout.

We slaughtered EVERYTHING inside. Even an injured NCR ranger that was there in hiding. This is the begining of my revenge acts against the NCR. Once I am more... Powerful, I'll do whatever I can to kill everyone of them that comes by my eye-sight. Those Fiends were disgusting. I found lots of them overdosed by all the chems they could get their hands on. How can someone throw their life away like that? I killed Motor-Runner, the Fiends' leader, with Driver Nephi's golf club. Poetic huh?

I then went to Camp McCarran one more time to get my money.

I'm sleeping here tonight and then I'll head off to Veronica's bunker.

Love you guys,

Feb 16, 2013

Entry 4: Bright Followers

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I asked around Novac for the man in the checkered suit. I was pointed to Manny Vargas, the town's sniper guard. He told me he had the information I wanted, but he wanted something in return. I saw where it was going... I asked him what was it and he said that some ghouls at the REPCONN facility were cutting off the town's junk supply and wanted me to get rid of them. Stop judging me, you don't even know how I got rid of them yet!

REPCONN's entrance, on the outside, was packed with feral ghouls, but me and ED-E got rid of them easily. At the lobby there was a body that I had never seen before: it was like a Super Mutant but greyish blue... Right when I was analysing the body some voice at the intercom started talking to me. It sounded like a ghoul. Told me to go meet him somewhere in the facility and so I did.

When I got to him, after killing almost a million ferals, I saw that the guy that was talking to me was human and not a ghoul. He thought he was a ghoul though... What the hell, he was damn weird. He was part of a group called Bright Followers, a group of ghouls le by one named Jason Bright. And he was bright. Literaly. His name was Bright and he was bright. He kept on and on about "Great Jorney" and "Far Beyond". I didn't really get what he was saying, though. The point is, these "demons" were in the way of  his "Great Journey" and he wanted me to deal with it. Great!

So I went in the basement, where the "demons" were. I could bet myself at the time that the body I found at the lobby was one of those "demons". And I was right. The basement was filled with them. And guess what, THEY WERE GOD DAMN INVISIBLE!!! I'll never forget the feel of having an invisible beast charging towards me with a concrete club... Me and ED-E erased most of them until we got to a part of the basement that lookes like a jail and inside was a dead ghoulette. Poor her. Then I killed the "demons'" leader and took his big-ass sword that I named Bumper Sword because it had a plate attached to it.

Before I left I found a room with lots of dead monters' bodies at the entrance. I went in carefully and found a ghoul in a tactical position. He told me he got trapped down there and that was the best spot to kill all the "demons". I told him to come with me and he said that he wouldn't come before I told him how his friend was. His female friend. The one I had found. He didn't take it well, but came with me nonetheless to join the rest of the group.

So I talked to Jason and he asked me to join them at the basement at the test site. Once next to the launch pad Jason told me that the rockets were still missing some components. And, of course, I would get them. So I talked to Chris, the human in the group, and he told i should get the rocket fuel and thrust modules.

I found a dead guy near Novac dressed in a radiation suit. I searched him and he had on him somekind of liquid and a note the note said that the liquid was the fuel I was looking for and the dumb bastard died for radiation. Then I went to a junkyard between Novac and Helios One and the lady had the thrust modules that I needed. They cost me two hundred adn fifty caps, damn. Then I went back to the test site. On the way  I found one of those "demons" that was terrorysing Novac's Cattel. I talked to Chris and he said that the rockets were set to go. The ghouls were all gathered in the launch pad with funny space suits. I had to go launch the rockets my self. I was getting tired of walking around just to get rid of the ghouls. hopefully, once i launched those rockets, it would be the end of it.

I just went down the plattaform and pressed the launch button. It was kind of nice watching those rockets take flight. I was tired like hell, just wanted to go to my motel room and sleep for the whole day.

Feb 11, 2013

Entry 3: The Legion

Hey mommy. Hey daddy.

Got some company besides ED-E. That Mr. New Vegas on the radio is kind of cheesy, but I like to hear him and his songs.

HAHA! I found the coolest glasses ever! How do you feel, having the coolest person on the Mojave as your son? Some bandits that I found on my way to Nipton had them and they sure as hell weren't going to need them anymore! On the way to Nipton, uphill, I saw a statue of a Ranger and an NCR trooper shaking hands... Must be the Mojave Outpost. I'd better steer clear, I don't know to which point I wouldn't snap and do something stupid. I slept that night in a makeshift camp made by some bandits in the Nipton Roadstop. I had to... Dispose... Of them, of course, as they mistook me for the average trveller who they could raid. When I woke up, the bastards' friends were there waiting for me to wake up... I got pretty scared, but I made sure it was their last mistake. I scavanged from their remains a metal armor. Pretty heavy and ugly, but might come in handy in gunfights. I'll carry it for a while, but might have to wear it, to prevent me becoming overcumbered with clothes.

