May 31, 2013

Entry 29: Welcome to the madhouse

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I hesitated before I opened the gate. I mean, I did want to get the hell out, as soon as possible, but... No one knew what was behind that gate. What would Sierra Madre bring me. What would be inside. And there was the possibility of becoming trapped in there. Which I did not want, at all.

So I travelled alone to the Sierra Madre Casino. Pretty lonely and kind of long road, surprisingly not dangerous. I entered the bastard of the building, cursing at it at all times, just wanting to get out. Once I got in I saw that everything was a wreck, pretty much like any other Wasteland's building. But then I looked to the floor and Christine, Dean and God were all passed out, laying there. And then I felt dizzy... "Not again", I thought, just before I passed out.

I woke up in the same spot I had been knocked out. My team was gone, they were no longer on the floor. Elijah spoke with me, told me it was Casino's security that knocked us out and moved my team somewhere around the casino. I had to find them. Elijah seemed awfuly thrilled about me being there. That bastard... It doesn't matter for him that we might die, he only wants his treasure.

The place was dark, I couldn't really see. When I turned on my Pip-Boy light I saw three skeletons right by my feet. Guests who tried to get out, maybe. I walked aimlessly around. The collar started beeping once in a while and I immediatly took steps back. Once again, I did not know if it would be speakers or radios, nor where they were.

I found a bathroom with clean water. Only then I realised I hadn't have any ever since I came in the Villa. Actually, I don't even know how long have I been here. I drank and I drank. It wasn't irradiated, felt so good. When I stopped I sat on he ground against the wall and hugged my legs. Though about what I'd do.

Both the suites, the theatre and the casino office area access were locked, leaving me only the casino itself to look for my team. Elijah told me, when I woke up, that when the Casino "woke up" the doors would unlock.

Inside the casino I immediatly saw a security hologram. Elijah mumbled something about the Casino's glory and it welcoming him. That guy is nuts.

I looked aroun and many times found a whole lot of nothing. Eventually I found a hologram emmiter. in my line of sight there was also an hologram, so I assumed it was to make him disapper. When I destroyed the thing the hologram turned red and started shooting laser blasts at me! God (not the Mutant) damn it! Fortunatly he didn't aim very well and I was able to hide before he got to me and rip me apart with his hologram hands.

I had to roam around for quite a little longer before figuring out the obvious. I had to go through the hologram to activate the Sierra Madre's power. I tried to get close as much as possible without the thing seeing me and then ran straight through him, finding a door at the end of the hallway. He shot me several times and it still burns. I closed the door behinf me and he couldn't get past.

Inside there was the power switch. I fliped it and the building lit up. Elijah talked to me, very pleased. Told me the security systems shut down and the vendor holograms came up. Well, at least I don't have to worry about Security Holograms anymore. I exited and headed to the lobby. It was time to find my team.

The... THE BASTARD! THAT ELIJAH! He told me that the collars were interfering with the Casino's systems and I had to destroy them! I also had the option to re-calibrate them, but he pretty much made it clear that it would be so hard that I would only risking my life! The bastard... When I find him... I...

I hate him.

He has no right of playing us like this.

He tells me Christine is in the Suites, Dean in the theatre and God and Dog were at the Cantina. I go for Christine first, had to make sure she's fine. So I go up the elevator to the suites level. There Elijah talks to me and tells me to "find the mute and deal with her", like she was just a bag of dirt. As I advance through the floor I hear a woman's voice, reporting like a field log. As far as I knew everything on the Casino was dead or artificial, so...

I walked around the floor hacking terminals to unloock close doors. It was like a labirinth in which I had to open the way. Eventually I got to a double door and, through it, there was Christine. But... she talked. She wanted to tell me something before her voice went out again, which she feared it could happen. She told she had been hunting Elijah for a long time and that what he was doing here was nothing compared to some things he had done in the past. She told me we could not let him leave Sierra Madre. He had to die. Well, thank God (not the Mutant) someone shares my opinion! She told me that once we got to the Casino's Vault he'd appear and that's where we'd get him. When I asked for how long she had been hunting Elijah she seemed to angry, made it sound personal. She told me he cut her off someone she cared about a long ago. For some reason I could not stop thinking of Veronica. Veronica did say that the person she loved was a girl... Then Christine told me she followed Elijah to a place called Big Empty. And there she found someone else, someone who knew about Elijah. He was... A Courier... This cannot be a coincidence. A Courier deliberatly lets me deliver the Platinum Chip, a Courier is hired by Caesar to scout and assassin Joshua Graham and is not killed, a Courier helps Christine and leads her to Elijah... She said he told her he understood her. He understood what it was to track someone who had harmed her in the past... He told her the person he was tracking was a courier, too. Finally I told her I was just glad she was safe and that I'd take care of Elijah.

I'm going to find Dean next. But I need some rest first. I'm thinking about stealing this famous dead chick's bottle of absinth. I'll talk to you guys later.

Love you,

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