Feb 17, 2013

Entry 5: I met someone

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Where was I? Right. I talked to Manny Vargas and he said that the man who I was looking for was named Benny and was headed for Boulder City with the Khans. So that was my next destination. It was a long walk on a lone road. Well, not so "lone" at some point where some bandits tried to jump me, but I took care of them. That bumper sword of mine is pretty good at that!

On the roadside I found a lonely man with a beautiful guitar. If I had more time I would take some time to talk to the man, or take his guitar. But I had to run.

I arrived at Boulder City. I had never been there before. It is a mess! I found out from a NCR soldier that was standing in front of a rock that the NCR did pretty much a kamikaze attack against the Legion on that town, destroying most of the buildings in the process.

Further into town I was approached by a NCR soldier that thought I was just visiting. He said they had a situation with some Great Khans holed up in a building and they had taken NCR hostages. I told him I'd talk to the Khans.

I got to say, it was pretty damn funny Jessup's reaction to seeing me alive. I had to fight every cell of my body to resist slicing them. He told me that Benny had betrayed them and took the Platinum Chip to New Vegas. He said that Benny was one of the Chairmen, owner of The Tops Casino. After he told me everything I needed to know I told him to release the hostages and then I'd speak to NCR about letting them go. He gave me Benny's lighter. I played with it a bit while I walked outside, to talk to the NCR. When I talked to the NCR man in charge I told them to kill the Great Khans. I got what I needed from them.

On my way out of Boulder City I found Victor. The damned robot was getting on my nerve.

I got to 188 trading post and decided to take a rest for a while. Eat something, sit for a bit, rest my legs. Just before I sat a girl started talking to me. She was a big mouth, said that I looked I came a long way from some bad roads and then asked me where I came from and I had to tell her I came to the grave. She came up with a funny answer pretty quick and then introduced herself. Her name was Veronica. She really liked talking. Said that she lived in a bunker and provided for her family and then said her family didn't want her in the bunker so often as she used to be there and then out of nowhere se asked me about Brotherhood of Steel. I had heard of them, I said they were harmless unless we used technology around them. Then she quickly asked me where I was headed. I saw where this was going... I told her I was going to see a friend and she said that we should travel together. I knew it. But she didn't look like much, probably would just slow me down. She said I was wrong and that I'd be glad to have her on my side. And if I didn't like her we could just part ways and "no hard feelings".  So I said yes. Stop laughing, I won't fall for her or some crap. Once I accepted she told me she actually was part of the Brotherhood of Steel. Meh, I don't mind.

So we went on to New Vegas as big happy group. Yeepi way!

I had my first run in with the Fiends. I tell you, if Veronica wasn't there I might have been killed. They are mean sons of the bitches.

You know I'm not keen with the NCR but I went in Camp McCarran because it was night and I wanted to sleep and be safe from Fiends. When I entered McCarren's terminal building Veronica said that the NCR was very organized and the the Brotherhood of Steel didn't have any currrent presence on the wasteland. She said that the Brotherhood wasn't evolving and was stuck in the past, something I had to agree to. She also said that they shuned the outside world, were always isolated and never researched further more to what they already had. We talked for a good bit and about a lot. Benny, NCR, Legion and Mr. House, whom I had never heard of, but she said he ran New Vegas and that no one had ever seen him. She didn't seem to like him much. She mentioned Father Elijah, the former Brother of Steel elder, that was like a grandfather to her. She said that he changed over time, wanting to discover new things and became obsessed with it. To the point of him becoming alone with his vision, because he didn't care about anyone else. She said noone knew where he was now. Veronica received a letter from him some time ago, after he disappeared, that said that he would return with the biggest treasure of the Old World. She was kind of sad. I was begining to like this Veronica. Not in that way. Screw you.

I slept there and when I woke up I hear that some Major was recruiting for  bounty work. I could use the caps, so I went talk to him. He wanted the head of three fiends, litteraly. Violet, a woman who raised dogs, Driver Nephi, a guy that used a golf club to kill NCR people and Cook-Cook, a rapist pyromaniac.

We killed all of them and used the Chopper to cut their heads off. I told you I'd use that to clear the Wastes of stupid bandits! We all made a pretty good team, me Veronica and ED-E. Asides from taking out the ones that would get me the bounty I decided to go into their hideout, in South New Vegas Ruins.

As we cleared the Fiends, Veronica realised that they had given the NCR more trouble than the Brotherhood ever did and they were just a bunch of junk-heads. She told me she needed to go home and do some changes, before it was too late. I said I'd take her there when we finished off the Fiends. Benny wasn't going anywhere. So we went into Vault 3, the Fiends' hideout.

We slaughtered EVERYTHING inside. Even an injured NCR ranger that was there in hiding. This is the begining of my revenge acts against the NCR. Once I am more... Powerful, I'll do whatever I can to kill everyone of them that comes by my eye-sight. Those Fiends were disgusting. I found lots of them overdosed by all the chems they could get their hands on. How can someone throw their life away like that? I killed Motor-Runner, the Fiends' leader, with Driver Nephi's golf club. Poetic huh?

I then went to Camp McCarran one more time to get my money.

I'm sleeping here tonight and then I'll head off to Veronica's bunker.

Love you guys,

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