Apr 3, 2013


Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I trembled as I passed by The Tops a second time. I looked at the building, imagining Benny's neck in between my hands. But Veronica grabbed me by both arms and looked me in the eye, making me remember that I favoured the element of surprise. I sighed and walked out of The Strip, with a condescending look to the Lucky 38. What would that Mr. House want anyway? I might stop by after, when I come back for Benny.

We walked around Freeside looking for the man that the Vault 21 woman told us about. We eventually found a dead body with its head blown up inside a collapsed building. I looted a destroyed collar, like the ones slaves use (the ones that blow up your head, yeah). The poor bastard had a wrench besides him, probably trying desperatly to get out of that situation alive. After that we asked arund that area about the man and the thing he might have been carrying. A drunk guy that couldn't even talk pointed me out to some kids running by that had a weird weapon. So I went and found those kids. I had to run after them and I don't really like running. Fuckn' kids.

When I approached him he pointed me the gun. I didn't really know what it did actually, but Veronica jumped in her spot. I demanded the gun and that didn't work. I offered 25 caps for the gun and it didn't work either. I had to give the freaking kid ONE THOUSAND caps for that thing that I didn't even know what it did.

I had almost forgot about the Boomers' plane. Still, made more sense first to go to shove the rangefinder in McNamara's face and then go find the sunken plane.

HOLY MOTHERFUCKER AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Let's just say I just tested the "rangefinder". Remember the ARCHIMEDES thingy that I tested on some NCR and they all died? Yea, those NCR Rangers that were threatening me made the mistake of finally attacking. Why was it a mistake you ask? Because I possessed an untested weapon, that's why. Turns out I pointed the little toy-like pistol and a laser sight fell from the sky and huge detroyer blue beam followed that said laser sight, turning the squad to ashes. Shit.

I got to say, that NCR Ranger Combat armor is freaking sick. I had to steal some, though I'll be confused as a NCR fuckup. I just wanted to try it for a bit. With it I ventured with Veronica through the Deathclaw infested road that led directly to the Hidden Valley. Sure, it would be tough and a real challenge, but hey.

We decided to use a tactic that only required us to fight one by one of those beasts. Me with mi Super Sledge and Veronica with her pneumatic fist, we killed 'em off pretty well. Then the plan went bad. Two Deathclaws appeared out of nowhere when we thought we were done and knocked Veronica out before I could shout to warn here (thank God for that Power Armor, she'd be Veronica steak by all the deathclaw slashes she suffered). I only had time to gimme a dose of numb sweetness and have a bunch of stimpacks ready to roll. First I knocked one away with a blow of my SS and delt with the one left standing. As soon as that one was dead the other was already running towards me. I ran backwards a little and when I got my strength back I knocked him out again, crushing his head while he layed on the floor. Whew. I helped Veronica up and we kept following the road.

When I advanced through the road I found a Super Mutant - friendly - that warned me about the dangers of the Black Mountain. Then I told him I had already killed Tabitha, the leader of the Nightkin. He didn't seem to react at all. I asked him what he'd do now and he mentioned a town that was occupied by Super Mutants like him, Jacobstown, up North. I'll have to check that for sure.

I entered the hidden Brotherhood of Steel bunker and then found Scribe Lorenzo and gave him the components so he could fix the bunker. Then it was off to talk to McNamara. I took off the NCR armor and put on my regular one before doing so, to avoid confusion. Veronica talked first and explained the dangers of the rangefinder. McNamara, though, seemed to be as close minded as ever. But after I told him that I had done what he asked he brightened up. He said he'd lift the lockdown and, as a personal thanks, gave me a key to a Brotherhood safehouse.

Seeing that I didn't get what I wanted, I offered to join the Brotherhood. I didn't really like them, but I wanted the Power Armor. He said I'd have to do something else for him before I could do so. He wanted me to tap the Black Mountain's radio with a transmitter. Easy enough.

Before we went to bed, Veronica talked to me about McNamara's attitude. Maybe she didn't like not being listened to, while I was able to get him to lift the lockout. And even worst, then I asked to join. She didn't know if she should leave the Brotherhood or stay. I told her she should stay where her friends were, with the Brotherhood of Steel. Now we're off to sleep.

Love you,

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