Mar 3, 2013

Entry 8: Run Bill! Run!!

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I did something stupid. I bought a modification for my chainsaw but found out later that my chainsaw can't be modified. God damn it! I'll hang on to the mod in case I come across one that I can modify...

On the 188 trading post I found a Gun Runner, who supposely would sell weapons. But he was acting like an asshole and when I told him just that, he told me to fuck off. I didn't like that. Not. One. Bit. So I kicked his ass. ED-E thought he was a deadly threat though and things got out of hand. I don't mind, one less asshole around. There was another gun seller on the trading post though, who had the chainsaw I was looking for. I was pretty much broke after I bought but hey, dismembering bad folks is worth it.

We slept in the trading post and then headed to Repconn in the morning. We got there pretty quick and entered the place, which looked like it was haunted. By robots. I had to hack the computers to get my face in the system, so that they wouldn't attack me. On other hand, the place was a gold mine of ammunition I could sell. I couldn't find a password to the third floor though, which was supposely the tightly guarded. I didn't have any problems though, since once I opened the door I found the Brotherhood of Steel corpses. I quickly took the holotape and even a power armor, for Veronica. She appreciated it. Back in the second floor I got lost and found a locked door. I tried a key that I found near the Brotherhood of Steel corpses and it woked. It led to a devasted room, with the floor colapsed. I got down from there and got to a room which was like a treasure chamber. I found an unique plasma rifle, lots of ammo and caps. When I find a trader I'm going to be rich, for sure. Too bad the plasma rifle isn't my thing, it looked pretty sweet.

I talked to Veronica about what should we do first, find the Brotherhood of Steel guys at Nellis airforce base or go to Freeside and then the Strip. She said she was worried about the Brotherhood of Steel guys and that we could pass by Freeside on the way back to the bunker. So we headed next to Nellis.

On our way there we found a couple of NCR troopers. Apparently my name is getting around. One of them told me "Why don't you pick a side? We did." because I have been so unpredictable. Truth is I haven't had met anybody that I liked. And even if I spoke my mind people wouldn't like what they'd hear. I mean, the NCR are a bunch of democratic wannabes, which want by all means to bring back the Old World system back. Isn't the Old World called just that because of that said system?! They are corrupt and power hungry. The Legion, well, they have the right idea, one to rule them all, but they're doing it wrong. Ruling by fear won't get them anywhere, sooner or later there'd be some group that would overthrow them because they don't like whips and chains. The Brotherhood of Steel are a bunch of guys with their heads up their arses, don't even know where to go from their bunker. And from what I've seen from the Khans, they like to protect their honor and that crap but really are just a bunch of guns for hire and drug makers. How am I to pick a side like this? By whose shit stinks the better?

I found a travelling merchant and sold what I got from the Repconn headquarters. I told you I'd get rich just from that! More than 4000 caps rich!

When I was nearing Nellis I was approached by a smart-ass. He told me that the people of Nellis bombed anyone who would enter their perimeter. That was scary, yes. But then he tried to wager with me. He wanted 300 caps for some information for getting past the bombardments and if I returned he'd double it. He wanted to wager on my life. I accepted, of course!

I took a deep breath... And then ran for my life.

And so here I am, writting this letter from the afterlife, hoping I can meet you... You wish! I'm pretty much alive, but I was in dire need of a new set of underwear. I could never put into words how terrifying it is to have deafening ground-shaking explosions all around you, while you pray that they miss the wall you're hidden behind. Oh, right! And imagine having to retrieve an holotape from a Brotherhood corpse in the proccess!

At Nellis I was greeted by a guy who was purely terrifyed, but, then again, had a missile launcher pointed at me. Then came along another woman named Raquel who told me Mother Pearl wished to speak to me. Sounded like I was the first one there since they had established in the base. No wonder, since they bomb the hell out of anyone who comes close! Who is Mother Pearl you ask? It was an old woman, who apparently was the Boomers' boss. She wanted me to help with something, but didn't say what. So I had to ask my least favorite thing to ask... "How can I be of assistance?" Damn woman. Those damned people had more problems that I could count! They needed to kill some ants that disabled the generators, they needed to repair the solar energy thingies, they needed medical attention... Damn!

I talked to Raquel about the ants. She told me it would be hard and didn't think I could do it. Pff. She also told me that the old man of the group, Loyal, was working on something that would keep the ants away from the generator. So I talked to Loyal, who didn't even know which frequence should he put it his device in order to kill the ants. Thank God I'm smart. That old man also had something for me to do, he wanted me to repair the solar arrays. But he didn't have any spair parts! How awesome is that?

I'm spending the night at the museum, where Mother Pearl said there would be a kid who'd want to tell me the story of their people. I'm currently hearing their story from said kid and probably will fall asleep any moment now!

Love you, Bill.

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