Apr 28, 2013

Entry 17: Welcome to Zion.

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I decided to leave the Lucky 38, without saying anyone. I grabbed the NCR trenchcoat, some stuff I might need for the trip and left. When I walked out the Lucky 38 I looked into one of the Securitrons. I knew Mr. House was watching me right then. I could sense my own confused expression. I hoped he'd understand.

Then just before leaving The Strip I was approached by a woman, dressed as a doctor. She was with the Followers of the Apocalypse. Wanted me to bug Mr. House's system so that they'd get information on how did Mr. House stay alive. I said no. I had enough on my mind already, betraying Mr. House, even if I didn't know if I'd be with him in the long term, didn't sound good for me. I told her I didn't want to abuse Mr. House's trust and, surprisingly enough, she understood. So I left The Strip, looking to leave the Mojave for a while as well.

I got to a cave to the North, where the advertisement told me to go. Inside there was a group of people. Jed Masterson, the mister talking on the ad, immediatly spoke to me. He have me the details on the job and on the location. While he was explaining me what was up he told me not to mention the name Joshua Graham. Naturally, I asked why. He said it made tribals and New Canaanites - the men we were supposed to make business with -, unconfortable. I wasn't suppose tot alk about the "Burned Man", either. He told me the place was filled with tribals who didn't even know hot to speak anymore. It seemed like it was gonna be a fun ride, hum.

I got to know the other members of the Happy Trails Caravan too. One of them, Stella, was from New Reno. Oh, New Reno... Then there were two guards who didn't talk much and a stupid asshole named Ricky. When I talked to him he immediatly asked me if I was looking for trouble and said he could kick my ass. He went on and on about how he would kill anything and even made up a nickname - I swear to you - in the middle of the conversation. Then the fucking asshole tells me he once got surrounded by four "deathjaws". Seriously? Didn't even know the proper names of the monsters in his story? Then told me he killed a "Steel Brotherhood asshole". Oh God. Said he'd shot the bastard right through his eyeslits. HA! I shoved my Power Armor training right in his face. The eyeslits are bullet-proof! He stopped making up stories there. I asked about his Vault 22 suit and Pip-Boy. Guess what, more lies. He said he had grown up there. You remember when I went there right? No way someone had been there living for *at least* 150 years. Then started going on and on about hsi Pip-Boy, all it could do. Said so much, without saying anything really. He didn't even notice that I had a Pip-Boy too. Then I looked better at it and saw it WASN'T EVEN WORKING. I facepalmed, swear to God, right in front of everyone. I told him to go away, he'd only get us killed for sure. He screamed from the bottom of his heart that he hoped we'd all die and then ran off. Then I apologized to Jed and said I was ready to leave. And so we left.

Keep in mind, all that I've written before on this letter has been put on hold in my travels. Nothing happened for us to talk about really. Only Jed telling me the story of Joshua Graham, the New Canaanite that joined The Legion and ended up being the toughest of them all. But then, losing against the NCR at the Hoover Dam, he got lit on fire and thrown out to the Grand Canyon bt Casar, to make an example. Sheesh. But then tribal folk started talking. Saying Joshua still lived. Thus begining the legend of the Burned Man. In my free time I thought about the Mojave's fate. Mr. House... I respect him so much. Could I do the same he can if I used Yes Man? Or would the Wasteland be better off with Mr. House?

We got to the place and it was beautiful! Zion... Gosh, it was eye candy, really.

I didn't even have time to stop looking at all the mountains, grass and trees to hear Jed screaming "ambush". I looked at them and saw one of the guards being shot in the head. Explosions went on, two more guards dead... I was powerless, I only had cloe-range weapons! Then Jed killed one of the tribals on the cliff and I was able to take from him an axe and four tomahawks... Jesus they weren't kidding, they sure were tribals! I used the tomahawks to do the best I could. I heard Jed screaming for Stella when I was throwing a tomahawk that hit one of the tribals right in his head. Then I looked back and Jed was already gone too. All of them, dead. The people I have been talking to, linking for these past days, gone. I was really pissed. I smashed the remaining tribals with the axe I had found. Then grabbed a grenade launcher from one the Caravan's guards and made my way into Zion, since I could not go back the way I came from because of what Stella had warned us all about: it was too steep to climb back.