Nipton was a mess. Smoke coming from everywhere, no one in sight. No one except some guy who came running to me screaming and saying he had won the lottery. He looked like a Powder Ganger. He wouldn't shut up about winning a lottery. And, what would you know, from his body I raided a Lottery Ticket (yes I killed him, I told you I don't like Powder Gangers). What the hell went on in that town?! I entered the general store, figured someone might be there. I was right, but not a someone that I expected. Inside was a crippled Powder Ganger. Before killing him, he told me that The Legion had gone to town, grabbed everyone and put them in town's center, gave 'em lottery tickets and only first, second and third places got to live. Third places were enslaved, the second place, which was this guy I was talking with, got his legs smashed with hammers and first place got to leave. The rest were decapitated, crucified and burnt alive.

I had to check more into it. Didn't take long. On to road that led to the Mayor's Hall there were a bunch of crucified Powder Gangers. In front of town hall there were some weirdly dressed guys. One of them came talking to me. Told me to memorize every detail... He was a cold son of a bitch, no doubt. He said that they did what they did because the people of Nipton were weak, cowards, corrupt... "A town of whores" he said. Well, they certainly met my goal of cleansing the Wastes of all the bullshit, but they went to full extreme... I was paralyzed as they left, it was terrifying what they had done! I even tried to release the Powder Gangers on the cross, that's how shocked I was! But they would bleed out if I did so, so I just put them out of their misery.

I'll just admit it: I threw up. Crucified people, heads on spikes, the smell of burnt tires and people... Just... Too... Extreme...

I had to go on, to Novac. Leave the smoke, the dead bodies and the vultures flying behind me and just move on. On my way I was ambushed by a gang named Viper. Did a number on me... But I managed to get by them. After that I got to an empty house - Wolfhorn Ranch, I think - and found a cleaver. But this cleaver was bigger than others and got my attention... I now call it The Chopper and I will use it to cut off bandits. Litteraly.

I ran into some merchants, done my trades. Walked a bit more in Novac's direction and found some Legionaries, like they were prepared to ambush someone. I walked slowly. I tell you, I was scared. Seemed they wanted nothing with me. But hen I hear gunshots, turn back and see them slaughtering the merchants! They must've been heading to the NCR and the Legion knew it. Near a NCR Ranger outpost there were more Legionaries hidden. Well, let them kill each other I say.

I saw an huge dinosaur on the horizon, which I knew to be Novac, from my previous travels as a Courier. Nice.

I arrived now. Damned robot Victor is here, I don't like the way he follows me...

Love you, Bill.

Feb 8, 2013

Entry 2: Following the trail

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Made a visit to the NCR Correctional Facility. We can say it wasn't pretty. For them. Spent the night there, slaughtering all the Powder Gangers I came across. I already had told you, I hate this gangs, they thing they own everything. Sliced 'em, blew 'em up, squashed 'em. They won't forget that easily!

Saw the first NCR trooper for a while since my travels. He came and warned me that Primm was off limits. I told him I could take care of myself and spat on the ground as soon as he turned his back. I can never forgive them for giving our family so much taxes that we weren't able to pay and got thrown out. I ultimately blame them and their system for your death. You shouldn't have to be homeless. You have to starve, only so that your child had some more food. Your child shouldn't have to learn to live all alone in the Wastes. Bastards.

Arrived at Primm and from what I understood it was overrun by convicts. I was jumped by two of them, but killed them off easily. All of the town's population was holed up in the town casino. I talked to Johnson Nash, owner of the company that I worked for as a Courier. He told me the town deputy should know where the guy that tried to kill me was headed. Also, he told me that Victor, the robot that dug me out of my grave, was the one who ordered the Platinum Chip delivery. And, on top of that, Nash told me that Courier 5 turned down the job once he saw my name on the list. He said that from the look in the Courier's face, he must have known me before... Heck this is getting complicated.

So first things first, I gotta get what I want to know from the deputy. But even before that, a robot in Nash's house got my attention... It was messed up, but not beyond repair. After some intensive reading of some magazines I gathered, I managed to fix it. ED-E is it's name, according to a license plate attached to it. It's gonna come in handy... Of to the Bison Hotel I go, to do my heroic save of the day... Yes I am being sarcastic, I'd be much better off just knowing where the hell should I go! But oh well...

