Feb 11, 2013

Entry 3: The Legion

Hey mommy. Hey daddy.

Got some company besides ED-E. That Mr. New Vegas on the radio is kind of cheesy, but I like to hear him and his songs.

HAHA! I found the coolest glasses ever! How do you feel, having the coolest person on the Mojave as your son? Some bandits that I found on my way to Nipton had them and they sure as hell weren't going to need them anymore! On the way to Nipton, uphill, I saw a statue of a Ranger and an NCR trooper shaking hands... Must be the Mojave Outpost. I'd better steer clear, I don't know to which point I wouldn't snap and do something stupid. I slept that night in a makeshift camp made by some bandits in the Nipton Roadstop. I had to... Dispose... Of them, of course, as they mistook me for the average trveller who they could raid. When I woke up, the bastards' friends were there waiting for me to wake up... I got pretty scared, but I made sure it was their last mistake. I scavanged from their remains a metal armor. Pretty heavy and ugly, but might come in handy in gunfights. I'll carry it for a while, but might have to wear it, to prevent me becoming overcumbered with clothes.

Nipton was a mess. Smoke coming from everywhere, no one in sight. No one except some guy who came running to me screaming and saying he had won the lottery. He looked like a Powder Ganger. He wouldn't shut up about winning a lottery. And, what would you know, from his body I raided a Lottery Ticket (yes I killed him, I told you I don't like Powder Gangers). What the hell went on in that town?! I entered the general store, figured someone might be there. I was right, but not a someone that I expected. Inside was a crippled Powder Ganger. Before killing him, he told me that The Legion had gone to town, grabbed everyone and put them in town's center, gave 'em lottery tickets and only first, second and third places got to live. Third places were enslaved, the second place, which was this guy I was talking with, got his legs smashed with hammers and first place got to leave. The rest were decapitated, crucified and burnt alive.

I had to check more into it. Didn't take long. On to road that led to the Mayor's Hall there were a bunch of crucified Powder Gangers. In front of town hall there were some weirdly dressed guys. One of them came talking to me. Told me to memorize every detail... He was a cold son of a bitch, no doubt. He said that they did what they did because the people of Nipton were weak, cowards, corrupt... "A town of whores" he said. Well, they certainly met my goal of cleansing the Wastes of all the bullshit, but they went to full extreme... I was paralyzed as they left, it was terrifying what they had done! I even tried to release the Powder Gangers on the cross, that's how shocked I was! But they would bleed out if I did so, so I just put them out of their misery.

I'll just admit it: I threw up. Crucified people, heads on spikes, the smell of burnt tires and people... Just... Too... Extreme...

I had to go on, to Novac. Leave the smoke, the dead bodies and the vultures flying behind me and just move on. On my way I was ambushed by a gang named Viper. Did a number on me... But I managed to get by them. After that I got to an empty house - Wolfhorn Ranch, I think - and found a cleaver. But this cleaver was bigger than others and got my attention... I now call it The Chopper and I will use it to cut off bandits. Litteraly.

I ran into some merchants, done my trades. Walked a bit more in Novac's direction and found some Legionaries, like they were prepared to ambush someone. I walked slowly. I tell you, I was scared. Seemed they wanted nothing with me. But hen I hear gunshots, turn back and see them slaughtering the merchants! They must've been heading to the NCR and the Legion knew it. Near a NCR Ranger outpost there were more Legionaries hidden. Well, let them kill each other I say.

I saw an huge dinosaur on the horizon, which I knew to be Novac, from my previous travels as a Courier. Nice.

I arrived now. Damned robot Victor is here, I don't like the way he follows me...

Love you, Bill.

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