I had to cross an old bridge that stood high up on the river. While I was crossing I began being shot at by another of those tribals. I ran for cover, then heard two different gun noises and looked up to the place I was being shot from. I guy waved and came talk to me. He only had underwear and was all painted, but different from the others. He said those were the White Legs and that he was from a different tribe. Apparently, I was lucky to survive their ambush. No kidding, tell that to Jed... He also told me that Joshua would like to speak to me. I immediatly thought about the Burned Man Jed had told me about. I asked who Joshua was and he said it was indeed Joshua Graham. Woah. So he took me to him, while showing Zion around.

On out way we saw a big ass roarin' monster he called Yao Guai. Shit, I saw him claw off a giant gecko's face right in front of me! Follows-Chalk - my newly acquired companion (what the hell kind of name is that) - told me to freeze and the beast ebventually ran off. Wew. But it wouldn't be the last I'd see them.

After more walking I saw heads on spikes. Like with The Legion. Follows told me it was Joshua Graham who ordered it, to show the White Legs that their tribe, the Dead Horses, were serious about fighting them. Some of the tribals, though, believed it was in order to trap their spirits to that world, not letting them have their eternal rest. Don't know what line of thinking is worst really.

Right when we were looking at those brilliant master pieces one of those monsters we saw attacked. He was mean, but we held him off. He was nearly my heigh. Then Follows told it was only a cub. Shit, for real? Oh baby, my time in Zion was going to be sick.

We passed by a shack with handprints all over it. When I asked Follows what that was all about he said the buildings from before the War were marked as taboo by the tribals and they wouldn't go in them. Except Follows. Lucky me.

Then we arrived. The entrance to the Angel Cave, the residence of the Dead Horses, was filled with tribals training against each other. I entered the cave and Follows led me to Joshua. When I entered the part of the cave in which he was my heart skipped a beat. The Burned Man, the legend, right in front of me cleaning pistols. Bandages all over his body, covered a little by his vests and body armor.

He offered his sympathy for my friends from the Caravan. When I told them I wanted to fulfill the Caravan's mission he told me I was out of luck. New Canaan had been destroyed because of the White Legs, who are attempting to join Caesar's Legion and destroyed them by his command. Then he told me he knew how I could get out, but had to have my help first, because of all the problems they were having there at Zion. I said I didn't plan on going away without helping them anyway. They wanted me to find Pre-War objects to help them navigate the land if they ever had to leave Zion.

So that's what I gotta do! I'm now planning on sleeping for half a day. Got a lot on my mind, hope I can actually do it.

Love you,

Apr 21, 2013

Entry 16: With a Vengeance

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I went in The Tops and the door man asked me to hand over ll the weapons. I didn't want to cause any comotion so I gave him all the weapons and then looked for Swank, the man Mr. House told me that could help me get to Benny. I found him at the reception. He was provocative at first, when I told him he should know something about his boss he told me to go "yap it at his own face". But then I told him Benny was trying to make his own play. I told him he shot me and stole the Platinum Chip. Then I gave him the evidence I had found along my long way to The Strip, the cigarette butts and his lighter. He recognized the problem and was troubled by the thoughts of his boss playing a con on Mr. House. He suggested that he kept Benny out of his suite so that I'd look around and see what I could found and if I'd find anything to arrest him. But no. I didn't want that. I wanted him out. I wanted to get him for killing me. I told Swank we had to take him out for good. He was surprised but told me he'd send Benny to his room so I could ambush him. Gave me my stuff back and pointed me the way.

I went up the elevator to the 13th floor, where Benny's suite was. Then I stopped by the front of his double-doored room and took a deep breath.

I entered and he was very surprised to see me, as you may imagine. He DID shot and buried me. Benny is a funny guy. You know, that kind of funny that makes you want to punch the funny out of a guy? Yes, that kind of funny. After a load of swear words from the surprise and by realising he had been betrayed by Swank he told me I shouldn't kill me because we could work together. I mean, seriously? "No deal fucker, time to die."

Ever decapitated your nemesis with a punch? Pretty satisfying.

