Jul 11, 2013

Entry 50: Immortalizing glory

Hello mommy. Hello daddy.

I didn't really remember being at the Red Rock at first. I didn't immediatly after I woke up, too, since I woke up in a longhouse with Papa Khan, a man who I had talked to before, looking at me. I didn't recognize him at first, my head was still pounding from the cazador thing. But then I really saw him and I remembered everything.

He just wanted to talk though. He told me had an alliance with The Legion and that would help them get revenge against the NCR. Well, the Legion doesn't need more support than it already has, or else it could get too hard. I told him I wanted him to break the alliance. He didn't want to, he was blind by revenge.

Regis - his right hand man - on the other hand... He met me when I was let go and was already on my way out, asking me to talk about what I said for a moment. He told me that I had to convince him and other three members of the Khans, the ones Papa trusted the most, that an alliance with Caesar was bad.

And so I got back to the longhouse, where Papa usually is. There was a Legion representative living there, too. Karl, was his name. I felt that if I found something in his room it would disgrace him right there in front of all the present Khans. And also convince Regis.

And I was right. Don't feel sorry for him though, they were planning on enslaving the Khans.

Then I had to convince Jack and Diane. It was easy, I just told Jack that Diane would be enslaved and sold as a prostitute and he agreed to oppose Papa Khan. He even taught me a new word for "bullshit", "copasheshy". It's the best word ever, if I may add.

Then there was Melissa. She was on a mission, camped near the Quarry Juntion. Thank God there weren't more Deathclaws, right? Well, actually I did punch four of those fuckers to the death and hammered three more in the process, while reaching their camp, but hey, just details.

Melissa, oh poor girl. She thought she'd be a ranking officer in the Legion, how cute. I told her no women served the Legion, they were all either slaves or, the lucky ones, officers' wives. She actually got very sad and told me she'd support me. I felt kind of bad so I asked why was she there. She was waiting for a chem supply drop from someone from Sloan, at the quarry. I told her I'd help. Turns out they didn't make the delivery because of the deathclaws and, after that, they had just forgotten about it. I retrieved the chemicals and got them to Melissa.

When I got back to Papa Khan, he was surprised I had convinced his most trusted men to tell him to break the alliance. He was still worried about his tribe's glory though. I think I understand. I'm a proud man myself. As you know, I'm not dumb. On my travels as a lost kid and up until now, I learned a lot. That includes some of the history of the Pre-War people who the Khans based themselves in, the Mongols. They too sought glory, but it didn't end up well. So I told him that they shouldn't clinge to the glories of the past. Then and there he decided that I spoke the truth and, to immortalize the Khans, they'd ride to the Hoover Dam battle one last time, in a suicide attempt of making as much damage as they can. Well... That turned out better than I ever could expect. They'll fight both the Legion and the NCR and die in the process. Yeah, sometimes I'm cruel, but you know from the start I'm not an angel, what did you expect?

Finally I returned to Red Lucy. Veronica had to remind me of the eggs, I didn't even remember by then. I gave her the eggs, got handsomly rewarded and then got handed the ultimate challenge. She wanted me to be the one hunter who would bring her and The Thorn the "sacred" deathclaw eggs. (normal deathclaw eggs, but are sacred because they're hard to find). I had two choices: Quarry Junction and a deathclaw nest in a cave. It wouldn't be much of the ultimate challenge if I went to the Quarry where there were no deathclaws already right? So yeah, I told her I'd go to that nest. She warned me about a legend. A legend of a deathclaw far stronger than all others. No one had ever seen it and lived to tell the tale. Well, that's copasheshy for me, if no one's ever seen it, then no one can know it exists.

So here I am now at my suite, gearing up. I'll use that armor those old Enclave men gave me, seems pretty tough and easier to move than with the Brotherhood's power armor.

Love you,

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