Jul 5, 2013

Entry 46: When the reality exceeds the expectations... You'll Know It When It Happens

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

So, it was time to save the leader of the bastards who continuesly ruin my life. "Awesome", I though, so ever sarcastic.

Deserves mention that I passed by the King while going to my suite and said Rex was all better, we were tgether for a while and then he told me Rex liked me and he could hang with me a little longer, which is awesome. I brought Veronica with me, too, since I missed her company, even though I only thought about what I had done to her - without her knowing. I gave her Pushy, as a way of saying "I'm sorry", I guess... Psychological stuff.

I gotta say, I love seeing the Dam. It's so magestic... Good thing Mr. House is planning on taking it, that way I can look at it without picture those NCR bastards.

I got into the Dam and got all kind of looks. I was famous. Some of them looked down on me, some of them wanted a go at me, others respected me and others were positively surprised I was there to help. Me? I'm just glad I had my shades, preventing them to see the fury in my eyes, the disgust of being there, among them, about to save their President.

I reported to Ranger Grant and asked him what did we have. Which was pretty much nothing. "Just keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary". Well, no shit!

I rested a little and morning came. Had to do my check ups. First checked the lobby's terminal. Nice thing I did, because the file that contained the ranger snipers' locations had been accessed from an unknown ID earlier, so that's one thing I had to look out for.Then I checked the small storage room and found a blood puddle on it. I examined the place and there was a bloody wrench too, so I figured an engineered must have been killed, probably for a legionarie to replace him and go undercover. So, weird engineers to watch out for too. Outside, I checked the Anti-Aircraft gun control console, to see if had been tampered with, but no, nothing. I couldn't think of anything else to look out for. They'd probably try to rig the Vertibird to blow, too, but I could only check that out once Kimball arrived. Veronica backed me up, reinforced the idea that we had to look out for that engineer and the snipers and Rex just panted and waved his tail when I asked if we were all set.

I told Grant I was ready. And right then we saw the Vertibird appearing in the horizon.

I went up to the visitor's center roof, the place where the vertibird would land. Aside from checking if Kimball got there in one piece, it was one of the sniper positions and from that one I could see the other two with Christine's rifle scope. It landed and Kimball, surrounded by bodyguards, not talking or even looking to anyone, got to the door that would lead outside. Right then I saw one engineer go to the vertibird, supposely to make sure everything was alright. Once he was done tampering I went there myself and found a bomb, which I was able to disarm. He was, of course, my prime suspect. I was able to grab him by his arm just before he walked into the visitor's center. He asked me if there was a problem and I asked him, even though I knew, if he knew who did the vertibird maintenance. Then he screamed "DIE, PROFLIGATE!" and pulled out a knife. Veronica blew his head off with a punch and then looked at me, worried at first, but then smiling. It got into my head how I was considered a "profligate", the word they use to refer to NCR people. Hated it, hated it. Oh well... One less motherfucker trying to kill the biggest motherfucker of them all, I thought.

Surprisingly, once the sniper that was in that position saw what happened, he screamed "CONTACT" and everyone started flipping out. Before I knew what was happening I saw Kimball covering his head with his arms, being dragged into the vertibird by one of his bodyguards while the others looked around for threats. I guess they scare easy, the President didn't even make it to the stage and was forced to leave because of the threat.

This turned out nicely! Not only did I fulfill Mr. House's request, securing a future for New Vegas' tourism and economy, but also deprived the NCR of their little morale boost speech. I came out of that Dam smiling after all.

The trip to The Strip was actually pretty quick, since I was so distracted with the thought of what I had done and that went down so good. Then reported to Mr. House, who said I was critical in Kimball's survival. Damn right, those assholes couldn't do anything by themselves. Anyway, Mr. House gave me another job, no hurries. There is a small electrical plant near that damned Vault 11 which has great strategic value to the Lucky 38. Mr. House wanted me to install an override module on it, in order to power back on Mr. House's primary reactor, which has been shut down during Las Vegas' defense. He said there were NCR troops there, guarding it. Easy peasy.

Now it's resty resty time. Since there are no hurries, I'm going to take a look around a bit more. I'll let you know if I find any more stylish guys willing to loan their awesome dogs.

Love you,

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