Mar 22, 2013

Entry 11: Walk walk walk walk

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Veronica punched me in the head when she remembered that we were supposed to pass by the Brotherhood of Steel bunker before going back to Nellis. I sighted, laughed and then punched her back. Oh well, guess it has to be done later!

Before leaving Doc Argyll's clinic I looked around the patients. I had the abilities to heal at least one of them. I didn't try the others because I could very well kill them without wanting to. After I healed the guy, I thought I had done enough helping around for the Boomers to like me. So I went back to Mother Pearl by then.

She said that people accepted me and that I was ready to make them their most valuable job. Their dream. She told me to talk to Loyal, the old sir. He told me that he was going to tell me about the "Lady in the water". Of course, I thought he was crazy. Before I asked him about it, I told him I had repaired the solar arrays. But then I had to ask who that Lady was. Turns out it was a plane, a pre-war one, who crashed centuries ago on the Lake Mead. They had the parts to fully restore it, but needed someone with outside experience to get it out of the water. He intended for me to attach ballasts in which wing, detonate them and then the plane would float to the surface. It was clever but risky. But I'd do it. I just needed some way to get to the bottom of the lake. You didn't make me very good at holding my breath. He told me that Jack might have a rebreather for me. And he had one. And I looked sickly good in it.

Me, Veronica and ED-E headed South to the Hidden Valley. I took a shortcut north of HELIOS One, near what I knew to be Black Mountain. According to Mr. New Vegas, the place had some Super Mutants. And as so happens, I got to confirm that, as I ended up, not on purpose, on top of the mountain. I popped a Stealth Boy and tried to sneak my way in and try to see what I could do. Also had to take a Rad-X, the top of the mountain was slightly irradiated and I was feeling too good by then with radiation.

We infiltrated the top of the mountain and went directly for their base there. There were three buildings and I visited them all. First the big one, to have no surprises with more mutties. But I couldn't get in it's second floor, so I still had to keep my guard up. I went into another building which seemed like a prison, since the inside door was locked and inside was an old mexican ghoul. I told him to enjoy his freedom and he seemed reluctant to go out there alone. But I didn't have any choice. He said he had a shack, so I didn't worry too much. When I exited the building, though, there were three Nightkin waiting for us and one of them was extremely angry about me releasing Raul, the ghoul. Also, she (yes, I could tell it was a she) was totally ridiculous, she had a wig and heart shaped glasses. Damn. I still went into the remaining building and repaired a robot that was there. Apparently, the robot was Tabitha's (the weird muttie) pet. And he didn't like it very much when I told it she was dead. Cute robot, but I had to destroy it when it came to me with it's saw. Before I left I went back to the main building and went in the second floor, Tabitha's. It didn't have anything special, just a sheet with musical notes.

I jumped a fence to take a direct route from the mountain to the Valley. It was already noghtime and I didn't like hanging around there during nightime. That "didn't like" was intensified when I got to the Valley and a huge sandstorm rose.

I reported back to McNamara and he didn't even give himself time to mourn about his fallen comrades. He asked me to do another mission. He wanted me to check on some scouts he had sent around the Mojave. Sure. I'll be your errand boy! I sure hope that power armor is worth all this walking. Veronica wasn't really confortable going back there without her evidence, but she told me it was ok. We slept there and then left quickly, shaking our heads because of our next mission.

One of them was watching over NCRCF and was really near our position. I met the dude and he gave me a disk with his observations on the place. On my way to the scout in Nipton that NCR Ranger squad appeared again, to tell me I only had two more days. Man, are they a pain in my arse. I arrived to the other scout and he said almost exactly the same thing as the first one. Only one was left, and he was at Camp Forlorn Hope. Damn, that was far.

On my way I passed by a Legion Camp, with two tied Powder Gangers. Those were probably the ones that the crippled Powder Ganger told me about. I don't really like the Legion, but eh, suits 'em well.

I am going to kick McNamara's ass when I get back to the bunker. When I finally got to the last dude and I had to sit, take a few breaths and a whole bottle of water. He gave me his report, to hand to his Elder. And then I had to go all the way back to Hidden Valley again. God damn it.

I passed through HELIOS One. I was kind of surprised to see that The Legion had taken over the facility after I killed all the NCRs there. Oh well.

I went through the Radsorpion path that led HELIOS to the Hidden Valley. More Radscorpions had settled, so this time I hacked through them with my recently acquired Super Sledge. Mmmmhhh...

We arrived at the bunker. We are dead tired though. We are going to sleep in the common room here at the bunker and in the morning I'm reporting to McNamara. I'm getting tired of this Brotherhood thingy, I can't wait to pull their heads out of their asses with Veronica.

Love you,

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