Mar 27, 2013

Entry 12: The Quest for The Ancient Rangefinder

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I gave the reports to McNamara first thing, like I said I would. After he went through the reports he told me he trusted me enough to give me a confidential and urgent mission. Shit. He wanted parts from old vaults to keep the air on the bunker running. Two of the parts I had already, but hell - maybe you guessed this already -, I had to go on a biiig stroll to get the parts that were missing. Vault 22 was the place.

I had forgotten that the most direct road North was full of deathclaws. When we saw them I remembered I had a bunch of stealth boys and we got through all those ugly fuckers with no problems except the soiled pants. Speaking of soiled pants, when we thaught we were safely into the whole New Vegas area a motherfreaking deathclaw slashed Veronica and scared the hell out of me. I tell you, it's going to be one of my life's highlights, upercutting a deathclaw right in it's ugly jaw and killing him with ED-E. Veronica was ok afterwards, she had that tough power armor.

Wow we even found Fiends. Think after their fucking leader is killed they'd disappear but nooo! Damn.

We arrived in the Vault 22 and, aside from the Giant Mantises, the place was amazing. Green vegetation was coming out of the Vault like it was trying to escape and make it's way out to the brown wastes. Probably another crazy Vault-Tec experiment. But even being green and pretty, I had had nough of Vaults for a life time. So I wanted to get in and out.

The place was a freakin' labyrinth. Things fallen apart, tree logs, everything blocked ways. I eventualy found my way to the cave's door but it was locked, so I had to search the living quarters for a key card that would unlock the bastard. After I did so, I went back up to the cave door I had found. Once inside the caves I fought a bunch of mantises and quickly found my way to where I needed to go and found the filter components. Whew. Now to get off the damned Vault.

It felt so good to feel the fresh air of the Mojave. And I say that coming out of a place with lots of natural air purifiers, but whatever. We took advantage of the fact that we were near Westside to go to the pawnshop Veronica wanted to go, to find that mighty powerful weapon of hers. It was nightime, so we moved quick.

Well, talking to the dude in the Pawnshop was a waste. He only mocked me for trying to find such a thing. Fuck him. The only place we now had to look was the Vault 21, at The Strip. So yeah, was finally going to The Strip. I'm not even sure I'm old enough, at least Old World standards.

Yeaaaa, Freeside. I'm a high roller now, forget the wastes, I'm getting drunk and wagering all my caps! Or, you know, complete a mission for a guy just in the hopes of having a nice armor. Pretty much the same. I passed by the Old Mormon Fort because I knew them to be Followers of the Apocalipse, meaning they could heal my radiation sickness. I knew it because of ED-E, who I would deliver to whoever asked me to deliver him to retrieve the data.

I got to visit the Followers more often. I was told that ED-E was getting his weapons upgraded, though I had to give him away for a while, I got my radiation off the system AND got me a new snowglobe! Ain't life grand.

Freeside was kind of a mix. In a way, there seemed to be order, implemented by a gang called The Kings who didn't seem bad, but on the other hand there was so much poverty and filth... Kids chasing giant rats for dinner... Gosh.

A Securiton greeted me at The Strip's entrance. I had to submit to a credit check, which I passed and off I went into The Strip, wearing spiked armor to fit right in.

Inside I was approached by Victor, the robot who had been following me. He told me that Mr. House, the owner of New Vegas, was expecting to see me. I wasn't even going to see Benny so hell no, I wasn't going to see a dude who passed on his invitation through a robot! I told him to tell Mr. House I MIGHT stop by, but for now I was headed to Vault 21. Which was on the far ass of The Strip. It seems I am destined to walk, pure and simple.

I spat towards The Tops as I passed by. And then I arrived. Talked to the owner, first asking to rent a room and then asking if she knew of any antique rangefinders. She had actually sold one to a guy not long ago and she pointed him to Freeside, near a store named Mick and Ralph's, for him to have shelter! Good. She said that the guy who she sold the rangefinder had a collar on and Veronica didn't like that. She would just say "Elijah, what have you done..."

Before going to rest in my hard earned room, I found another snowglobe! Wow, if luck keeps going like this I may try some casinos. Now we're going to rest, probably for almost a day. The room has two beds, that's nice. I'm so tired of walking... And sleepy, too.

Love you, Bill.

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