Jul 10, 2013

Entry 49: The Thorn

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

As you know I had time to spare. Westside was pretty dull, but there was something near I had told you about. A place called The Thorn. I went there with Veronica and Rex, to check it out.

 It was actually very awesome. It was an underground arena for creature fights. And, of course, anyone who thought could fight said creatures. The person in charge was Red Lucy. I still hadn't seen her and I had already been bombarded with words of respect towards her and also some men who said would enjoy a night with her.

I could see why.

She was hot, yeah. And pretty. But most of all she was... Powerful. She intimidated even me, just with her calm, strong voice. I could tell she was a tough one. That made me smile right from the bat, so I told her I'd fight in her little arena. Told her to set me up with three of her biggest radscorpions. Yeah!

Right before they released those bastards I looked up on the crowd. Saw they wanted a show. I started undressing myself and disarming, putting my armor on the ground and my weapons on it. Which was not a good idea, now that I write about it. But hey, survived to tell the tale. The crowd loved it.

When I got back to Red Lucy she was impressed. Said I had the build for a hunter and that The Thorn could use one like me. She wanted me to go to some creatures' nests and steal some eggs, so they could hatch in the Thorn and become fighters. First ones were Giant Mantises. And fuck, they were in that creepy ass green Vault, Vault 22, filled with plants.

It was fairly easy. Me and Veronica remembered the place just barely to be able to navigate through it swiftly and get the eggs. Fucking mantises though, when they throw their arms in the air to attack they freak the hell out of me!

She was pleased, but not impressed. Not at all. That was child's play, I could tell. Next she told me to get Radscorpion eggs, near Goodsprings. Well, I ain't nor wasn't so affraid of those bastards after taking out three barehanded, so...

Going to the Radscorpions made me pass by Goodsprings' cemetery. You know... Where I died. Or should have. I was awfuly quiet for a while after that, because it got me thinking. I changed  lot since then heh? Killing the scorpions was easy enough, so I quickly returned to The Thorn.

My next challenge were Fire Geckos. Those were tough bastards but nothing excessive. I had already fought many. That one was a long, long walk though.

After finaly finding the cave we fought like one hundred of those fire breathing bastards. Nah, I'm kidding, they were maybe twenty. Still, pretty easy.

Tired of walking though. I got back to Red Lucy and gave her the eggs and she gave me the caps. She had more work for me. I had to get her nightstalker eggs. Well, like most animals nightstalkers didn't even seen to want to attack me, so it was easy. Tired of walking though.

I got handsomly rewarded for the eggs and the she told me my next challenged: motherfucking cazadores. I fake smiled as I panicked inside and nearly crapped myself just thinking about it.

After I fougt a buttload of cazadores to steal their eggs I found myself in very bad shape. Veronica helped me walk a little until we reached Red Rock, home to the Great Khans. She was able to drag me to a tent and helped me stay awake just enough to write you this.

Love you,

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