I rescued the guy and then demanded him to help me clear the rest of the convicts in the building, before I knew the information he had. That was probably dumb. I say that because he died during the first fight he engaged, leaving me and ED-E surrounded. I managed to get his personal journal from his pocket though. We cleaned the convicts out and got away from there as fast as we could, returning to Nash. When I told him Beagle had died he asked me to find a new sheriff for town... *sigh* I just reprogrammed the bucket of bolts that was already in the casino and ta-daaa, new sheriff!

Beagle's journal said that they were heading to Novac via Nipton. Well that sorts out Primm then! Off to Nipton I am.

Love, Bill

Feb 6, 2013

Out of character

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Feb 5, 2013

Feb 4, 2013

Entry 1: Back from the dead.

Hey mommy. Hey daddy.

I almost got to be reunited with you tonight. Remember that job I told you I had, as a Courier? Well, I had this big Platinum Poker Chip to deliver and it seems like someone asides from whoever ordered it from the Strip wanted it. They had me all tied up, dug my grave right in front of me, had me on my knees and gun on my head. "The game was rigged from the start.". Those were suposed to be the last words I would hear. He shot me in the head right after that.

I must be a medical miracle, because when some robot from Goodsprings dug me back up, I was still breathing, barely! The town Doctor patched me up, nice guy. He got my equipment too, that was nice of him. I wouldn't like to get separated from my Machete just now. Neither my sturdy shotgun, weathered 10mm and the grenade rifle. Most people I knew would have taken them all. Hell, most people I knew would leave me to die.

The Doctor, Mitchell was his name, had me tested by what he called a Vigor machine. Came with some fine results, from 0 to 10, 8 in strength, 4 in perception, 7 in endurance (I did just survive a shot in the head), 5 in charisma, 6 in intelligence, 6 in agility and 4 in luck. How does that measure luck anyway? Don't care, moving on. He had me evaluated, to see if the bullet had made some damage, and found out it was all good and that I had a thing for Melee weapons, Unarmed combat and Science. Kind of weird, if you ask me.
The Doctor had me go see a local town girl, Sunny Smiles. Said she could put me back in shape. So I met her - nice girl - and we went hunting for geckos around the water sources. I even saved a Goodsrpings settler that was being attacked by three geckos at once. Yes, yes, I know, your son who likes to lay low and out of trouble saved a person, shut your yaps. It doesn't end there.

Going back in town, I went to the saloon to talk to Trudy, "the town mother" according to Sunny, cause she might have seen something about the men who got me. When I got there she was arguing with a Joe Cobb guy, member of the Powder Gangers, a runaway gang. They were looking for a guy named Ringo, hidden in town. Well I don't like those gang guys, you know that, so guess what your stupid, stuuupid son ended up doing... Yes, I offered to help Ringo. Caps are envolved, so there's an excuse. Don't get all excited because your son has turned all good on you.

By nightfall I was thinking of a place to crash. While I thought, I decided to go to Goodsprings Cemetery, where I had been shot. Next to my grave I found some cigarette butts, ones I had never seen before. Maybe it was from the leader, he was such a fancy pants I wouldn't be surprised at all. So I kept one, as evidence. Looking up from the ground I saw it. Beautiful, beatiful Vegas. What a lightshow. You know I was never one for crowds, but how that city survived the Great War, I really want to know. God damn, I was suposed to be sleeping there, maybe drink (only a little, ma) (just kidding dad, 'till I passed out) and stay in a good room, with some good company (common, I'm not a kid anymore!). I could only sight...

I ended up crashing at Easy Pete's, a nice guy, old cowboy from Goodsrpings. It was real nice of him to let a complete stranger sleep in his house.

That morning I made my first kill since... Well, I don't even remember. One of the guys from Cobb's gang appeared and I beheaded him, just to make things easier for me and Ringo.

Speaking of which, I managed to convince most of the town's people to help in the fight against the Powder Gangers, except Easy Pete, who noticed my lack of explosives skill... Shame. Right in the second I told Ringo I was ready, Sunny bursts through the door and says Powder Gangers arrived. The battle was over soon enough, just slicin' and dicin' eh... I don't expect the Powder Gangers ever to forget what happened. About Goodsprings, they treat me like their idol now, it feels kind of nice.

But now, to focus on what's important: finding the bastards who killed me. I'm headed of to Primm when I finish writing to you, to ask around for the guys. Wish me luck.

Love you,