Jul 26, 2013

Entry 64: I am Bill

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I met Mr. House in his penthouse, a thing I had not done in a long while. It felt weird, like the first time, to saw him on that giant screen. He didn't seem to notice me being gone though. I mean, he did make a pause after he saw me, which I took it as a pause of suprise, but whether it was for me being back or for the symbol I now carry, I don't know. Oh well, doesn't matter. After everything we're going to accomplish, nothing matters.

He told me that everything was in place and that I was right on time. He knew the battle was starting any time now. He wanted me to install an override module in the control room of the Hoover Dam. That would give Mr. House control of all the Dam's power output. That would allow him to wake up the army that I upgraded at The Fort and mobilize it to the Dam to back me up. He also gave me NCR terms of surrender. I got a little disappointed that I wouldn't get to kill them all, but I understood that it had to be made official. It showed a deal that said that as long as the military personnel stayed out of New Vegas and surrounding territories they would not get killed, for one and also Mr. House would still supply them with electricity and water - at a high cost.

This was it. The point of no return.

I passed by the suite to say tell ED-E, Veronica, Lily and Rex that I'd be going to the Battle, that they didn't need to come. ED-E was the only one that insisted, so I accepted.

I made my way through the Mojave with ED-E, walking to the big battle. The end of it all.

I arrived there and the battle was already in place. NCR Rangers had their backs turned on me while the Legion attacked them head on. From behind, next to me, showed up the Khans, charging to their last battle, none of them with hopes of survival. While the NCR was distracted by them I pulled out DInner Bell and started shooting them all up. NCR and Legion alike. Then I got to the top of a tower and started sniping whoever I could find.

I got back down and a fuck ton of Legionaries started coming at me. Dinner Bell and Oh Baby, along with ED-E, of course, saved my ass, ripping apart asshole after asshole - not all of them litterally.

I got into a tower and down the elevator to the offices I went. There I found the control room, guarded by two NCR troopers in Brotherhood army. I hope they enjoyed that heavy metal being smashed into their skulls by my high tech sledge hammer.

In the control room I installed the override module as Mr. House wanted. Then he congratulated me and told me that now I had to go to the power plant and activate the switch manually.

When I got back outside, after turning on the switch, some Securitron were already on site killing the Legion. That was a disaster, because then the Enclave Remnants arrived in their Vertibird and started attacking the robots. Of course, I had to help the army I was with. I spared Doctor Henry, because he was pratically just the medic and he got the message. I don't think he likes me anymore though.

I loved watching the Fort burn in flames, because of the power outburst I had given to awaken the Securitron army.

From time to time I could hear the Boomer airplane, the one I took off the Lake, dropping off a bomb here and there.

Then I finally got to Legate Lanius' Camp. The place where I would end it all, because once there was no Bull, I would give the Bear their terms of surrender and the battle would be over.

I killed all of his praetorian guards and then got to him. He was a beast. No wonder people called him the Monster of the East.

Once I pulled out Old Glory he started talking with me. He told me that if I carried myself to battle, then I coould not trully be of New Vegas, which, in his eyes was a city of cowards. I told him he did not have any chance of taking the Dam. He told me many have said the same, not backing it with strength. But I told him that, in that case, I'd kill him and get it over with. I think he liked the challenge.

The Bull versus the Old World ghost and New World barer.

We clashed Blade of the East against Old World Glory, two glories that would soon be over. He was strong, just not strong enough. I got him between me and a cliff, so when he had to look back to see if he was going to fall off I tripped him and trapped him by his neck against Old Glory's golden eagle, at the top of the staff. He told me I fought well and then I smashed his throat, killing him and destroyed Old Glory in the process. How poetic, eh?

After that I had to find General Oliver, to present him the terms of surrender. Luckily enough, he found me. He and his six fucking bodyguards. He congratulated me for killing Lanius and the fucking bastard thought I took the Dam for him.

So as you can imagine Bull vs Bill? Fucking awesome, breath taking fight, the best I've ever had - maybe tied with Ulysses'. Bear vs Bill? Trade of words, attempts of buying me and threats. I fucking hate these bastards.

I immediatly told him that Mr. House sent his regards and that he was expanding. When he was saying that Mr. House was just a rumour the entire army of Securitrons showed up behing him, it was kind of epic. He nearly crapped himself. He asked me what the fuck was that about and what did I want. I told him that I had his terms of surrender. The son of a bitch actually said he took the Dam and that, because of that, he wasn't going to take it up the ass. I told him, almost impatient, that I was the one who took the Dam, with Mr. House's backing. He kept saying that he wouldn't surrender and I told him that the alternative was worse and useless, much like the whole NCR itself. He told me he would not go empty handed after holding the Dam for so long. I could have told him that the power would be shared, but fuck that, he could have read the contract! I told him he could either leave or fight. The bastard and his bodyguards pulled their guns on me. With an entire army of Securitron behind them. Of course, they didn't last long.

Mr. House talked to me via a Securitron. He told me I had surpassed his espectations - and I know that is a hard thing to do. Told me not to worry about Oliver's death, worst case scenario Vegas would see a decreased profit for a few months, half a year, tops. After that, it would be the jewel shining in the desert. He told me this was just the beginning of many good things to come - and I was part of it.

Vegas will be my new home, because, as Ulysses said, home is where you make changes - and hell did I change New Vegas.

I will, for as long as I can, make sure Mr. House stays on the right path, although I know he will.

I finally told Veronica what I did. She left without saying a word and I don't think I'll ever see her again.

I won't write anymore. I'll wander, find new roads to travel, stopping by Vegas everytime I can and knowing I will be well-received by my genius mentor, Mr. House, who will ensure the future of New Vegas and, further on, possibly when I can no longer see it happening, of the entire world.

I am Bill. I carried the Old World one last time on my back, as a sign of new things to come.

A New World.

New roads for me to travel.

I love you, mommy, daddy. I guess I'll see you in my final road, the lone road to the afterlife. I hope.

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