May 9, 2013

Entry 19: Men I respect

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

It was time to leave Randall's shelter cave. There was one electrified door and the generator was on my side. I smashed it, that was enough to make the door safe. And then I left the cave with Follows.

We continued to roam through Zion, me knowing full-well we had to go to the Ranger Station and the General Store. It's just that I liked to explore the place, it was all so new to me! And besides, there were more of those Randall's stories, I just knew it.

When I was approaching the general store I saw a crashed plane. I had to go to the place, obviously.

Unfortunatly, the plane was unreachable... But I did find a cave. And thus far, caves haven't disappointed me.

Inside there were three giant plants, who liked to eat. People. And shoot green stuff. That burned. Like hell. Follows shot them from afar and I injured them with the tomahawks. Then searched the cave. Found traps, like with the other caves, supplies, a duffle bag... All signs of Randall. The dufflebag only had a key though... So I searched the cave further. I wouldn't give up.

I did find a door. But, careless Bill, so careless. I got shot from one of the traps. Hit my leg pretty bad. Had to rest. Through the door was a camp. Randall. Damn you, shooting me like that. Found a bedroll and passed out. I woke up one hour later and Follows had tended to me. Thank God. I thanked him and then got up. Still a little limpy. There was the computer. I smiled. Don't even know if I did it on purpose. This time the entries were from 2108, 2113 and 2123. He had found tracks of barefooted people. When he found them he saw "corpses that didn't smell rotted". Ghouls gone feral... Funny how we now have names for them.  He put them out of their misery. Judging from his speech, I assumed the ghouls were the mexicans he had found before. But I could only assume...  In the 2113's entry he talked about his birthday, on Frebruary 5th. He said the only gift he could give himself was whiskey and suicide. But he... He couldn't... Then on the last entries he talked about 24 kids arriving at the same spots as the mexicans did, 30 years ago from his time. He didn't say much about them, but those were the kids on the last entry. The ones that called him "The Father" and were thought to feel sorrow and to cause sorrow if needed. I was so immersed in the entries that I didn't even feel pain anymore. So we left. Finally we were going to the General Store.

God damn, the rain thingy was annoying. Sheesh. Inside the general store we had to find lunchboxes. And we did, after leading with mantises that were almost my size and could slice me in half with one blow...! And YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE what I found HA! A snowglobe for Mr. House! Hahaha, I laughed, swear to God! Also, I thought about Mr. House for the first time since I arrived at Zion. I may side with him, you know. The man is smart. The smartest. He is the best hope for mankind. Almost definetly. The better around the Mojave at least.

Inside the Ranger Station I found the medical supply Joshua talked about. But it was contaminated. Even I could see that. I also knew that alcohol could decontaminate the kit. And those rangers had a fridge full of booze. And so it was done. Follows told me the way to the other tribe's camp, Daniel's tribe. He told me the tribe's name was Sorrows. Hum. Reminded me of Randall, because of his last entry. Heh.

Surprise surprise, it was raining. Follows saw that I didn't like the rain, so he suggested a cave near-by. Me likey caves. At least ever since I found precious entries from a man I could respect. And I do so for few men.

The place was booby trapped. That meant Randall was there. I found a locked door that seemed to lead to the camp. I couldn't open it so I had to hope to find a key, like in the previous cave.

Remember those green dudes that were fused with plants in Vault 22? Yeah those bastards were in the cave and they were tough motherfuckers. I mean it. Knocked Follows unconscious and did a number on me, too. And those plants, God damn! I only had one tomahawk and there were three of those bastards left. And my armor was a mess. Just a normal day in Zion. But then I remembered... Grenades. Left to me by Randall. Awesome. I also found out that I am not a bad thrower. At all!

And then I finally found it. Another one of Randall's camps. This one was older than the last ones I had found. It dated 2097, 2100 and 2101. He started by talking about some "Coughers". Said there were only 34 of them and were leaving. He had killed the rest and they "deserved it".  There were no mentions of any group of AT LEAST 34 people on previous years' entries. I must be missing one of them. Or even more. I didn't tell you, he metioned a lot of times a "Sylvie". I didn't tell you because I didn't know who she was. Apparently she was a "Vaulter" (same as Cougher, meaning the Coughers came from a Vault) that deserted the group because they were evil. and got stuck on a bear-trap. And holy crap did she play a great roll in the story. She became pregnant of Randall, even though he never forgot his lost wife Char and son Alex. He apologised to Char. Well, I get him. Even though you know as a fact that I can't betray the love of my life. But I get him. God... In 2101 he delivered the baby himself but... He did it wrong somehow... The baby never took a breath and Sylvie never woke up from the anestetics. Losing a wife and son two times in the same life...

I had to change my outfit for one less protective... But between a heavy piece of junk that breaks with the wind and a light, confortable (as it can get) clothing, you know the obvious choice right?

Didn't check the time before leaving the camp. It was night when we got out. Didn't want to go back in, either. Those green men creeped me out, alive or dead.

Apparently we had stood up all night, because the sun was already saying hello. Surprisingly, Follows didn't mind my exploring. He actually liked how I was so interested. Especially in Randall's story. He actually told me that there was a duffle-bag in Eastern Virgin that none of the Dead Horses had ever touched. Worth a shot for sure. Once I get near there, anyway.

We had finally arrived to The Narrows, place to Daniel's tribe. We were greated by rain, because God just likes it when I'm all wet (that may come out wrong) and by a bald tribal woman - named Waking Cloud - with a glove that resembled a Yao Guai paw.  She greeted me and while doing so talked about a Father of the Cave, like it's their spiritual guide or something. She told me he was the God of New Canaanites. I had to ask Daniel about this... "Father"... When I meet him.

I couldn't even listen to her straight, because I was so sleepy. I am in dire need of going to sleep and still have to write this for you God damned it. At least it's over.

Love you,

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