I searched the bastard for the Platinum Chip. While at it I stole his suit and gun too, as trophies. That and because I looked like a gramps with the outfit I was with. I searched Benny's room for something else I could show to Mr. House. And God damn did I find something. A smiley Securitron, like the ones Mr. House controlled but with a smiley face on the screen. He called himself the Yes Man.

He told me everything. He was a Securitron reprogrammed by Benny. During his reprogramming Yes Man got his name because Benny reprogrammed him never to say no to anything. His job was to monitor and decrypt the data transmitions sent by Mr. House and report to Benny. He told me that the Chip was a data storage device and that from what he knew so far it would upgrade Mr. House's defenses. When I asked what Benny's plan was he told me he wanted to kill Mr. House and copy Yes Man's system to his, giving him control of all the Securitrons and, consequentialy, New Vegas. That all meant that I also could take New Vegas for myself. But I'm not sure that I wanted to. Mr. House seemed to have all figured out. And nicely figured out too. I'd have to think about it, very much. At that time, I just wanted to report back to Mr. House. Before I exited The Tops I congratulated Swank on his new boss position.

Once I exited a man from The Legion approached me. He was so... Dark... Like the one that spoke to me at Nipton. I soon figured it was the same person, by his cold, cold voice. He had a suit and a hat though, instead of a wolf on his head. He told me Caesar required my presence at Fortification Hill, or The Fort. He gave the Mark of Caesar, which granted me safe passage through Legion's territory. I warned him right there straight, if that was a trap, a lot of them would go out with me. He told me to go to Cottonwood Cove, to the South. There I'd be taken to The Fort. Then he left.

I got in the Lucky 38 and, before talking to Mr. House, I asked Jane about the snowglobe stand. She said Mr. House was a collector and that she'd reward me for each snowglobe I brought. Wasn't that something? I had so many already! When I gave her the snowglobes I had I almost shit myself. 12 THOUSAND CAPS FOR THOSE THINGS! Holy crap...

Mr. House sounded a bit... disappointed, by me killing Benny. Anyways, he quickly forgot about it and asked me for the Platinum Chip. He seemed to love the thing. He told me it's story, that it was made in Sunnyvale and finished in October 22nd 2077, ment to be delivered the next day. The bombs fell first though. And so the delivery was never made. But he had it now though. He instructed me to go to the basement of the Lucky 38.

In the basement he showed me what the Chip did. It was, like Yes Man said, a defense upgrade. First he showed me what the Securitrons did for all that time. Their weapons and armor. Machine guns and gatling lasers. Then the Securitron's faces swapped to angry soldiers instead of the normal policemen. Then shit got serious. Mr. House called 'em Mark II OS. Missile Launchers, rapid fire grenade launchers and enhanced auto-repair systems, the Mark II Securitrons improved 235% per unit.

When we got back to the Penthouse I asked what happened next. He said New Vegas would change and I would play a big part in it. I had to help Mr. House. He said the work was dangerous, but I wanted to know more. Mr. House had the greatest plan for New Vegas. Mr. House needed me to go to The Fort. I said I had been invited there. I told I'd go. I was still a bit troubled to be sure who I stood with, but I told I'd go. He gave me Platinum Chip and I left the Penthouse.

I went to my suite for a while, to organize my thoughts. I turned on the radio and caught a weird signal. It was a job offering looking for couriers, prospectors and mercs to go North, to Zion Valley and back. I needed the time to think and caps are never enough, so I decided to rest here now and in the morning I'll head to where the ad told me to go.

Love you,

Apr 14, 2013

Entry 15: Mr. House

Hello momy. Hello daddy.

So, Mr. House eh? I was finally going to see what all the fuss around was about.

Victor, at the entrance of the Lucky 38, told me that I could not bring any friends along, so they had to wait. I asked Veronica to keep ED-E around while she cruised the Strip.

I went into the Lucky 38 and it was creepy. I had never been into a casino before but this one... It had a ghostly feel. It was about right, since no one had set foot in that thing for 200 years or something. The casino floor was guarded by some of those securitrons and had an elevator. Victor was with me and he was the one who operated the elevator, taking me to the Penthouse floor.

