Apr 9, 2013

Entry 14: Volare! with a badass armor

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Veronica  woke me up cheery as ever. I guess she can't stay down for long. So we left the bunker to do that quest for me to join the Brotherhood.

Once we exited for heavily armed and armored stopped us and talked to us. They said they heard Veronica's talk to the Elder and wouldn't stand for that. I asked what wouldn't they stand for, since Veronica respected McNamara's decision. But they said she'd just poison the Elder's thoughts. Then their "leader" told them to execute us. Gosh. It was a pain, I'll give them that. Those laser guns and gatling lasers are bitches to take on. I was a bit sore and had to take a lot of stimpacks after that fight. Also, Veronica's mood came rolling down again. Those were her brothers, her family, who had tried to kill us... Damn. I asked her if she was alright and she said she was. She also said that wouldn't change her mind, she would still stay with the Brotherhood. I was happy for her. Not trully what she wanted, but still knew her place in the world. Unlike me, heh.

Those Brotherhood fucks pretty much annihalated my armor so I had to throw it away and put on that NCR Ranger piece of awesome. So we ventured upwards the Black Mountain. Keep in mind that the last time we were there we went directly for the top, leaving all the hostile mutties alive. So we had to kill most of them. Tough sons of bitches too. I went in Tabitha's office - or something - and installed the emmiter McNamara wanted me to install. The skies were cloudy. It wasn't usual.

I didn't really wanted to go to McNamara with NCR vests but hell, either that or some fancy pre-war clothing I had gotten for the next time I went to The Strip. I took my chance. I talked to him and there didn't seem to be any problem. He thanked me once again and said I was now one of them (yey.). He told me a formal cerimony was out of the question but that I would be rewarded with my very own power armor and he himself taught me how to use it.


Then we had to go to Lake Mead and take that blasted plane off of the base of the Lake for the Boomers. We took shelter in a fisherman's pre-war shack since it became night when we arrived at the Lake's shore, near Camp Golf.

Ever had breakfeast served to bed by FUCKING LAKELURKS?! Yeah. That's a nice day starter. And after that, guarding the dock where I'd bring up the plane, there was a Cazador nest. God.

We got to the place and I had to swim underwater. Finally I gave the rebreather its proper use, instead of just sending a threatening image. It was beautiful. The crashed plane, I mean. Beautiful in a strange way... It was history, you know? I attached the ballasts, went back to the dock, put on my armor and then uses Loyal's detonator to bring the plane up. And it worked! The plane resurfeced, after more than 2 or 3 hundred years! Beautiful.

I was to leave the plane there and return to Loyal. On my way to Nellis one thing always on the horizon was the Lucky 38 tower. The huge building gave me the never ending feeling that Mr. House, a man who I had no idea who he was, was always watching me. And for all I knew, he was.

Ahead we were attacked by a deathclaw. I, of course, was all confident, I had slayed like ten of them not too long ago. But that one almost kicked my ass. I ran out of stimpacks, actually. I eventually killed him and complained to Veronica. She told me that it was probably because of the power armor. My model made me stronger but slower. Much slower. Well shit...

I limped the short way left to the Boomers, always thinking about Argylle, the doctor. Oh how I'd love that man when I got there.

Oh how I hated him when I got there... He wouldn't give me treatment if I didn't exchange some of my own medical supplies with the guy. And as you know, those were running low. He let me rest at his clinic though, which made feel a little better. I slept for half a day and still woke up sore and sick, probably radiation.

I went and met Loyal immediatly after waking up. He said he'd send robots to disassemble the plane and bring it to the base in parts. Wow. After that I reported to Mother Pearl. Her happiness... Man. Ever made an old woman's dream come true? It felt good.  I can try to put on my badass/cold guy mask anytime I want, but moments like these...

On my way to The Strip I found a clinic, apparently New Vegas Clinic. The doctor was quite the expert. She said she had implants to make me stronger and tougher, implants to regenerate health much quicker than usual... I had to come back here! But at the time I just wanted really a cure for my radiation poisoning.

I finally entered Freeside with intempts of revenge. But first I went to Followers, to get my robuddy ED-E back. We were finally all together again. I put on my Strip-fitting clothes and there we went, to kill that motherfucker and meet the mysterious Mr. House. Not necessarily in that order, I'm still giving it some tought.

So here I am in front of the Lucky 38, toughts divided... I'll let you know what I decided.

Love you,

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