Jun 11, 2013

Entry 35: A whole lot of what the fuck

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I tinkered with the satellite for a long time. Really long, I spent almost half a day on it. Close to midnight the satellite started projecting something to the cinema's screen. An eye with a blue background.

And then I REALLY looked at the satellite. And I was... teleported. Hum.

When I wke up I felt strange. Heavier. I looked at my self and I had scars around my head, around my chest and around my back... I also had one of those vests that were used by medical patients, Pre-War.

I entered a door that was immediatly in front of me and it led to some kind of research lab. It had "The Sink" written on the wall (not vandalized, really written, by the people who built the place), so that must have been the name of the place. And then I saw two doors with indication arrows. One of them said "Big MT"... That's the place Christine told me about! Where she followed Elijah to! Where she found that Courier! The scientific haven! The elevator to it was locked, though, so I went to the elevator that was marked as "Think Tank".

There things got starnge. Or stranger, since it seemed I had surgery without knowing. There was a row of floating robots, each with three mechanical arms with monitor screens attached to their edges, one showing an eye, another showing another eye and the other a mouth. They seemed to be controlled by human brains. The middle one came forward and started talking very loud, calling me intruder. But then he interrupted himself, asking who had been tinkering with his sound knob. And another voice talked, the original one called that voice "Dr. O". They started arguing and I had no idea what the fuck was going on, except that I had surgery and they were talking thorugh some kind of voice boxes. I asked the... thing... if they were the ones who performed surgery on me. The dude was amazed that I could talk and asked if anyone could translate it. Then another voice answered, saying "it's a Lobotomite" (refering to me). I asked what was that. He didn't tell me, he appeared disgusted with my limbs and toes (which he described as "penises"...). So I tried things another way. I held up one finger and pointed at myself. Then held up five fingers and pointed at them. Aaaaand he said I was holding an array of five fully-erected hand penises... But the other doctors who had been talking too - I believe one named Borous made the "discovery" - said I actually understood them. Of course, I had no idea why was that such a big deal. But then the female doctor - Dala, I think - said that Borous was right and it was very rare for a specimen WITHOUT BRAIN to do that. WITHOUT BRAIN?! WITHOUT. BRAIN. That's what the scars in the head were about... Klein, the loud, stupid one, was shocked by the "revelation". Then he tryed to talk with me to "prove the others wrong. Asked me if I could speak and understand him. I said yes and asked if the crashed satellite in the Mojave was theirs. They seemed astounded and started arguing with each other, saying I could be the answer for...

Yes, They didn't tell me. They were interrupted by a robot just like them, but transmitting on a giant screen behind me. He called himself Doctor Mobius and said he was transmitting from the Forbidden Zone. He said that he planned on having all the science in Big MT for himself with the help of his "Robo-Scorpions". I didn't like the sound of that. And he had evil laughs, like the Pre-War cartoon characters you told me about when I was a kid. Ridiculous...

Once again the doctors in the Think Tank started talking among themselves. They seemed afraid and angry at Mobius, because he had all the technology they needed in the Forbidden Zone and it was protected by the Robo-Scorpions. Then one of them, one I couldn't understand and seemed to be called 8, suggested to ask me for help. Then they started talking about my brain, how they removed it, didn't know where they had put it and, even if they did, they didn't know how to get it back in. Shit. Even though I had already understood, I asked if they had, in fact, taken my brain. It was so surreal I had to ask. They said yes, they did remove it and it was somewhere, transmitting the informition inside it to my head via tesla coils. Holy shit. Then I asked how much surgery did they do on me. Dala said that once the brain was removed other organs started "crying" to the nerves so, instead of fixing that, they removed it. Shit. My heart, replaced by an artificial blood pump and filter. My spine. I was a cyborg for fuck's sake. Then Klein finally asked for my help. I asked why should I, since they removed my organs... They said Mobius most likely had my brain. It was "flushed" to the Forbidden Zone, somehow. So I asked what made them think Mobius had my brain. And Klein shouted he had no idea if he did. For fuck's sake. I still agreed to help. For all I knew, it was the only way I could get out of there and find my brain.

I asked what were those technologies and schematics they wanted so much. An antenna array, a stealth suit and a sonic sound gun. They seemed to worry that I explored the crater in which the research labs, the Big MT was located. Encouraged me all the ways they could to do what I had to do as fast as I could. So I teased them. Said I'd take my time and explore. They got mad and said there were many secrets a lobotomite is not meant to see. They even said there was a fence, which if I got close it would shut down the electrodes that were replacing my brain. In the heat of our argument, Dr. O remembered they already had the sonic emitter, the gun. These guys... Seriously, I always thought scientists were so organized... SO they gave me a gun and, from what I understood I had to find a frequency with it. Or for it. They were really confusing. When I asked for a real gun they gave me a big ass onewith a weird ass name. Not my kind.

Finally they gave me a chip to activate The Sink's systems, where I'd be sheltered. A room for my own. They also told me - after I asked - that there are more chips that have different functions.

I got back to The Sink and installed the chip. The Artificial Intelligence (which wasn't actually AI but instead personality modules) worked as a vendor and butler. I used the vendor properties to get some things I needed and to sell some things I didn't, since I was determined to go back ot the Mojave and caps are important.

I dressed back Randall's armor and looked around my new room. Found my spine and heart. God, that was disgusting to look at. Knowing I have no brain, no heart, no spine... I need to find my brain, need to have all my organs back inside, even if I do feel better this way.

I'm going to rest for a while now. Or think. Without a brain. For God's sake... Goodbye, I'll get back to you later...

Love you,

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