The elevator took forever. When we arrived, right out the elevator was a robot like the others, but with a woman's face on the screen. She told me she was Jenny, one of Mr. House's girls. Then I asked her about Mr. House. She told me he was responsible for having New Vegas at that state, so different from the rest of the Wasteland, that he was the smartest and greatest man ever. I walked on to the other part of the Penthouse and a big chill went down my spine. A mix of emotions: fear, creepiness, but respect too. Why?

He was a monitor. Of course! He had been alive for more than 200 years, how could he not be some kind of robot or somehow being kept alive and operating not through his own body?!

He told me that it was a meeting of a long time coming and that I had come a long way, both literally and figurativelly. Then asked what did I think of my destination, since I had arrived. The Strip wasn't really my thing so, in a lost for words from being amazed, I just said that I had never seen anything like it. Which wasn't a lie at all. Then I asked him why was he treating me like some VIP, since I was just a kid who had to be a Courier to survive. He told me not to underestimate myself and that I had been playing a highstakes game all along. Somehow it was true. Then we went down to business. He told me one of his employees had stolen an item of much importance to him, the Platinum Chip. The employee was Benny. I was finally going to meet him and, by doing so, work for Mr. House. He filled me in about Benny and how to get to him. A man named Swank would probably help me. I also asked about the Platinum Chip. He said I didn't have to know much at that state of our "enterprisement", but still I tried to pull the card of the "right to know more", which, obviously, didn't work, because it was not true, as Mr. House told me himself. He told me he was the only one who had the "rights", since he was the one who created it and put a huge mass of money into it's making and also into it's recovery. Then I asked why use a single Courier (or a bunch of them, being all of them except me decoys) to transport the Platinum Chip, since it was so important. He told me that if he had used a great armed caravan he would be announcing the world that they were carrying something important. His way only didn't work because he didn't realise Benny was out to get him. I felt really dumb around Mr. House. Then I asked him one of the most important questions for me...

Who exactly was Mr. House?

"Robert Edwin House, President, CEO and sole proprietor of the New Vegas Strip". He told me he oversaw the city's renovation from 2274 onwards, with the Three Families as his employees. Before the Great War he was the president, founder and CEO of the RobCo industries. I told him, taking a risk, that he appeared only a monitor, not a man. He replyied by saying that he was indeed flesh and blood. When I asked him how did he establish this "New" Vegas he told me that he took action once the NCR arrived at the Hoover Dam. He recruited the Three Families and rebuilt the Strip, just in time to make himslef it's owner and having the NCR negociating a treaty. Their money and electricity for a place in New Vegas. I finally asked him how did he manage t stay alive for that long. He only told me it was very costly, not only finacial-wise but also in terms of the whole longevity thing, which must really be a pain. Come to think of it, he went through his whole world dying. I there wondered what for. Would he be a mass emperor of evil or was he going to try and rebuild society, making the world a better place? Only one way to find out.

I left Mr. House's living room (where the monitor was set). Mr. House... Arrogant, bossy... But somehow I believe in him. I headed to The Tops. Killing Benny was now more for the fulfilling of Mr. House's plans than for my personal revenge. But it was still for my personal revenge.

On my way out Victor told me that Mr. House had given me the Presidential Suite. Awesome! He told me that any friends I had could hang there, but only I could see Mr. House. Fair enough. I explored the Lucky 38 a little bit. First my suite and then the cocktail lounge, where I had a great view (I mean, Lucky 38 is seen by almost everywhere in the wastes, so imagine the view I had from that prespective). My suite had a weird stand in one of the rooms. My snowglobes seemed to fit the stand's holes. I had to ask around about that later. Than in the cocktail lounge I sat back and enjoyed the view. And what would you know, while exploring the Lounge for a bit I found a snowglobe itself! Then it was time for me to leave.

When I exited a guy of the NCR came running to me, with a message from the NCR's Ambassador at The Strip. I thanked and when he left tore down the paper and left it there. Veronica and ED-E were already there waiting for me. I told them to go to the suite while I tended to business.

Now I'm at The Tops' entrance. I'll let you know how it goes down.

Love you,

Apr 9, 2013

Entry 14: Volare! with a badass armor

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Veronica  woke me up cheery as ever. I guess she can't stay down for long. So we left the bunker to do that quest for me to join the Brotherhood.

