Feb 16, 2013

Entry 4: Bright Followers

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I asked around Novac for the man in the checkered suit. I was pointed to Manny Vargas, the town's sniper guard. He told me he had the information I wanted, but he wanted something in return. I saw where it was going... I asked him what was it and he said that some ghouls at the REPCONN facility were cutting off the town's junk supply and wanted me to get rid of them. Stop judging me, you don't even know how I got rid of them yet!

REPCONN's entrance, on the outside, was packed with feral ghouls, but me and ED-E got rid of them easily. At the lobby there was a body that I had never seen before: it was like a Super Mutant but greyish blue... Right when I was analysing the body some voice at the intercom started talking to me. It sounded like a ghoul. Told me to go meet him somewhere in the facility and so I did.

When I got to him, after killing almost a million ferals, I saw that the guy that was talking to me was human and not a ghoul. He thought he was a ghoul though... What the hell, he was damn weird. He was part of a group called Bright Followers, a group of ghouls le by one named Jason Bright. And he was bright. Literaly. His name was Bright and he was bright. He kept on and on about "Great Jorney" and "Far Beyond". I didn't really get what he was saying, though. The point is, these "demons" were in the way of  his "Great Journey" and he wanted me to deal with it. Great!

So I went in the basement, where the "demons" were. I could bet myself at the time that the body I found at the lobby was one of those "demons". And I was right. The basement was filled with them. And guess what, THEY WERE GOD DAMN INVISIBLE!!! I'll never forget the feel of having an invisible beast charging towards me with a concrete club... Me and ED-E erased most of them until we got to a part of the basement that lookes like a jail and inside was a dead ghoulette. Poor her. Then I killed the "demons'" leader and took his big-ass sword that I named Bumper Sword because it had a plate attached to it.

Before I left I found a room with lots of dead monters' bodies at the entrance. I went in carefully and found a ghoul in a tactical position. He told me he got trapped down there and that was the best spot to kill all the "demons". I told him to come with me and he said that he wouldn't come before I told him how his friend was. His female friend. The one I had found. He didn't take it well, but came with me nonetheless to join the rest of the group.

So I talked to Jason and he asked me to join them at the basement at the test site. Once next to the launch pad Jason told me that the rockets were still missing some components. And, of course, I would get them. So I talked to Chris, the human in the group, and he told i should get the rocket fuel and thrust modules.

I found a dead guy near Novac dressed in a radiation suit. I searched him and he had on him somekind of liquid and a note the note said that the liquid was the fuel I was looking for and the dumb bastard died for radiation. Then I went to a junkyard between Novac and Helios One and the lady had the thrust modules that I needed. They cost me two hundred adn fifty caps, damn. Then I went back to the test site. On the way  I found one of those "demons" that was terrorysing Novac's Cattel. I talked to Chris and he said that the rockets were set to go. The ghouls were all gathered in the launch pad with funny space suits. I had to go launch the rockets my self. I was getting tired of walking around just to get rid of the ghouls. hopefully, once i launched those rockets, it would be the end of it.

I just went down the plattaform and pressed the launch button. It was kind of nice watching those rockets take flight. I was tired like hell, just wanted to go to my motel room and sleep for the whole day.

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