Jul 22, 2013

Entry 60: A Name

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I started going down the building, walking on a leaning high tension tower, broken down besides it. Sounds safe right? Once I got to the inside part of the building there was a flight of staris and graphiti, from Courier to Courier. "Courier Six?", it asked. Meant I was on the right way.

On our way down ED-E played a log on how a kid found him and convinced his dad to stay with him, in Chicago. Damn far. And in the end he... abondoned - though this is a strong word - the kid, because he had to keep on with his mission, given by his creator.

A while fater that I had done fucked up. I expertly tried to use the detonator on one of the nuclear warheads to clear some debris out of my way. By doing so - not only danger close and burning my beard - the shockwave knocked down a freaking ruined building, blocking my way yet again.

I searched the place between the place I detonated the bomb and the collapsed building for a bit. There I found one holotape-- Actually, I already had a bunch of holotapes that I didn't tell you of because I was trying to make sense of them. They belonged to the Courier. They told the story of how he found the Big MT's crater, how he spoke to the Think Tank and got answers on history - the Old World America, the flag he carried on his back -, how they told him the Divide was the place that could wake up the old America. Then he also talked about his times serving Caesar, watching the White Legs as they were trying to be accepted by Caesar. The Courier was like an idol to them, they called him the Flag Bearer, apparently because not only of the symbol on his back, but also because of the staff he carries. They also had braids to honor him, copy him. They wanted to be like him. But apparently the braids, at least for his old tribe, meant something. Every knot had a meaning, something about the bearer. But the White Legs defiled that. They put no meaning in it. Every knot spoke of violence, murder, rapes. And so he felt like it was watching his old tribe reborn as hateful ghosts, bowing to Caesar. And that was his last drop, he never worked with Caesar again. Now even opposes him, or thinks of it, if it is necessary.

I cleared a path to a building that was opened and could get me through. Before we entered ED-E played another log. It was just music playing and, a bit after, a shot being fired and the music stopping, while ED-E's beeping (on the recording) took place over it. I understood he was shot and that his primary stabilizing jets were fried because of that. No wonder he didn't get to Navarro, he was shot on his way!

Then we proceeded. That building lead us to a cave created by the rubble and ruins of fallen buildings. After seeing the first tunneler, in the distance, I knew I was in for trouble. And oh how I was right... Not much time before I was completely surrounded by those twinkly horned motherfuckers. One of them was bigger, stronger and carried eggs, so I assumed it was the queen or mother or some shit. I had to use some of those flashbangs I found, covering my face with my arm, which was pretty risky. But payed off. The tunnelers went ape shit and some started pounding each other, others started running away, giving me time to find my balance and kicking the shit out of those bastards. In the end the floor was full of those light bulbs they have for horns.

Before we exited the cave ED-E played a recording of that show RALPHIE the Robot. The kid who owned Ralphie told him to get home, fly fast. ED-E actually seemed to love the show. And I could see the connection. I told him I'd help him get home. He was so... happy!

But then we exited the building and the Courier started talking to me again. Told me that now that the signal was strong enough he could take the "machine" for him. ED-E. I told him he wasn't going anywhere, but that only made it worst. He saw my attachment to ED-E and told me he'd tear him apart but leave enough pieces together just to keep him aware of what was happening. He told me that ED-E carried in him the detonator for the bombs he wanted to launch at the NCR. Shit. Then he used the password to override ED-E's systems, his name:


Finally I have a name. But, just like that, ED-E was gone. Now I have a truly Lonesome Road ahead of me.

Love you,

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