May 19, 2013

Entry 21: The Fire

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Yeaaaahh, She's Embrance! What can be more badass than a weapon made out of a giant beast's paw that I personally killed and chopped?!

Cloud calrified to me what we were supposed to do. We had the map to retrieve, White Legs to kill, prevent White Legs from laying traps (or more White Legs to kill) and clear a path from Yao Guai. We started by the map first.

The map was in a cave that I had already been to before. Was where I found one of Randall's terminal's. Too bad I didn't find it by then. I was stung by a giant cazador at the entrance of the cave. I cut it's head off with my flaming sword and then took an antivenom, but was still hurt pretty bad.

Once we entered, Cloud got very unconfortable. She grabbed me and told me we should not be there, because the cave belonged to the Father in the Caves, founder of the New Canaanites and if we entered we would be punished by the Holy Wrath. Oh Randall... Now I see what you were up too. Spreading the message from generation to generation, telling spooky stories about what happens if someone goes in the caves, just so they won't find out who "The Father" is. Well played, friend. I told her I understood her beliefs, but we still needed to search the cave. She asked me to be quick, but I still needed to rest. If you see Randall up there, tell him not to worry, I didn't show her the terminal nor told her the Father was "just" a man.

Stupid, stupid. The map was in an holotape in Randall's dufflebag, how could I have missed it the first time?! Still I got it, layed down on his bedroll and rested for an hour, because the sting was killing me (almost literally).

Next up was to kill the White Legs that were preparing an attack on the Sorrows. Would be tricky, the bastards grew stronger by the minute.

We cleared out the first camp. We were outnumbered and even a Yao Guai joined the party. We got it pretty rough. After they were all dead I destroyed their war totem, so that they'd be both without men and without the help of their beliefs.

The second camp was... Easier? to clear. Mostly because two giant cazadores stung raped all the White Legs to death. And the White Legs must have made a number on the bugs too, because they were easy kills.

Only two chores left. Trap preventing was the next one. It was fairly easy. Just stuck to the road Daniel was planning on following and there were beartraps everywhere. We searched thoroughly, so I'm sure we got them all. And didn't even find White Legs. Only the Yao Guais left now...

They gave me the option of getting rid of them or blowing up their cave, preventing them to return to it and making them find a new place to live in. I did that, because I came across the cave first than I came across them. Cloud told me the strategic places to put the C4 and I did it, all around the cave. There were some Yao Guai inside, too, but I decided to leave them alone. They'd be buried in not too long, so no sense in risking my life.

We left the cave, detonator in hand, got a little distance aaand KA-BLAM! And so everything was done. Cloud told me we had to get back to Daniel, but I asked her to go to the Eastern Virgin. You know, I had to check with Joshua. I still thought we should kill the White Legs instead of running away from them, so I was going to meet him before I proceeded with Daniel's plan.

We went by the river stream, to avoid White Legs contact. And we arrived without any problems. So we went in the Angel Cave and looked for Joshua, but he wasn't there. We looked around the rest of the camp, too. While looking around the Dead Horses camp we found a dufflebag marked as a Taboo. That meant it was there before the Dead Horses had arrived. And it looked just like Randall's dufflebags... Had the same ammount of supplies the other bags used to have too. Another gift of him to me. Thanks.

So we headed back north, to the Narrows. Odds were Joshua was there with Daniel, since he wasn't at his own camp.

I was growing sick of those fucking cazadores. They even swarmed the river. There was no escape from those bastards!

Heh, on my way north I found the place where the Coughers/Vaulters used to be encamped. There were skeletons and Vault 22 jumpsuits lying around. There was also a note that made me smile. It was from the Vault's overseer, warning everyone who saw that note to beware of the evil vengeful spirit, haha. It gave me more detail on Randall's story. The Vaulters were originaly 118 and were reduced by 34 by the time they decided to leave, flee from Randall - the evil vengeful spirit. After what I read from Randall I could not pity those skeletons. Couldn't, wouldn't.

We arrived at night, so we were to sleep in the makeshift beds at the entrance of the camp. When I woke up, both Joshua and Daniel were sitting by the fire camp next to me, reading the Bible.

I talked to Joshua. We didn't talk about Zion right away, I brought up a topic that he talked about when we met. A courier doing Caesar's bidding. He said that that courier had spyed on him once and was the only agent sent by Caesar that Joshua hadn't killed. Another courier heh... Johnson Nash, my boss from when I was a courier with the Mojave Express, also mentioned a courier in a very strange way... I mean, it can be unrelated, at all, but couriers are usually low profile, two stories of a relevant courier... Hm.

He also told me about what he had been through. How he met Caesar, knew him as Edward at first. Only then did Edward ordered the slaughter and conquer of a tribe that had made them - Joshua, Edward and Bill, a friend - prisioners. And thus Caesar was born. Joshua told me about when he was burnt alive but survived from pure will power, which he attributed to love. He was loved by his tribe, the New Canaanites and God.

Then I talked to Daniel. I told him I got everything but... I was going to side with Joshua. In Daniel's eyes it may seem that I had been consumed by the "fire", but if they leave, the White Legs can only spread more. Eventually they'd join the Legion and then a whole educated and trained army would be trying to track them down and kill them all. Daniel didn't like it. Not one bit.

I told Cloud to stay with him, to stay with the Sorrows. They'd need support.

Then I met Joshua outside the Narrows. He told me what our mission was, plain and simple. Extermination.

I asked for some time to prepare to write you this. I'll let you know how this went mom, dad.

Love you,

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