May 20, 2013

Entry 22: The Fate of Zion

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

So as you know, me and Joshua were together going to war. Well, I like to think so at least. It's hard to think that way when Joshua does all the killing from the distance with his badass .45 pistol. But hey, who's complaining!

His presence was actually good. He didn't talk much, like me. He just wanted to get the job done. He even inspired me. I was quicker, stronger. Felt like a slayer, swinging around my axe, sledge and fists.

On our way to the White Legs base camp we passed by the Red Gate - Randall's resting place. I told you, remember? The skeleton, near the dufflebag where I found the entries that supposely were the last ones. Joshua didn't feel confortable with the idea, since we could get hurt, but... I had to say good bye, you know? I kneeled by him and promised I'd rid Zion of the White Legs and that his Sorrows would be able to remain in their home. The home Randall made possible for them. He had a rifle by him, his rifle. I took it. I wasn't much good with any gun, but I'd train. It would be my tribute. Justice would be made, lives would be saved with that gun, as he did.

We quickly got to Three Marys, the home to White Legs. Obviously it'd only get tougher from here. Fortunatly, we had back-ups now. Two Sorrows and one Dead Horse joined us. May not seem much, but believe me, they were all fierce warriors. The air got heavy and my vision seemed to get a little red, proably an illusion from the rocks that surrounded Three Marys and formed the valley. It was show down time.

When we got to a narrow part of the camp an explosion detonated and blocked our path. Joshua had enough. He told me he'd go find a way around and I was to go through the caves. Also reassured me that we'd end the White Legs together. That means a lot you know, coming from a badass guy that once had no heart.

The poor tribals didn't stand a chance. Of course, I say "poor" in the same way I could say "murderer savages", but, well... I hit them with all that I had. It even got me thinking of how painful it may be to get hit with an axe. Thank God it was me doing the hitting. On a lot of them.

Then I caught up with Joshua. He was at the end of the camp, with three White Legs on their knees. On of them seemed different. I assume he was the leader, Salt-Upon-Wounds. When I arrived Joshua looked at me and then executed the two White Legs by Salt-Upon-Wounds. And then started talking to him. Told him he was warned when they first met and warned again when he destroyed New Canaan. But still he wanted to follow Caesar's ways and followed them to Zion. And then, you may or may not believe this - I know I wouldn't - the God damned tribal asked me for mercy. Told me to talk to Joshua. Shit, the nerve on this guy heh. I told Joshua to cap him. He did not deserve mercy. Not after all he had done, after he had planned to do. And Joshua capped him. Capped the shit out of him actually. I wasn't disturbed or anything, if you're asking yourselves that. I told you, he deserved every bullet.

Joshua then told me it was time for him to return to Daniel. Boy I wouldn't want to face that hippie after decimating an entire tribe. He said good bye to me. Thanked me deeply for my help. Then we parted ways.

As I got to the place from where I arrived with Happy Trails, now alone, it was easy for me to climb back to the steep path we came from. But, surprise for me, there was a box by the path. I carefully opened it and... I swear to you, tears filled my eyes. Joshua left me his gun. It was a .45, but more special. I named it after one of the sentences he once told me. "A Light Shining in the Darkness". And even more, he also left me Salt-Upon-Wounds' Power Fist. Heh. Bringing souvenirs to the Mojave.

I'm begining my trip to the Mojave now. I'm sorry the letter was short. I'm also sorry that I won't be writting until I get there. I'm going to focus on getting back as fast as I can and, when able to, practice on my shooting.

Love you,

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