May 31, 2013

Entry 28: Sierra Madre Casino Grand Opening

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

As you can imagine, I still wasn't feeling so well. So imagine my reaction when I the Cloud INSIDE the substation, blocking my path. For fuck's sake. So I pumped myself full of stims and ran across the giant room, going down some stairs and to other stairs, which I climbed as fast as I could. That led us to a room with a terminal - no. THE Terminal. It activated the ventilation system, cleared the fucking Cloud of death out of our way. I'm sorry, I just don't like that thing, at all.

After that room there was no Cloud. But of course, it can't be easy. There was a defense turret and those speakers that cause the collar to blow up. I shot the turret, jumped around the broken walkways, disabled the speakers and got to an elevator. Suposelly that was the way to where we should go, but Christine didn't want to enter. I guessed she was afraid of tiny spaces - claustrophobic, just to show you I know shit - due to her being trapped on that Auto-Doc for so long. So I accessed and hacked the terminal by the elevator, that was able to operate the switches. It was for emergency uses only, in Pre-War times, when they were planning the Casino's opening. Well, it won't do any harm now, so I told her she could operate from there. I asked her if she was going to be ok there and she grabbed my hand, looked in my eyes and smiled. I told her we'd get through it.

I took the elevator up. Up could only mean exit. Elijah spoke to me and told me to get to the Bell Tower, where I'd trigger the Gala Event. That meant I had to go to Salida del Sol again, which was sucky. But hey, I don't want to get my head blown up, right?

I ran my way there. Seriously, I'm tired of running, but this place is so creepy and Elijah so unwelcoming that I just want to get it over with as fast as I can. Once there, I made my way to an abandoned house and from there went to a part of Salida del Sol that I had never been to. Once I left the house I was almost immediatly attacked by two of those Ghost People, one of them burned me with his gas bombs. From there I started to here a funeral tolling from the Bell Tower. I hoped there wouldn't be no one there.

The bell wasn't helping. I was so, so scared, there alone, armed only with a broomstick with knives strapped to one end. It was getting louder and louder. Louder. And. Louder. It was starting to affect my thinking. That atmosphere, the bell ringing...

There were SO MANY of those Ghost People  in the area! Those bastards, so hard to kill... The bell... Oh God (not the Mutant), the bell was ripping through my brain everytime it rang. The only way I had to go had a radio or a speaker somewhere. I... I had never been so afraid my entire life. I did not know where the device was, I did not know how long did have to walk under the signal's influence. I could die right there. I ran as fast as I could. While running I found the radio and threw it on the ground with the spear and just on it on and on. Only stopped when I realised I was crying. I was so sick of it. Of this place. I dragged myself a couple of steps more and found the ladder to the Bell Tower. Finally.

I could see the Casino from the tower. Could see it so well. What many sought for greed and fame, I could only hate for leading those greedy people to hurt innocents like me, Christine, Dean and even God and Dog. I pressed the button on the control pannel that triggered the Gala Event.

Elijah spoke to me from there and linked me with the other collars, my team. I heard tapping and figured Christine was trying to communicate, see if I was ready. I told her we were. God and Dean also talked to me, telling me to hurry up and start it. So I counted to three for everyone to do their things. Fireworks, music, spotlights. The Sierra Madres Grand Opening. I just hoped that it wouldn't get us all killed. The music finally covered the bell's ring, but it was so loud that it would attract so many of the Ghost People and make it harder on everyone... Shit.

And so it did. I had to fight more of those abominations on my way to the Casino's Main Gate than I did from the moment I got to this damned Villa. On my way out I even found... Heh, I was so scared I couldn't even find it funny. Only now I chuckle to the idea of founding one of those things in this creepy ass place. Hum.

I arrived at the gate, arms tired from ripping Ghost people apart, legs tired from running away from anything that made my collar beep. I... I'll let you know how it goes. Assuming I won't die in this fucking death trap.

I love you, mom, dad.

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