Mar 10, 2013

Entry 9: Vault 11

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Well, killing the ants was easy. I just had to kill two of them before I got to their nest, where I placed the sonic ray emmiter, which did the rest. I was kind of disappointed, actually. As for the solar arrays... Damn it, I couldn't even begin to think of a way to fix those damned things, which only led me to the last choice... Going to HELIOS ONE, the only place I knew that could have spare solar array parts. NCR apart, I almost drowned in tears just thinking of how much I would have to walk.

I was starting to get worried that Veronica was getting tired of postponing the retrieval of her mega weapon. But when I talked to her she said it was ok, the more time we took the bigger the surprise for McNamara when we returned with the weapon. So we even decided to stop by and give the holotapes and continue my quest for Brotherhood acceptance, before having the weapon. Oh! And I stopped by that wager dude, just to get my doubled caps and rub them on his face.

JESUS CHRIST ON A POGO STICK (to quote the wager dude), on the way motherfreakin' ED-E talked to me all of a sudden and I nearly crapped my pants. Well, it wasn't really ED-E talking, it was a Brotherhood dude through him. And right after the Brotherhood dude a Follower of The Apocalipse dude talked. They wanted some Poseidon Energy data that was stored on ED-E. Well, it was a no-brainer. The Brotherhood wanted it to keep it from anyone else and the Followers wanted it to try and help everyone, so I was gonna take ED-E to the Followers once I could. Yeah, I'm doing the right thing. I may be an asshole sometimes, but I really want what's best for the most, believe it or not.

When I was almost at HELIOS ONE I found Vault 11. I had no idea what it was. That has to be the most logical reason to go explore something right? First thing I found was a strange recording of some people who were kind of conflicted about doing something, which appeared to be murder. At first the Vault was only filled with giant mantises and rats. I found a computer which gave me some information about what went in there. Apparently the dudes had to elect the Overseer and I guessed the candidates were the guys on the tape that I found. But I would know better.

Further into the Vault I found a dead NCR guy. I was surprised, to say the least, since a trained guy shouldn't have any problem against mantises and rats. So I headed on to the living quarters, to see if I found out what the hell happened in that Vault. I found a voice recording of two guards discussing what to do with the new Overseer, who wanted to change something. I didn't figure out what exactly, but she wanted it bad, since she was even going to phorbid voting for other Overseers. They also talked about a computer random picking, though I didn't know what for.

There was a locked room that I couldn't hack open. I felt kind of dumb after that, since it could have good intel and I couldn't hack the damned computer. So I headed on to the lower levels, to the Overseer's Office. Once I got down the stairs a HUGE blast shook me up, but I couldn't figure out from where it came. I went to the Overseers office but the terminal there was locked and un-hackable.

The place was a God damn maze. I even had to swim underwater and almost drowned for God's sake! But then I found a cabinet absolutelly filled with food, which made it worth it. I found a weird note with the Overseer's speech, his password and something about a chamber beneath his office. His speech gave me all the answers too. It said that if they didn't sacrifice one of their people a year the Vault's mainframe would kill all the residents. Damn. And apparently, from the note I gathered that the Overseer offered himself for the sacrifice, like the first Vault Overseer.

So I went back to the Overseer's office and opened.the... "Ceremonial Chamber". I didn't like it one bit. It sounded like I was going to be one of the sacrifices and that didn't made me feel very confortable. It was a long hall or tunnel, that let out a sound and a pre-recorded voice that told me to walk into the light. I got to "the light" and it was a room that passed a film. The film basically told me I was great for giving up my life and that I should go. Next thing I know, lights out and two doors on the side of the room open, four murderous robots come out and six automated turrets start shooting at me. So yeah, how am I writting you know? Well, you may say I'm still numb because of all the numbness drug mixture I took while taking cover and the fuck-ton of stimpacks I took after I destroyed those bastards with a freaking fire axe.

I accessed the mainframe, which was behind one of the doors that opened to unleash the fucking robots, to know what happened. I almost puked. The survivors of the Vault, only five, sent a message saying that they were done with the sacrifices, so they could do whatever the extermination was supposed to be. You know what was the answer? They never intended to kill all the vault dwellers. The purpose of the Vault was just to say "fuck you, I won't kill anyone" and they'd walk, opening the Vault door.


On my way back out I got kind of lost and ended up in one of the underwater paths that led to nowhere, but had a room with a single locker. I quicly opened it, to find a differential pressure controller. What the hell, might come in handy.

Before leaving I looked at the four skeletons at the entrance, where I got that first holotape and listened to it again. It turns out that one of the five survivors killed all the others because he didn't want to leave out into the open without what had happened being recorded.

I took a deep breath once I got off that shithole of a Vault. I ran into the fire ant infested dry lake and swung my axe. I may have even cried. The world is sick, in or outside the Wastes.

So I headed to HELIOS ONE again. When I got close I noticed the solar tower wasn't collecting the power it could collect. So I used that as an excuse to enter, when the NCR woman didn't let me go through. She let me in and told me to go meet her hired "expert". When I met him I had to guess what his expertise was, because scince wasn't it, for sure.

But before I met the guy, I had a hard time finding his room. And while lost I took notice of ARCHIMEDES, a weapon that was being prepared in the Old War and that was supposed to be a big deal. I'd have to look at it.

Back to the guy. Damn he is stupid. I am sleeping her to take a rest. If I can.

Love you...

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