Once we exited for heavily armed and armored stopped us and talked to us. They said they heard Veronica's talk to the Elder and wouldn't stand for that. I asked what wouldn't they stand for, since Veronica respected McNamara's decision. But they said she'd just poison the Elder's thoughts. Then their "leader" told them to execute us. Gosh. It was a pain, I'll give them that. Those laser guns and gatling lasers are bitches to take on. I was a bit sore and had to take a lot of stimpacks after that fight. Also, Veronica's mood came rolling down again. Those were her brothers, her family, who had tried to kill us... Damn. I asked her if she was alright and she said she was. She also said that wouldn't change her mind, she would still stay with the Brotherhood. I was happy for her. Not trully what she wanted, but still knew her place in the world. Unlike me, heh.

Those Brotherhood fucks pretty much annihalated my armor so I had to throw it away and put on that NCR Ranger piece of awesome. So we ventured upwards the Black Mountain. Keep in mind that the last time we were there we went directly for the top, leaving all the hostile mutties alive. So we had to kill most of them. Tough sons of bitches too. I went in Tabitha's office - or something - and installed the emmiter McNamara wanted me to install. The skies were cloudy. It wasn't usual.

I didn't really wanted to go to McNamara with NCR vests but hell, either that or some fancy pre-war clothing I had gotten for the next time I went to The Strip. I took my chance. I talked to him and there didn't seem to be any problem. He thanked me once again and said I was now one of them (yey.). He told me a formal cerimony was out of the question but that I would be rewarded with my very own power armor and he himself taught me how to use it.


Then we had to go to Lake Mead and take that blasted plane off of the base of the Lake for the Boomers. We took shelter in a fisherman's pre-war shack since it became night when we arrived at the Lake's shore, near Camp Golf.

Ever had breakfeast served to bed by FUCKING LAKELURKS?! Yeah. That's a nice day starter. And after that, guarding the dock where I'd bring up the plane, there was a Cazador nest. God.

We got to the place and I had to swim underwater. Finally I gave the rebreather its proper use, instead of just sending a threatening image. It was beautiful. The crashed plane, I mean. Beautiful in a strange way... It was history, you know? I attached the ballasts, went back to the dock, put on my armor and then uses Loyal's detonator to bring the plane up. And it worked! The plane resurfeced, after more than 2 or 3 hundred years! Beautiful.

I was to leave the plane there and return to Loyal. On my way to Nellis one thing always on the horizon was the Lucky 38 tower. The huge building gave me the never ending feeling that Mr. House, a man who I had no idea who he was, was always watching me. And for all I knew, he was.

Ahead we were attacked by a deathclaw. I, of course, was all confident, I had slayed like ten of them not too long ago. But that one almost kicked my ass. I ran out of stimpacks, actually. I eventually killed him and complained to Veronica. She told me that it was probably because of the power armor. My model made me stronger but slower. Much slower. Well shit...

I limped the short way left to the Boomers, always thinking about Argylle, the doctor. Oh how I'd love that man when I got there.

Oh how I hated him when I got there... He wouldn't give me treatment if I didn't exchange some of my own medical supplies with the guy. And as you know, those were running low. He let me rest at his clinic though, which made feel a little better. I slept for half a day and still woke up sore and sick, probably radiation.

I went and met Loyal immediatly after waking up. He said he'd send robots to disassemble the plane and bring it to the base in parts. Wow. After that I reported to Mother Pearl. Her happiness... Man. Ever made an old woman's dream come true? It felt good.  I can try to put on my badass/cold guy mask anytime I want, but moments like these...

On my way to The Strip I found a clinic, apparently New Vegas Clinic. The doctor was quite the expert. She said she had implants to make me stronger and tougher, implants to regenerate health much quicker than usual... I had to come back here! But at the time I just wanted really a cure for my radiation poisoning.

I finally entered Freeside with intempts of revenge. But first I went to Followers, to get my robuddy ED-E back. We were finally all together again. I put on my Strip-fitting clothes and there we went, to kill that motherfucker and meet the mysterious Mr. House. Not necessarily in that order, I'm still giving it some tought.

So here I am in front of the Lucky 38, toughts divided... I'll let you know what I decided.

