Mar 18, 2013

Entry 10: I like me my snowglobes

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I went outside the HELIOS ONE building to the solar array area. That ARCHIMEDES thing was still on my mind but I focused on gathering all the solar array parts I could find first. The area was filled with NCR people, I almost felt bad for not wearing dull brown.

After I gathered the solar array parts I decided to explore that ARCHIMEDES thingy and went to the Eastern and Western terminals to reset their connection to the mainframe, since it was the only way to get said mainframe to work. Then I went into the HELIOS ONE tower, which was filled with security robots... Just my luck! Those bastards are a bitch to kill.

On my way up I found lots of missiles and scrap metal, all things the Boomers wanted. I may have been dragged to their situation without wanting too, but since I'm on it, I'll do everything they ask. Right?

I also found a Poseidon Energy ID card, which I cought because it might have done me some good. And it did, later. After I took the elevator the generator that kept the mainframe running was out. But there was a robot in the room that, presented an ID card, fixed the generator. Kleptomania - 1, hum, Non-kleptomania - 0.

I accessed the mainframe and directed all the power to the ARCHIMEDES weapon, instead of McCarran and The Strip (AH, fuck you NCR pricks!). Then I armed the weapon. Syrenes started ringing and I knew I did something crappy. I got outside the tower to reconfigure the solar arrays targeting. When I did, I looked down from the tower and it was full of NCR runnin' around, because of the sounds. Then some beams started falling from the sky, burning the ground they touched. Then a female voice started counting down from 5 as three thin beams seemes to be ajusting aim on the far ground where the NCR was running around. When 0 came... KABOOM, a huge blue beam fell from the sky and blew them all to pieces! HA! It was awesome.

When I got off the tower the solar arrays were all reflecting the sun to the tower, making it hard to look at them. Then I entered the building that led me outside. That annoying guy, Fantastic, approached me and yelled "What the fuck, you killed my paycheck!". I'm sorry but I had to kill him.

Hooray, now I still had to go to the Brotherhood bunker before going AAAAAAALL the way back to Nellis!!! Ain't life grand. We took camp at the 188 trading post. Veronica joked about how romantic it was since it was the place we met. It was funny beacause she had already told me she was a lesbian.

Eventually I took a hell of a detour and ended up near Hoover Dam, so I decided to take a look. Hell, the place had more NCR than concrete! They were really holding on to the place. I went in the lobby, saw a biggie snowglobe, took it, looked around to the dozens NCR's just there on the lobby and went back out. Bah. Well, at least it seems I'm starting a collection of those damned globes!

I took the Lake shore line north. I found some lakelurks, nasty fucks. Then I passed by Camp Golf. From there, we were attacked by a huge gang of cazadores... Woopieee! But you think that was it? HA, you must be delusional! ED-E sensed danger ahead, so I grabbed my binoculars and advanced carefully to see... YOU GUESSED IT, DEATHCLAWS! So yeah, I took a cowardly route around, between deathclaws and cazadors. One of the young beasts from hell (the horned ones) saw us and attacked, but we punch-raped him. Still had to change my pants afterwards though.

Still heading north, I found other 2 young deathclaws which I gladly punched to death with my pneumatic fist. On a more laughable note, I was approached by a squad of NCR fucks who told me I'd better get my reputation with them better or else. Well fuck them.

It felt kind of good to be back at Nellis. It was the only place besides Goodsprings that I felt safe. In a warm way. Mother Pearl was very nice to me from the begining and now when I think about helping the Boomers I don't feel like I'm doing something I don't want to be doing.

By the time I finished fixing the solar arrays it was night and I was sleepy and tired. But I stopped by Raquel to give her the missiles I had gathered from the HELIOS One base.

I am now going to sleep. At a medical station. With three guys dying in nearby beds. Yay.

Love you, Bill.

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