May 16, 2013

Entry 20: Loving Zion

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Rain woke me up, so I screamed at the heavens. Everyone of the Sorrows that were in the area looked at me. Not a good first impression. Follows laughed, though.

We followed the water stream until a point where Follows told me to turn. And there was Daniel, the only non-tribal-looking guy. He had a shirt and a cowboy hat. Classy. Like Joshua, he too offered sympathy for the Happy Trails Caravan. I gave him the supplies and he was actually surprised. Well, he clearley didn't know who he was dealing with yet, am I right? Huh? Huh?

Anyway, he needed more things done. And, since getting shot in the head seems to have turned me into a bitc-- good samaritan, I told him I'd help, of course. He needed locations scouted and a map for the... "Great Staircase", apparently a way out of Zion. He wanted to leave with the Sorrows, flee from the White Legs. Well, that's not how I'd do it, but hey, I'm a tourist.

After I accepted Follows said good-bye to me, because he was needed back at the Dead Horses camp. I asked him if he was sure, because I actually liked the guy. He said it was so Joshua's orders, so I told him to give him my regards and that I'd stop by.

Daniel told me that the tribal that received me, Waking-Cloud, had volunteered to help me if needed. So I had a new companion right away. Hoped she was as cool as Follows!

The Narrows had all sorts of cave systems, so I had to explore. You know, because of  Randall. While we were on our way I talked to Cloud (I don't like writting her full name) to know her better. She had three children and a husband, who led the group of refugees out of Zion. She was worried about them, though, because there were no news and Daniel wouldn't talk to her. I'd see what I could do.

I talked with Daniel and... Shit. Cloud's children made it, but her husband had died protecting the group against the White Legs. Those savages... Daniel asked me not to tell Cloud... But... It was her husband, y'know... She'd be building up hope and when she got reunited with the refugees she would be devastated... I told him I'd tell her. He reacted better than I expected. If anything happened, I would take full responsability. I also asked him about the "Father in the Caves" that Cloud had mentioned and that I thought to be Randall. He didn't know anything about a Randall, though.

I talked to Cloud... It's tough, breaking the news. Really. She almost immediatly turned on Daniel. I told her that he only did what thought was best and it certainly wasn't an easy choice... Fortunatly, she'd be following me for a while, so she wouldn't be distracted or even betray the Sorrows.

So we went back to the cave-exploring. I picked one she called the Crossroad Cavern. Also, she reminded me by then that I could do the rite of passage of the Sorrows, to get that badass Yao Guai glove they wear. I'd think about it.

Inside the cave we found motherfucking White Legs. The bastards must have set up camp to spy on the Sorrows. Well they can thank my obsession with caves! Also, I got to know that Cloud is pretty good in a fight. We found them in more caves. They were tougher than before, too.

The third cave we entered had a camp. Randall... It was him already. Dufflebag, workbenches, bedroll, terminal, it was all there. Best than all that - even the terminal entry - was the armor I found. A desert Ranger armor, like the NCR's, but not NCR's. That means I wouldn't be mistaken by those asswhipes while I wore it! I took it and loved it like it had boobies.

Then I started reading the entries. Cloud started praying while I read. The entries were both from 2096. They told how the Coughers or Vaulters or whatever arrived and killed all the mexicans that had already installed in Zion. He picked 'em, killing them in small groups. Initially there were more than 100. The last entry was about he being found out by a 3-man patrol and barelly killing them, then having to leave the Narrows.

I think the story is now complete... I can never know for sure, though, all the stories have a long distance from one another. So, Randall... I really do respect him, mom, dad. He made a difference, but never asked for recognition. A ghost. A spirit. Founded the Sorrows, even. All without wanting any kind of thanks. A hero with no praise or glory.

Thank you, Randall. You inspired me. No thank you's for all that you do. That's it. I'll be helping Mr. House. I don't need anyone to know I did the work. Mr. House can have the credits for all I care. He came up with the plan anyway. If I can help and make the difference, it doesn't matter if I don't get recognized for it. It will only matter for me. Knowing that I saved the Mojave. And probably even more than the Mojave.

And also, thanks for the badass armor.

I decided to go through with the Rite of Passage thingy. Cloud directed me to the White Bird's cave, their shaman. He talked funny and Cloud had to translate what he said, while laughing at my reaction. I ad to pick some sacred roots around the camp for him to make something. I picked 'em all up and returned to the man. He was sleeping though, so I layed down too.

When I woke up the dude already tea made from those roots I gathered. He said I'd see the "path" before me once I drank. But shit, when I did drink all I saw was purple. I was stunned for a second. He told me to find the Ghost of She and bring him her paw, then shoved me off his cave.

The rain helped me for the first time. The cold drops of water on my face made me more aware. I couldn't see really well yet, but was more aware of my surroundings.

Once I exited the Narrows Joshua appeared. I couldn't see him very well, but I saw enough to know it was him. And his voice, too, was unmistakable. He recited a passage from the Bible. He didn't want to leave Zion, like Daniel. He wanted the White Legs dead. I asked why was he talking to me, instead of Daniel, since it was their plan to solve Zion's situation. I told him I'd talk to him. No way I'd let all that Randall had worked for be abandoned because of some asshole tribals.

I went into the Ghost's Den, guided by Cloud. We took out some Yao Guai cubs. Obviously the Ghost of She was a Yao Guai. It was a big one, like I had found before. I took out my SuperSledge, got slapped around a little bit, but then found my ballance and then smashed the Ghost's brains out. Then used the axe to chop her paw out and returned to the Narrows.

I talked with Daniel before going to the White Bird's cave. He... Had a different opinion of Joshua than I'd expect. He said he killed because he needed to redeem himself, he was what God had sent to Earth to represent evil, God's evil doings. He said he prayed that I would not be consumed by the Burned Man's flame of destruction. But... I still agreed with Joshua. Even after all that. The White Legs are savages, feral, almost.

I went to the shaman's cave to complete the rite. I was almost passing out. He said my visions were complete and that he'd do me a Yao Guai glove. I'd call it She's Embrace. Yeah, I'm awesome.

I'm about to pass out. Only you to make me go through writting a whole damn letter while on a tea transe.

Love you,

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