Love you,

Apr 3, 2013


Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I trembled as I passed by The Tops a second time. I looked at the building, imagining Benny's neck in between my hands. But Veronica grabbed me by both arms and looked me in the eye, making me remember that I favoured the element of surprise. I sighed and walked out of The Strip, with a condescending look to the Lucky 38. What would that Mr. House want anyway? I might stop by after, when I come back for Benny.

We walked around Freeside looking for the man that the Vault 21 woman told us about. We eventually found a dead body with its head blown up inside a collapsed building. I looted a destroyed collar, like the ones slaves use (the ones that blow up your head, yeah). The poor bastard had a wrench besides him, probably trying desperatly to get out of that situation alive. After that we asked arund that area about the man and the thing he might have been carrying. A drunk guy that couldn't even talk pointed me out to some kids running by that had a weird weapon. So I went and found those kids. I had to run after them and I don't really like running. Fuckn' kids.

When I approached him he pointed me the gun. I didn't really know what it did actually, but Veronica jumped in her spot. I demanded the gun and that didn't work. I offered 25 caps for the gun and it didn't work either. I had to give the freaking kid ONE THOUSAND caps for that thing that I didn't even know what it did.

I had almost forgot about the Boomers' plane. Still, made more sense first to go to shove the rangefinder in McNamara's face and then go find the sunken plane.

HOLY MOTHERFUCKER AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Let's just say I just tested the "rangefinder". Remember the ARCHIMEDES thingy that I tested on some NCR and they all died? Yea, those NCR Rangers that were threatening me made the mistake of finally attacking. Why was it a mistake you ask? Because I possessed an untested weapon, that's why. Turns out I pointed the little toy-like pistol and a laser sight fell from the sky and huge detroyer blue beam followed that said laser sight, turning the squad to ashes. Shit.

I got to say, that NCR Ranger Combat armor is freaking sick. I had to steal some, though I'll be confused as a NCR fuckup. I just wanted to try it for a bit. With it I ventured with Veronica through the Deathclaw infested road that led directly to the Hidden Valley. Sure, it would be tough and a real challenge, but hey.

We decided to use a tactic that only required us to fight one by one of those beasts. Me with mi Super Sledge and Veronica with her pneumatic fist, we killed 'em off pretty well. Then the plan went bad. Two Deathclaws appeared out of nowhere when we thought we were done and knocked Veronica out before I could shout to warn here (thank God for that Power Armor, she'd be Veronica steak by all the deathclaw slashes she suffered). I only had time to gimme a dose of numb sweetness and have a bunch of stimpacks ready to roll. First I knocked one away with a blow of my SS and delt with the one left standing. As soon as that one was dead the other was already running towards me. I ran backwards a little and when I got my strength back I knocked him out again, crushing his head while he layed on the floor. Whew. I helped Veronica up and we kept following the road.

When I advanced through the road I found a Super Mutant - friendly - that warned me about the dangers of the Black Mountain. Then I told him I had already killed Tabitha, the leader of the Nightkin. He didn't seem to react at all. I asked him what he'd do now and he mentioned a town that was occupied by Super Mutants like him, Jacobstown, up North. I'll have to check that for sure.

I entered the hidden Brotherhood of Steel bunker and then found Scribe Lorenzo and gave him the components so he could fix the bunker. Then it was off to talk to McNamara. I took off the NCR armor and put on my regular one before doing so, to avoid confusion. Veronica talked first and explained the dangers of the rangefinder. McNamara, though, seemed to be as close minded as ever. But after I told him that I had done what he asked he brightened up. He said he'd lift the lockdown and, as a personal thanks, gave me a key to a Brotherhood safehouse.

Seeing that I didn't get what I wanted, I offered to join the Brotherhood. I didn't really like them, but I wanted the Power Armor. He said I'd have to do something else for him before I could do so. He wanted me to tap the Black Mountain's radio with a transmitter. Easy enough.

Before we went to bed, Veronica talked to me about McNamara's attitude. Maybe she didn't like not being listened to, while I was able to get him to lift the lockout. And even worst, then I asked to join. She didn't know if she should leave the Brotherhood or stay. I told her she should stay where her friends were, with the Brotherhood of Steel. Now we're off to sleep.

Love you,