Feb 4, 2013

Entry 1: Back from the dead.

Hey mommy. Hey daddy.

I almost got to be reunited with you tonight. Remember that job I told you I had, as a Courier? Well, I had this big Platinum Poker Chip to deliver and it seems like someone asides from whoever ordered it from the Strip wanted it. They had me all tied up, dug my grave right in front of me, had me on my knees and gun on my head. "The game was rigged from the start.". Those were suposed to be the last words I would hear. He shot me in the head right after that.

I must be a medical miracle, because when some robot from Goodsprings dug me back up, I was still breathing, barely! The town Doctor patched me up, nice guy. He got my equipment too, that was nice of him. I wouldn't like to get separated from my Machete just now. Neither my sturdy shotgun, weathered 10mm and the grenade rifle. Most people I knew would have taken them all. Hell, most people I knew would leave me to die.

The Doctor, Mitchell was his name, had me tested by what he called a Vigor machine. Came with some fine results, from 0 to 10, 8 in strength, 4 in perception, 7 in endurance (I did just survive a shot in the head), 5 in charisma, 6 in intelligence, 6 in agility and 4 in luck. How does that measure luck anyway? Don't care, moving on. He had me evaluated, to see if the bullet had made some damage, and found out it was all good and that I had a thing for Melee weapons, Unarmed combat and Science. Kind of weird, if you ask me.
The Doctor had me go see a local town girl, Sunny Smiles. Said she could put me back in shape. So I met her - nice girl - and we went hunting for geckos around the water sources. I even saved a Goodsrpings settler that was being attacked by three geckos at once. Yes, yes, I know, your son who likes to lay low and out of trouble saved a person, shut your yaps. It doesn't end there.

Going back in town, I went to the saloon to talk to Trudy, "the town mother" according to Sunny, cause she might have seen something about the men who got me. When I got there she was arguing with a Joe Cobb guy, member of the Powder Gangers, a runaway gang. They were looking for a guy named Ringo, hidden in town. Well I don't like those gang guys, you know that, so guess what your stupid, stuuupid son ended up doing... Yes, I offered to help Ringo. Caps are envolved, so there's an excuse. Don't get all excited because your son has turned all good on you.

By nightfall I was thinking of a place to crash. While I thought, I decided to go to Goodsprings Cemetery, where I had been shot. Next to my grave I found some cigarette butts, ones I had never seen before. Maybe it was from the leader, he was such a fancy pants I wouldn't be surprised at all. So I kept one, as evidence. Looking up from the ground I saw it. Beautiful, beatiful Vegas. What a lightshow. You know I was never one for crowds, but how that city survived the Great War, I really want to know. God damn, I was suposed to be sleeping there, maybe drink (only a little, ma) (just kidding dad, 'till I passed out) and stay in a good room, with some good company (common, I'm not a kid anymore!). I could only sight...

I ended up crashing at Easy Pete's, a nice guy, old cowboy from Goodsrpings. It was real nice of him to let a complete stranger sleep in his house.

That morning I made my first kill since... Well, I don't even remember. One of the guys from Cobb's gang appeared and I beheaded him, just to make things easier for me and Ringo.

Speaking of which, I managed to convince most of the town's people to help in the fight against the Powder Gangers, except Easy Pete, who noticed my lack of explosives skill... Shame. Right in the second I told Ringo I was ready, Sunny bursts through the door and says Powder Gangers arrived. The battle was over soon enough, just slicin' and dicin' eh... I don't expect the Powder Gangers ever to forget what happened. About Goodsprings, they treat me like their idol now, it feels kind of nice.

But now, to focus on what's important: finding the bastards who killed me. I'm headed of to Primm when I finish writing to you, to ask around for the guys. Wish me luck.

Love you,

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