Feb 8, 2013

Entry 2: Following the trail

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Made a visit to the NCR Correctional Facility. We can say it wasn't pretty. For them. Spent the night there, slaughtering all the Powder Gangers I came across. I already had told you, I hate this gangs, they thing they own everything. Sliced 'em, blew 'em up, squashed 'em. They won't forget that easily!

Saw the first NCR trooper for a while since my travels. He came and warned me that Primm was off limits. I told him I could take care of myself and spat on the ground as soon as he turned his back. I can never forgive them for giving our family so much taxes that we weren't able to pay and got thrown out. I ultimately blame them and their system for your death. You shouldn't have to be homeless. You have to starve, only so that your child had some more food. Your child shouldn't have to learn to live all alone in the Wastes. Bastards.

Arrived at Primm and from what I understood it was overrun by convicts. I was jumped by two of them, but killed them off easily. All of the town's population was holed up in the town casino. I talked to Johnson Nash, owner of the company that I worked for as a Courier. He told me the town deputy should know where the guy that tried to kill me was headed. Also, he told me that Victor, the robot that dug me out of my grave, was the one who ordered the Platinum Chip delivery. And, on top of that, Nash told me that Courier 5 turned down the job once he saw my name on the list. He said that from the look in the Courier's face, he must have known me before... Heck this is getting complicated.

So first things first, I gotta get what I want to know from the deputy. But even before that, a robot in Nash's house got my attention... It was messed up, but not beyond repair. After some intensive reading of some magazines I gathered, I managed to fix it. ED-E is it's name, according to a license plate attached to it. It's gonna come in handy... Of to the Bison Hotel I go, to do my heroic save of the day... Yes I am being sarcastic, I'd be much better off just knowing where the hell should I go! But oh well...

I rescued the guy and then demanded him to help me clear the rest of the convicts in the building, before I knew the information he had. That was probably dumb. I say that because he died during the first fight he engaged, leaving me and ED-E surrounded. I managed to get his personal journal from his pocket though. We cleaned the convicts out and got away from there as fast as we could, returning to Nash. When I told him Beagle had died he asked me to find a new sheriff for town... *sigh* I just reprogrammed the bucket of bolts that was already in the casino and ta-daaa, new sheriff!

Beagle's journal said that they were heading to Novac via Nipton. Well that sorts out Primm then! Off to Nipton I am.

Love, Bill

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