Jul 25, 2013

Entry 63: The Old World ghosts will create the New World

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

So from Primm I went South to the Mojave Outpost, which would give me passage to the Long 15, to begin my journey of unobtainable redemption. But as I said in the previous letter, whatever happens happens.

Passing through the Mojave Outpost was weirdly easy, as the NCR should all be up against my throat after I killed some of them at the El Durado Power Station and after nuking them... But hey, what the hell.

Going into the Long 15 I took off the duster Ulysses gave me and put on Randall's armor. I also put on its helmet for the first time since I got it. The helmet said "FORGIVE ME MAMA". Kind of appropriate, since I know how you must feel after your son launching nuclear missiles. So... Forgive me, mama, papa.

I got there and the place was like the hole in the Divide: a freaking irradiated mess. Fortunatly no deathclaws.  The crater was huge though, much bigger than the other one. Lots of feral ghoul toopers to go around though. One of them even seemed special. He had unique armor, a beret, star on his chest. His dog tag identified him as Colonel Royez. He couldn't stop me though. I survived the Long 15, the mess I had created, just like I survived the Divide.

After I got back from the Long 15 it was time to go East, to the Dry Wells, via Cottonwood Cove. I didn't know why but the whole Mojave felt empty. Like I was being avoided or something. Maybe this is just paranoia. Or even psychological effect of walking the lonesome road I did in the Divide. But probably the rational explanation is that both big occupants of the Mojave - the Bull and the Bear - are in mourning right now.

I arrived to Cottonwood Cove and the place was deserted, just like I left it. I grabbed one of the Pre-War boats and roamed to the Dry Wells, which was the place where Ulysses' old tribe, the Twisted Hairs, had their main camp. You could clearly see Legion's influence right at the entrance, with three crosses with scorched skeletons lashed in them.

As in everything, even before they were feral irradiated ghouls, the Legionaries were much more straightforward than the NCR feral troopers. Much more of a challenge. But in the end? No, History doesn't want me to die yet.

I fought their leader, a Centurion identified as Gaius Magnus, in a very good fight. I can only think about how much better it would be if he had his full mental capabilities. Oh well, guess that will have to do.

Long way back to the Lucky 38. Again, felt like I was alone in the Mojave. Maybe its a punishment from some superior force or something, for doing what I did.

Anyway, I'm back at the Lucky 38. Even Veronica and Lily didn't hug me like they used to when I'm long gone. It was awkward, even. Even with Rex. ED-E, though, I loved the little robo-dude. And he was happy to see me, too. I think both ED-Es, the copy and the original - this one - exchanged signals and messages, so he was the only one who knew what went on.

I think the Divide changed me. Ulysses, the nuclear missiles, the craters I visited seeking redemption... That must have given me some kind of aura, a very dark one. People know not mess with me from the distance now. And they're right. I know full-well my purpose now. I am NOT to be fucked with anymore.

I am Bill and I carry the ghosts of the Old World on my back, ghosts that will be erased and corrected by me and Mr. House, in order to create a better world.

Love you,

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