Jul 6, 2013

Entry 48: Hello farewell

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

Where was I? Oh, right, before I met that guy. "Which guy do you speak of, sweet child?", you ask. Arcade Gannon, my most recent asshole of a friend, I answer. I bumped (litterally) into him on my way to Westside, while he was crouching by some cacti. Apparently he is researching on how to make stimpacks from barrel cacti fruit. I first mocked him for a while, but his lack of patience and sarcastic replies made ways to more serious talk. He was with the Followers and figured that was the best he could do to help.

He convinced me at first to help the Followers. I didn't really like them, but I didn't have anything against them too. So I went on with it. I could use a partner to make fun of. I made a deal with the Garrets to supply the Followers and got some guys off of drug and alcohol addiction. I'm turning into an angel, so you better be in heaven so I can meet you when I die.

Our rivalry started right when he said Mr. House wasn't a good choice for New Vegas' future. The people outside The Strip would suffer just like they do now. But I knew it wasn't true. I knew Mr. House's plan and where he was going, the greatness he'd do. But I didn't tell him. Mr. House had told me, so I had no right to tell anyone else.

Somewhere along our patrol on Westside he decided to talk about the battle of Hoover Dam. How he could help. Help how, I asked, since he was just a geek. Then he said his father was once with the American Pre-War enforcers, the Enclave. He was never actually one of them, but he knew some remnants who lived in the Mojave. That could help out big time with the battle. I accepted, of course. Big robot army, Boomer's help, plus ex-power armor and military experts?! Hell yeah, that's a win at the Dam for sure! He actually made his first real smile since we had met, when I told him we'd talk to their old friends.

The first one was actually in Westside. He told me that's part of why he told me. His name was Judah Kreger. He was playing checkers with some guy. He accepted pretty quick, actually.

You wouldn't guess who the second one was. Doc motherfucking Henry. Yeah, from what he knew of me he accepted really quick.

I was doing a whole lot of walking, my feet hurted like hell. But the next stop was Novac, in which we talked to Daisy Whitman, the chopper handling woman. She accepted just for the chance of flying one more time. Heh.

Cannibal Johnson was next. No, he wasn't a cannibal. He was actually pretty neat, even though a bit depressed about his old age. He agreed because he wanted to do one last good thing before he died.

The last one was a cranky old man named Orion Moreno, who hated the NCR. Good thing. He was in with us as long as we didn't help the NCR.

Then I finally got to the Remnants bunker, led by Arcade. It really pissed me off when the guys were only wanting to fight either for the Legion or the NCR. They wouldn't even listen to me when I spoke of Mr. House. Then I did something I shouldn't. Not since I hand't spoke to Mr. House about it. But still, I'm smart, I know what I did. The Legion had smaller numbers than the NCR. So I shouted HELP THE LEGION. I just... I hate the NCR... For what they did to you... Arcade looked at me for a long while and then left, without saying a word. Cannibal Johnson left, too. He liked the NCR. The others were either neutral or happy about going against the NCR. Since Johnson wasn't going they gave me his armor. Which is pretty neat.

So that's the story of how your angel of a son manipulated a potential friend into joining forces with him against someone he cared about. In my defense, it's pretty much because they wouldn't listen to me. But fuck it.

Love you,

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