Feb 26, 2013

Entry 7: Fuck you

Hell mommy. Hello daddy.

Fuck you. You must really miss me, because you seem to be throwing everything at me so that I go meet you in the afterlife! First those god damned deathclaws and then, on our alternative way to the Hidden Valley, Cazadores were on the way. Fuck you.

We had to face the cazadores, of course. Better than 10 raging deathclaws, in my book. We killed them. Veronica is a bit dumb, she goes head-on against those bugs. She almost died on me.

I found a path with some bodies which led me to a camp impested with those freacking bugs. I got two direct hits. After we killed them I passed out on a bed.

I returned to the road I was taking. That road took me to Goodsprings, where I made a quick stop to check on Doctor Mitchel. Y'know, the Doctor who patched me up after I got killed. He said my radiation level was kind of high and cured it for me. Nice guy. I like this town.

Out of the town and into the desert I found a Powder Ganger camp. I took them down easy peasy and slept there 'till dawn.

We finally arrived at the Hidden Valley. Secluded little place, lots of bunker entrances. Veronica pointed me on the right direction and we entered the bunker. She had to say some sort of password over the intercom to enter. We were received by a bunch of hard-ass guys. They said I'd be on short leash since I was a stranger or outsider. A person can't have his privacy huh?

We went to the Elder's room and Veronica talked to him about getting out of the closet. After the Elder refusing to listen to anything Veronica had to say, she just told me to go. I got pissed, but didn't say anything. All the trouble and then we just walked, after being 10 seconds there?! But then she talked to me. Told me that she wanted to get the Elder's attention by bringing him technology. Where to find the technology? She didn't know. But there was a shack nearby who had a computer who was Father Elijah's once and had records for some devices.

Before we left, I myself went to have a word with the Elder. He did not gave me any time to discuss Veronica's problem, since he asked me for help right away. He needed an outsider to do some jobs his people couldn't, since he didn't let them out, mostly. He wanted me to go search for three teams that did get sent out. I accepted, since if I got a good influence I could put a good word for Veronica. I could only think of Benny getting all confortable in his diamond chair and, when he least expected it, me coming out of the blue, after all that time, ripping his head off! Besides Veronica, I wanted to get the power armor training to get that sweet sweet power armor!

On our way out the Elder's level we were approached by some guys who didn't like the idea of having me around. I didn't like them.

One of McNamara's - the Elder - team was pratically on the way to Father Elijah's shack, so we passed by there first. They were in a hole in the ground filled with disgusting creatures, with six arms instead of legs, human face and a giant tongue that divided in three. Damn those were ugly. The team was dead, nothing I didn't expect, since they were surrounded by mutated freaks. I retrieved their holotape and headed to Father Elijah's shack.

The way from the crater to the shack was filled with Giant Radscorpions. I tell you, I pee a little when I see those. But Veronica... Damn, she has more balls than me. After having a first row seat to her punch fest I decided to join in. It wasn't so bad, punching a Giant Radscorpion in the face! Don't think I am forgetting ED-E, he got his share of radscorpions that we couldn't even get close to!

We got to the shack and there were three pieces of technology on Father Elijah's notes: a pulse gun, a rangefinder and farming technology that the NCR was looking into. The pulse gun sounded dull and the vegetation technology wasn't really a weapon and might had not interested the Elder... So I told her that we should go after the rangefinder, which was supposed to be a weapon of mass destruction. Sounded nice to me.

Right after that ED-E started talking to me! Well, not ED-E, someone through ED-E. I didn't really get what they said, only that they thought that ED-E was in Navarro.

We are now resting a bit at the shack and then we're headed to RobCo, where another of McNamara's team is located.

Love you, Bill (fuck you).

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