Feb 20, 2013

Entry 6: Whole lot of nothin'

Hello mommy... Hello daddy...

Well I quickly learnt that I can't go straight from New Vegas to the Hidden Valley, where the Brotherhood of Steel bunker is... I saw for the first time a deathclaw - many of them, actually - and holy shit. Holy. Shit. I almost got ripped in half and I don't even know how Victoria and ED-E didn't die. And I do mean ripped in half. We hid inside a house nearby, rested there and hoped to God that they weren't outside waiting for us. We spent almost a day inside. We were lucky, they were gone... But that road was blocked, for sure.

They could smell me from great distances, I saw them looking for me through my binoculars. I had to go around them and lost plenty of time.

I discovered Vault 19 while I was going around the deathclaws. At the entrance, before climbing down to the Vault itself, there were some Powder Gangers. Inside I found former Powder Gangers, led by Samuel Cooke. I had read a note on some Powder Gangers going north, I guess these were them. They weren't hostile at me like others. Samuel told me that Philip Lem was trying to convince others to exit the Vault and surrender to the NCR. He had a job, so I took it, since I needed every cap I could get. He wanted to clear some fire geckos on the Living Quarters. I tell you, those Fire Geckos were tough.

When I told Samuel that the geckos were dead he asked one more favor. He wanted me to go to the Great Khans' place at Red Rock Canyon and ask them if Cooke and his boys could join the Khans. Hey, being a Khan is a hell of a lot better than a Powder Ganger, it's a whole new level of less-scum! So I talked to Veronica and she said that it was ok, we had time to go meet the Brotherhood of Steel.

I had to deal with a gang of bandits on the way. Veronica had it rough, but I managed to patch her up and we went on our way to Red Rock.

The Khans were a bunch of hard-headed punks. When I got there it was nightime and Papa Khan, their leader, was sleeping, so I couldn't bother him. I had to spend the night sleeping head on table on his longhouse, hoping I wouldn't get shot during the night for lack of decency or something...

After I woke up I had to wait a little while longer for him to get up and come to the living room, so I could talk to him. After an hour he finally appeared. He was ruthless, but he accepted the offer quickly after I told them they were experts in explosives.

I went back to Cooke and told him that they only had to pass the initial rite to enter the Khans. And so that is done, time to head on to the Hidden Valley once again, with hopes of no more freakin' deathclaws.

Love you, Bill

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