Jul 17, 2013

Entry 58: Not getting any closer to the truth

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Walking the High Road made me see what really went on. I mean, not the cause, but the effect. The Divide was trully a post-apocalyptic. Wrecked ruined building on the horizon, marks of Pre-War history under the orange-hot sun and strong wind. Even the High Road I walked was a mess, wrecked cars and the road it self was ruined and full of holes, making walking it a bit dangerous. Not just that, we were greeted by two Marked Men right away, one of them with one of those masks the Courier talked about, insulting Lanius, their former leader.

I was able to climb up one of those ruined buildings, leading to a sniper's nest. The sniper was an NCR trooper, leaning dead on one of the windows.

After that I continued my path. While exploring the interior of a wrecked RV I nearly soiled my pants. Why? I heard a big thump and a roar, at the same time I felt the RV shake and saw its roof bend to the weigh of something. I hid in a corner, grabbing ED-E and looking around. Imagine my fear when I see giant claws piercing through the RV's roof and tearing it away, revealing a deathclaw who had seen me and wanted to eat me for breakfast. I made a run for the door when I see he was going to attack. Outside, I let go off ED-E and reached for Oh Baby - which may as well be re-baptized as "The Deathclaw Slayer" - ripping its big scary face apart. The noise attracted more of them though. We killed two more who came running towards us and two others which we found ahead.

By then ED-E showed me another recording. Whitney said he had to start disassembling the ED eyebot series, by superior orders. Then he refered a television show that he said ED-E had been watching and asked him how would he like to be just like the star of the show, RALPHIE. I had seen that show's posters all around the Divide, not only recently but also when I came here from time to time, when I started being a Courier. I didn't know what it was about though.

We found a rest shop and decided to explore. There was a snowglobe in it, one of those Vault-Tecs Mr. House collects. Neat. Almost didn't have time to analyze though, as we were attacked by those Tunneler things, three of them. When we were done with them we continued through the High Road.

Finally I reached my destination, Ashton Missile Silo entrance. Outside there was the control pannel to open the Silo doors and launch a nuclear missile. It hit on the other side of the High Road, near where I had been, creating a huge hole in the ground. Maybe I'll explore it, I kind of feel connected to my first nuclear missile crater.

Then ED-E started playing another log. It was about Whitney telling ED-E what he had to do in order not to die there. So he told ED-E to go to Navarro. He actually seemed... Sad. I was sorry for ED-E. It's weird, all that time travelling with him in the Mojave and I have to hear his story from a copy. To console him, I told him Whitney would be proud that he had reached this far.

We're headed to the Silo now.

Love you,

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