Apr 21, 2013

Entry 16: With a Vengeance

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I went in The Tops and the door man asked me to hand over ll the weapons. I didn't want to cause any comotion so I gave him all the weapons and then looked for Swank, the man Mr. House told me that could help me get to Benny. I found him at the reception. He was provocative at first, when I told him he should know something about his boss he told me to go "yap it at his own face". But then I told him Benny was trying to make his own play. I told him he shot me and stole the Platinum Chip. Then I gave him the evidence I had found along my long way to The Strip, the cigarette butts and his lighter. He recognized the problem and was troubled by the thoughts of his boss playing a con on Mr. House. He suggested that he kept Benny out of his suite so that I'd look around and see what I could found and if I'd find anything to arrest him. But no. I didn't want that. I wanted him out. I wanted to get him for killing me. I told Swank we had to take him out for good. He was surprised but told me he'd send Benny to his room so I could ambush him. Gave me my stuff back and pointed me the way.

I went up the elevator to the 13th floor, where Benny's suite was. Then I stopped by the front of his double-doored room and took a deep breath.

I entered and he was very surprised to see me, as you may imagine. He DID shot and buried me. Benny is a funny guy. You know, that kind of funny that makes you want to punch the funny out of a guy? Yes, that kind of funny. After a load of swear words from the surprise and by realising he had been betrayed by Swank he told me I shouldn't kill me because we could work together. I mean, seriously? "No deal fucker, time to die."

Ever decapitated your nemesis with a punch? Pretty satisfying.

I searched the bastard for the Platinum Chip. While at it I stole his suit and gun too, as trophies. That and because I looked like a gramps with the outfit I was with. I searched Benny's room for something else I could show to Mr. House. And God damn did I find something. A smiley Securitron, like the ones Mr. House controlled but with a smiley face on the screen. He called himself the Yes Man.

He told me everything. He was a Securitron reprogrammed by Benny. During his reprogramming Yes Man got his name because Benny reprogrammed him never to say no to anything. His job was to monitor and decrypt the data transmitions sent by Mr. House and report to Benny. He told me that the Chip was a data storage device and that from what he knew so far it would upgrade Mr. House's defenses. When I asked what Benny's plan was he told me he wanted to kill Mr. House and copy Yes Man's system to his, giving him control of all the Securitrons and, consequentialy, New Vegas. That all meant that I also could take New Vegas for myself. But I'm not sure that I wanted to. Mr. House seemed to have all figured out. And nicely figured out too. I'd have to think about it, very much. At that time, I just wanted to report back to Mr. House. Before I exited The Tops I congratulated Swank on his new boss position.

Once I exited a man from The Legion approached me. He was so... Dark... Like the one that spoke to me at Nipton. I soon figured it was the same person, by his cold, cold voice. He had a suit and a hat though, instead of a wolf on his head. He told me Caesar required my presence at Fortification Hill, or The Fort. He gave the Mark of Caesar, which granted me safe passage through Legion's territory. I warned him right there straight, if that was a trap, a lot of them would go out with me. He told me to go to Cottonwood Cove, to the South. There I'd be taken to The Fort. Then he left.

I got in the Lucky 38 and, before talking to Mr. House, I asked Jane about the snowglobe stand. She said Mr. House was a collector and that she'd reward me for each snowglobe I brought. Wasn't that something? I had so many already! When I gave her the snowglobes I had I almost shit myself. 12 THOUSAND CAPS FOR THOSE THINGS! Holy crap...

Mr. House sounded a bit... disappointed, by me killing Benny. Anyways, he quickly forgot about it and asked me for the Platinum Chip. He seemed to love the thing. He told me it's story, that it was made in Sunnyvale and finished in October 22nd 2077, ment to be delivered the next day. The bombs fell first though. And so the delivery was never made. But he had it now though. He instructed me to go to the basement of the Lucky 38.

In the basement he showed me what the Chip did. It was, like Yes Man said, a defense upgrade. First he showed me what the Securitrons did for all that time. Their weapons and armor. Machine guns and gatling lasers. Then the Securitron's faces swapped to angry soldiers instead of the normal policemen. Then shit got serious. Mr. House called 'em Mark II OS. Missile Launchers, rapid fire grenade launchers and enhanced auto-repair systems, the Mark II Securitrons improved 235% per unit.

When we got back to the Penthouse I asked what happened next. He said New Vegas would change and I would play a big part in it. I had to help Mr. House. He said the work was dangerous, but I wanted to know more. Mr. House had the greatest plan for New Vegas. Mr. House needed me to go to The Fort. I said I had been invited there. I told I'd go. I was still a bit troubled to be sure who I stood with, but I told I'd go. He gave me Platinum Chip and I left the Penthouse.

I went to my suite for a while, to organize my thoughts. I turned on the radio and caught a weird signal. It was a job offering looking for couriers, prospectors and mercs to go North, to Zion Valley and back. I needed the time to think and caps are never enough, so I decided to rest here now and in the morning I'll head to where the ad told me to go.

Love you,

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