Jul 14, 2013

Entry 53: Deathclaw Promontory

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

We (and by "We" I mean "I while Veronica tried to talk me out of it") thought about a way to get to the Promontory. It was inevitable that we passed through Cottonwood Cove, Legion territory. As The Legion learned I was working with Mr. House, they did not accept it so well as the NCr (because, you know, they are true warriors and not dumbass pussies), so we knew we had to go ready for a fight.

So we decided to go for it. We chose a hill from where we'd start and me and ED-E starting shooting at them with all we had, while continuesly going down the hill. Once we were down there I put Salt.Upon-Wounds' power fist on (you know, because he wanted to join the Legion and I'm such a poet) and me and Veronica started punching ass (see what I did there?).

After we killed everyone I found some slaves locked inside a cell. They had explosive collars, so I tried to set them free. Unfortunatly, I messed up my first try and the woman died. The other captives were her children. Shit. I... I didn't mean too... I swear... I mean, they weren't exactly children nor teenagers, but I still made them orphans... Like me... Fuck. FUCK.

So after that I made Veronica leave me and go back to base or something. I was going to face deathclaws and I didn't want her to have anything to do with that, after last time. She gladly (or so it seemed) understood and wished me luck, relunctantly.

After swimming upstream for a while I finally found it: a narrow path between two hills, on the other side of the river. I looked at ED-E - thinking if I should have brought him along and, at the same time, kind of asking him if he was ready -, took a deep breath and then put on the armor's helmet - which was kind of ugly too, but at the time I thought that it would, hopefully, do the job.

The fucking place... I don't think I'll ever be afraid of deathclaws again, because I ran out of fear from that place. One Alpha Male, two Mothers and like 15 "normal" ones. Jesus. I... I'd be dead.

But fortunatly, I have a story about friendship for you. You see, I was surrounded and already in pretty bad shape. Thank God I had that armor, or else... But even so, they were pounding and pounding at me, ignoring ED-E and his laser shots. Even though I took down a few, I was starting to be pounded around like a pinball, watching my life passing through my eyes. Groggy from the last hit, I faced the Alpha Male, ready to tear me apart with one blow. But then I hear a scream and see Pushy's magnificent blue shockwave glow, throwing the Alpha Male to hell (not literally, but it sounds good that way). Veronica had come back. For me. Even after what happened the last time we faced Deathclaws. She shook me up a little and I found my ballance. Then we went back to back, pounding and punching every one of those motherfuckers that came at us. We did it. We are the Deathclaw Promontory survivors. We owned those motherfuckers.

We made a happy way to our Suite, back the Lucky 38, where I now write you this, because of the woman who had the courage to venture alone a deathclaw home to save her friend. Her... friend... Who blew up her family's bunker... God, I have to talk to her.

Love you,

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